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Chapter 231 Ding Hao’s Planning

Apart from some envy and jealousy caused by the exchange for magical stone weapons, Ding Hao was even quieter than before. He attended on time every day and shared his training experiences with disciples of the Eastern Academy of green shirts such as w.a.n.g Xiaoqi and Zhang Fan. He was beaten up by w.a.n.g Juefeng, the cynical teacher-in-chief on time every day.

He restarted to go to the garbage area every morning to teach children in slums district martial arts.

Although the elderly Tian Shu was obscene and stingy, he was also conscientious in this matter. He had tidied up the small courtyard, which claimed to be “Invincible Mysterious Martial Arts Academy”. There were already 60 or 70 children of different ages practicing martial arts here. When Ding Hao taught children in the morning, pairs of eager eyes of these children, showing their struggle over the fate, reminded Ding Hao of his own efforts and hardships before.

The grat.i.tude and respect on the faces of the children’s parents also gave Ding Hao a great sense of achievement.

Although it needed a certain amount of money to support this small academy, which was a burden for Ding Hao, he persevered the teaching unswervingly.

Of course, interesting things continued.

From the first day after Ding Hao returned to Swordsmanship-seeking Sect, at lunch and dinner every day, Li Yiruo, the beautiful fairy of Western Academy of red shirts would come to the restaurant of the Eastern Academy of green shirts to share dinner with Ding Hao with her “love meal” cooked by herself, amid the heartbreaking plaintive eyes of a group of male disciples.

Ding Hao, on the other hand, had unspeakable suffering.

It was thought that with the pa.s.sage of time, Fairy Li’s cooking skills had been improved a little, but unexpectedly it declined day by day. If Li Yiruo’s cooking could barely be described as “tasteless” at first, then in the past two days, Ding Hao felt what he ate was completely poisonous like coptis.

However, Ding Hao could also see that Li Yiruo cooked every meal with great effort.

As for the amazing taste…

Well, it resulted from the immature cooking skills since some rare herbs were used that could stimulate the blood Qi and Qi in warriors’ body and increase the warriors’ cultivation speed of martial artists.

Although the taste was a little bitter, the effect was extremely miraculous.

Every time Ding Hao finished eating the food in front of Li Yiruo without changing his face. Li Yiruo’s face would show a happy smile with a sense of accomplishment. She smiled sweetly at Ding Hao and then stopped saying anything. She packed up the lunch box and left, very simply.

She knew what kind of enemy Ding Hao would face in three years, so she would never waste Ding Hao’s time.

As a result, this scene later became a unique scenery in the dining room of the Eastern Academy of green shirts.

A pair of handsome man and pretty woman were sitting together. Li Yiruo was of unrivalled beauty and Ding Hao was handsome. If they formed a team, they would create a unique aura. Even looking at them from a distance, they were also visually attractive.

As time pa.s.sed, it was only five or six days before the second five academies compet.i.tion.

Ding Hao still firmly remembered Guo Nu’s entrustment before he died.

For these days, he had been silently calculating the days and making an amazing plan.

One day, after the spiritual gra.s.s cla.s.s was over, Ximen Qianxue, the beautiful teacher-in-chief and the domineering lady, called Ding Hao out separately.

“I have handed over the formula of the perfect version of Qi-Drawing Pill to the sect. The elders of Herb Hall were shocked and listed the formula as the special armory collection of the sect. After many tests, the elders agreed with your point of view. From the perspective of the whole Snow Province, no one would restore the prescription of the elixir with the finished product of Qi-Drawing Pill, so they had ordered Herb Hall to refine it in large quant.i.ties. As for the sales right in Heavenly World you want, the elders in the sect also agreed.”

Walking slowly on the stone steps covered with ice, snow, pines and cypresses full of slightly primitive simplicity and greenery, Ximen Qianxue walked side by side with Ding Hao and said slowly.

A long and cold winter already began in Snow Province.

Ximen Qianxue was wearing a lavender satin mantle. A loose mantle on her body made her not be bloated, and instead it set off the beauty and the domineering lady’s figure. The looming radian was enough to arouse anyone’s infinite reverie.

The purple fluffy cloak was on her head, and on the glittering and translucent-jade-like cheeks there was a slight blush. While she spoke, her breath was as fragrant as orchid. Clouds of white vapor expired by Ximen Qianxue at this moment made people feel that she was like a purple elf in the ice-snow world.

“Haha, that’s good news! In this way, our great plan of making a fortune can be carried out smoothly!” Ding Hao smiled and flattered, “I think it must have taken you a lot of effort to convince those stubborn elders of the Herb Hall.”

As Ximen Qianxue walked along with Ding Hao, she said with a faint smile, “You must not imagine that those elders in the sect were stubborn. Actually, they are willing to do whatever is good for the sect. The most important thing is that the elixir formula you provided is really perfect. It has made immeasurable contribution to Swordsmanship-seeking Sect.”

Ding Hao nodded.

The perfect version of Qi-Drawing Pill was only the elixir at the low rank, but it was of great significance.

It could greatly increase the success rate of Qi-drawing for nominal disciples of the sect, which meant that the sect could expand its scale to recruit disciples, rapidly increase the number of disciples at the gra.s.sroots level, and also multiply the cultivation speed of disciples at the gra.s.sroots level, because a sect’s strength required numerous junior disciples to support besides a large number of masters.

In addition, the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect’s exclusive mastery of the perfect version formular of Qi-Drawing Pill could make it completely seize the monopoly position in the entire Snow Province and possible for himself to obtain wealth continuously through external sales like a cash cow.

“Because of the contribution of the prescription of the elixir, the head elder of Herb Hall bestowed a total of 4,000 sect Contribution Points, which originally belong to you. Although I can’t transfer them to be under your name, I can help you pay for them if you want to exchange the Contribution Points for the sect’s rewards in the future.”

Ximen Qianxue gently exhaled a ma.s.s of white vapor, and said quietly.

“You are really welcome, Teacher Qianxue. Is our relationship still so clear?” Ding Hao said, smiling happily.

“We… we have no relationship.” Ximen Qianxue blushed even more and gnashed her teeth when she came to think of something.

Ding Hao smiled, looked up at the sky, changed the topic and said, “It’s still early, why don’t we go to Heavenly World in the market first and have a look. Teacher Ximen, as one of the behind-the-scenes bosses there, you should go to inspect it.”

“I … won’t go?” Ximen Qianxue hesitated a little. She didn’t like the crowded and noisy atmosphere in the market very much.


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