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Chapter 941: We’re Law-abiding Citizens

Luke tapped the bottle lightly. “I believe I asked if I could find my targets with this information. You said yes.”

Weasel said, “54 people, 12 of whom have already appeared. If that’s not enough, what else do you want? When did I ever guarantee that it was 100% correct?”

Luke chuckled. “Of the 54 people, 25 of them don’t even have any achievements. As for the other ten… Mechanic, Enforcer, Judge, and White Phantom? Hehe, did you just simply throw in these nicknames from urban legend? Do you think my time is worthless?”

Weasel pulled a long face. “If you’re not satisfied, go buy intelligence from someone else in the future and see if they can fulfill your requests. Goodbye.”

Luke sighed and sent a text message. He then put his phone away and drank his

Weasel was unhappy. “Didn’t you hear me? You can go now.”

Luke gestured at the in his hand. “I paid for it. Are you sure you want to drive me away?”

Weasel’s lips moved, and he finally swallowed the “yes” he was about to say.

Something didn’t feel right.

This young man’s att.i.tude wasn’t normal.

He had paid 20,000 dollars for information that was half-fake, but he wasn’t angry at all.

Too many people bluffed or held grudges against Weasel. He had been in this business for years, and could easily tell the difference.

Weasel hesitated.

A few minutes later, Luke’s phone rang. He picked it up and said something before he looked at the door.

Soon, two people walked in.

When they saw Luke waving at them from the counter, they smiled and sat down.

Luke said, “John, Joe, what would you like to drink? It’s on me today.”

John McClane was still wearing his floral s.h.i.+rt and thick jacket, and still looked as lazy as ever.

Joe Lambert was wearing a loose suit. He didn’t have a tie on, and his s.h.i.+rt wasn’t b.u.t.toned properly, revealing his chest hair. Coupled with his robust physique and American Indian features, he looked wild.

Weasel said nothing.

He could tell that these two guys weren’t easy to deal with, but there were too many of these sorts of guys in this bar, and he had never been afraid of them.

John and Joe asked for iced whiskey and beer.

While Weasel hesitated, Luke threw a hundred-dollar bill into the gla.s.s jar. “What? You’re not doing business anymore?”

Weasel’s mind whirled, but he still started serving the alcohol.

Everything was fake, but the hundred-dollar bill wasn’t fake.

John drank the whiskey as he chatted with Luke.

“Pfft!” He suddenly turned his head and spat out half a mouthful of whiskey.

Joe sipped his beer calmly. “What’s wrong? Throwing up after drinking too much last night?”

John wiped his mouth and didn’t answer. He looked at Luke suspiciously, only to see him smiling.

Looking at the whiskey in his hand, John said hesitantly, “Luke, this… isn’t a surprise for me, is it? This isn’t funny at all.”

Luke shrugged. “No, the whiskey here has always been like this.”

John was stunned.

Joe also sensed that something was wrong. He sniffed the whiskey and chuckled. “It looks like whiskey, but that’s it.”

At that moment, Luke took out a few hundred-dollar bills and threw them into the gla.s.s jar. “Here, give us all the liquor that you have.”

Weasel didn’t move this time.

Luke raised an eyebrow. “What? Are you discriminating against us customers? Don’t blame me if I make a complaint.”

Weasel frowned and looked around, but could only serve the alcohol.

He more or less understood that Luke was looking for trouble.

If he drove them away, they could really lodge a complaint against him.

n.o.body here took the law seriously, but this was New York after all, not the wild. The basic rules of society had to be followed.

Ten minutes later, John and Joe were having a great time.

“Hm, this doesn’t smell like oak, but it does smell like rubber. How magical.”

“Here, taste this one. It’s plastic tequila. I’ve never had this in my life.”

“Huh? This looks like it was mixed with detergent.”

“Pfft, what’s this? Why do I feel like I’m drinking toilet cleaner?”

“Wow, so you’ve drunk toilet cleaner before. No wonder your mouth looks like a toilet bowl.”

“You’re the one who should drink the toilet cleaner since your mouth stinks like a toilet.”

Weasel’s face darkened, and Luke and Selina smiled as they watched the two middle-aged men spout nonsense.

Feeling that something was wrong, Wade got up to slip away, only to be stopped by Luke. “Wait a moment. It’ll be good for our future cooperation.”

Wade was conflicted for a moment, before he gave in to the power of his big client’s “money.”

After being a mercenary for so long, he naturally knew that something else was going on.

If they didn’t meet, he could completely ignore the calls. At most, he would say that his phone was broken.

If he messed around after they met, then they would fall out.

The 10,000 dollars in his pocket hadn’t even grown warm in his hands yet. If they fell out now, he might lose Luke, this big client.

The one thing he didn’t want to fall out with was money.

After John and Joe were done, Luke said, “Let’s get down to business.”

The smiles on John and Joe’s faces disappeared, and they no longer paid attention to the strange drinks.

Luke said, “Do you remember what I told you in my text?”

John glanced at Weasel and smiled casually. “Is this the guy who wants to scam you?”

Joe looked at Weasel as well. “He really is a repeat offender. None of the alcohol is real.”

John coughed. “The beer you drank should be real.”

Joe chuckled. “Something worth 5.99, how can he jack up the price? Add water to it? That isn’t even worth the labor.”

Weasel’s lips twitched. He was lost for words.

That was indeed the case. If it wasn’t for the fact that there wasn’t a big difference in the price of beer, he would indeed have used fake alcohol.

John turned his head and looked at Luke. “What do you want to do? Do you want him to go to prison or take him back and teach him a lesson?”

Luke shook his head. “We’re law-abiding citizens. Hm, I heard that you have old friends at the ATF.”

John didn’t think much of it. “Not very close, but maybe a few I can call.”

Luke pointed at the fake alcohol in front of them. “They should be in charge of this, right?”

John scratched his receding hairline. “I’m familiar with the ones who deal in weapons and explosives, but I can call them.”

Saying that, he took out his phone and made two calls.

He hung up after a few sentences, and looked at Luke. “How far do you want to go?”


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