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Chapter 198 – Reunion, Baby Awakens (1)

“Master, he’s a divine beast. I can’t do anything.” Black Dragon choked, so depressed that he was about to cry.

“Fire Dragon, attack and kill them. Leave this snake’s corpse intact so that we can eat its meat!” Feng Da said to Fire Dragon with a smile and looked at Zhang Jian with slight mockery. How satisfying! Having a good spirit beast is so cool!

“No problem, Master,” Fire Dragon said confidently. His confidence had soared after becoming a divine beast, and he was no longer the timid, fearful, and bullied dragon.

“How dare you have designs on my master! Die!” Fire Dragon roared furiously. He spat a scorching dragon breath at Zhang Jian and the others, and everyone in the Anaconda Mercenary Group died in an instant.

“You actually didn’t die?” Fire Dragon asked curiously while looking at the snake. Wouldn’t spirit beasts die with their masters?


“We… we signed an equal contract,” Black Dragon explained with a long face.

“Oh, but my master wants to eat your meat, so you have to die too,” Fire Dragon said helplessly. Hehe, the feeling of bullying others is really good.

“No, don’t kill me. I’m willing to be your contract spirit beast,” Black Dragon pleaded on the verge of tears.

“But my master finds you ugly, so you’d better die!” Fire Dragon opened his mouth and spat out a stream of flame that shot straight at the black python…

The flame was like a sharp blade, and with a swish, it sliced through the thick skin of the black python. The black python was unable to resist as he crashed heavily onto the ground and choked to death.

“Deputy Leader Feng, what should we do now?” Feng Da asked after tidying up the yard.

“Let’s go somewhere else and find Xue’er and the others first,” Feng Moran said after some thought. Xue’er wasn’t here now, and they had brought so many people with them, so it was really inconvenient.

“Okay, I’ll get them to pack up.” Feng Da turned around to notify the mercenary group. Even though he really wanted to get rid of the Anaconda Mercenary Group, he first had to ensure the safety of his companions.

“Fire Dragon, take us to a place with few people!” Feng Da patted Fire Dragon’s back after everyone gathered in the yard.

“Okay, Master.” Fire Dragon nodded his huge dragon head in the air. After everyone sat on him, he flapped his giant wings and rushed into the sky to find a safe place.

At this moment, Leng Qingtian and the others were still waiting anxiously in the Heaven and Earth Bracelet.

“No, I have to go in and take a look.” Leng Qingtian really couldn’t wait any longer after half a month.

“Grandpa, Big Sister is out.” Qing Jue pulled Leng Qingtian’s arm.

“Really?” Leng Qingtian looked at the purple bamboo house uncertainly. Sure enough, he saw his precious granddaughter walk out from it.

“Xue’er.” Leng Qingtian hurried forward, his face full of concern.

“Grandpa, I’m sorry for making you worry,” Leng Ruoxue said guiltily. She knew that everyone around her was worried about her.

But she had already adjusted her mood.

“It’s okay as long as you’re willing to come out,” Leng Qingtian said excitedly. It seemed like his granddaughter had thought it through, so he was relieved.

“Old Man, Grandpa Lin, Big Brother, I’m sorry for making you worry,” Leng Ruoxue said apologetically while looking at them.

“Ruoxue, we are family. There’s no need to be so polite,” Lin Liang said quickly.

“Yes, Little Girl. I also consider you my family.” Old Man quickly made his intentions clear. In fact, there was still one thing he hadn’t said. In his heart, this girl was more important than his descendants now!

“Stop trying to steal my granddaughter!” Leng Qingtian roared with jealousy, his face full of displeasure.

Unfortunately, Lin Liang and Old Man completely ignored Leng Qingtian and surrounded Leng Ruoxue to ask about her well-being.

Looking at how they were reacting, Leng Ruoxue would be lying if she said she wasn’t touched. Moreover, she knew that from this moment on, she also regarded Old Man and Grandpa Lin as family.

“Master,” Dazzle called out softly. Then he took the lead and threw himself into Leng Ruoxue’s arms while sobbing.

“What’s the matter, Dazzle? Why are you crying? Who bullied you?” Leng Ruoxue asked as she caressed Dazzle’s soft and fluffy fur.

“I thought that Master doesn’t want us anymore. Boohoo…” Dazzle said pitifully, his face full of grievance, tears wetting his s.h.i.+ny black fur.

“Silly, how could I not want you!” Leng Ruoxue said, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

“Master.” Charm and the other beasts rushed into her arms as well.

Leng Ruoxue’s body and feet were surrounded by beasts. She hugged them, touched them, and looked at their pitiful appearance that seemed as though she had abandoned them. She was happy and amused.

“I’m sorry for making you worry,” Leng Ruoxue said sincerely. These cute beasts were also her family.

“Having a lot of beasts is good. How caring!” Old Man said with envy.

“Master, are we not caring enough?” Old Man’s beast, a snow-white ice bear, said with tears all over his face.

“Uh, yes, caring, you are also caring,” Old Man said with a face full of black lines. When did my beasts learn to pretend to be pitiful? It’s really killing me! Alas! It’s all the fault of Little Girl’s beasts.

“Haha, Old Man, that’s what you get for spouting nonsense. Your beasts must be jealous!” Lin Liang gloated.

“Brat Lin, how dare you laugh at me?” Old Man glared at him fiercely.

“Have you two shameless old men been replaced? Why are you bickering more and more now?” Leng Qingtian said helplessly.

“None of your business!” the two of them yelled at Leng Qingtian in unison.


“Stop arguing. Grandpa, what’s our next step? Do you have any plans?” Leng Ruoxue walked to their side helplessly.

“Not yet, but the continent is in chaos now. Many places have been occupied by the Spiritual Deities, and the Feng and Huo families have also suffered heavy losses,” Leng Qingtian explained.


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