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Chapter 722 The Black Puppy Renders Meritorious Service

The Black Demon Patriarch lifted his hand, and a cold light bolted toward Ding Hao.

In an instant, all the hair on Ding Hao’s body stood on end. He sensed an unprecedented danger envelop his body, and hastily swung the Moon-Cutting Saber to counter the strike—executing the 24 Moves of the Saber Technique, Blade Two, and slashing a move in the wind.


There was a soft sound.

The Moon-cutting Saber hacked that cold light spot with great precision.

Ding Hao felt a tremendous force coming at him. The giant saber in his hand almost flew out of his hand.

The next moment, there was a loud boom. White fragments flew out as the scene before his eyes detonated. However, the Moon-cutting Saber could not withstand this tremendous impact. The saber directly exploded and became damaged.

The saber fragments scattered in all directions like flying arrows.

Before Ding Hao could react, a cold brilliance flashed toward his face, piercing through his shoulder…


Ding Hao spat out a mouthful of blood. Like a rag doll pounded by a giant siege hammer, he flew back uncontrollably.

This Demon could not be defeated!

Instantly, these words flashed across Ding Hao’s mind.

The Black Demon Patriarch’s power was truly horrific. He must be a Saint-level expert. Before this, there were three or four stories segregating them in the celestial tower, and Ding Hao was already barely able to resist him. But at such a close distance now, the Patriarch could overwhelm Ding Hao easily with just a casual strike.

The moment Ding Hao landed on the ground, he rolled his body to the right.

The black Demon Aura column of light rumbled like thunder, with catastrophic power. It brushed past his body and bombarded him, collapsing half the wall of the stone palace.

If Ding Hao had delayed a little when dodging this attack, he would have been seriously injured even if he did not die.

Waving his hand, Ding Hao flung away the hilt of the Moon-cutting Saber. Without any hesitation, he summoned the Devil Saber. He did not attack the Black Demon Patriarch directly. Instead, his whole body erupted with power. The purple dragon in his spine bellowed and hurtled like lightning toward that black flame in the center of the stone palace.

“Divide!” Ding Hao hacked down.

The black flame, which was horrific enough to slay G.o.ds and Devils, parted like a piece of torn paper.

“Run now!” Ding Hao shouted.

He turned around and hacked with the move, Blade Two, intercepting the black flame coming at him. Ding Hao slightly activated the Devil Saber. The body of the saber shimmered with red mists, and was undergoing great pressure.

“Us, run? Little Chap Ding, move up and kill him!” Uncle Tianshu shouted loudly. “What the f*ck, when have I ever been so humiliated before? I was forced to stew myself in my own pot! If it weren’t for my hardy old bones, I would have died in the hands of this old wolf dog!”

Uncle Tianshu was indeed looking very sorry. His white beard was almost completely burned, and his face looked charred amidst the smoky flames. His clothes were torn and ragged, and he looked like a refugee from a charcoal factory.

Ding Hao was forced to retreat by that black flame.

His feet left two long trails on the ground.

“Old fella, enough of this nonsense! Hurry and run!” Ding Hao turned around and shouted. “If you won’t run, I will! This big wolf dog is too brutal. My defense will be soon breached!”

Upon hearing this, Uncle Tianshu jumped out through that gap in the flame without a word. Grabbing Evil Moon, the black puppy, and the two white tiger cubs, he leaped up the back of the white tigress and started to charge frantically. They fled through a gap in the white stone palace wall, after the wall blew up…

Ding Hao bellowed angrily, unleashing full force with his upper arm. He forced the black flame that was steamrolling toward them back. Then he turned around and fled, following Uncle Tianshu’s escape route.

“Trying to escape? Dream on!”

The Black Demon Patriarch leaped and soared into the air like a giant bird, going after them.

An expert at the Demon Saint level could still fly in such an environment.

But he would definitely consume more energy.

Ding Hao had to display his trump card now. He summoned his motorcycle, Black Lightning, and course Qi of the Bi Fang’s Fire in his meridians to the full, injecting it into the motorcycle. The exhaust pipe emitted a thunderous rumble. Then the motorbike bolted away like lightning…

In the blink of an eye, Ding Hao had caught up with Uncle Tianshu.

Uncle Tianshu deftly picked up the white tigress, and scooped up the four other small beasts in his arms. Then he jumped on the motorcycle’s back seat and yelled for Ding Hao to speed away!

Black Lightning was heavily overloaded.

The big white tigress was lying supine on the top of Ding Hao and Tianshu’s heads. If it weren’t for Uncle Tianshu grabbing hold of it, it would have tumbled down long ago…

“Hurry, hurry! That old wolf dog’s about to catch us!” Uncle Tianshu looked back and was so scared that he almost s.h.i.t in his pants. Behind him in the sky, the Black Demon Patriarch, surging with black Demon Aura, was already exerting all his energy, trying to chase them down.

“You troublemaker, how did you come across this old wolf the moment you climbed up this floor?” Ding Hao scolded angrily. If it weren’t for Tianshu, Ding Hao could have made a detour. He would not be in such a sorry state, pursued by the Patriarch!

“It’s all your fault. If you hadn’t killed his disciple and grand-disciple, this old wolf dog wouldn’t be waiting at the entrance of the 99th floor!” Uncle Tianshu complained bitterly.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Fiery black columns of light kept bombing down from the sky.

Ding Hao had to carefully maneuver Black Lightning, making all kinds of difficult aerial stunts and drifts, almost skimming the ground. The gravel on the ground scattered, making Evil Moon scream…

“This old fella really won’t give up…” Tianshu spat out his tongue.

The Black Demon Patriarch was really going all out. In this environment, his demonic power was depleting bit by bit. Unlike in the outside world, it could not be replenished through cultivation. The Patriarch had been chasing them for a while. Who would have thought he would be so determined, unwilling to give up?

“Oh no!”

Ding Hao groaned.

The flaming Qi in his Middle Dantian was only at the middle level of the one-apertured Martial King Realm. Even if he tried to accelerate Black Lightning to the full, he would still be slower than the Black Demon Patriarch, who was at the Martial Grand Emperor Realm. Now, he could only keep swerving to throw that Demon off. But if things went on like this, it was very likely for the Patriarch to catch up with them.

In the last resort, Ding Hao could only use his Devil Saber to fight.

However, if he wanted to fight this absolute superior at the Demon Saint Realm, he had to use all his strength to activate the Devil Saber. Ding Hao did not know what it would lead to.


Another column of black Demon Aura flame, as thick as a water tank, bombed down.

Seeing Ding Hao distracted and almost hit, Uncle Tianshu’s complexion changed greatly. He was about to toss the white tigress aside and raise his black pot to counter the attack, when something unexpected happened—

“Woof! Woof!”

The black puppy, which had been in his arms for a long time, suddenly stretched out its neck and yapped twice. It opened its mouth and sucked gently.

Something incredible happened.

The black Demon Aura flame, which was powerful enough to kill dozens of masters at the Martial Emperor Realm, suddenly became like an obedient lamb, sucked into the black puppy’s mouth. The puppy did not even have a full set of teeth!

“Hic…” The little fella burped.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

A few more columns of black Demon Aura flame bombarded down from the sky.

This was the Black Demon Patriarch’s Elemental Demonic Fire. Even an absolute Saint-level expert would not dare to meet it head-on. However, the black puppy merely opened its mouth and sucked a couple of mouthfuls as though it was something tasty. It swallowed more than a dozen of the Black Demon Aura flames into its mouth.

Uncle Tianshu was so shocked that his tongue almost fell.

Evil Moon also looked at the black puppy like it was a ghost. “Meow, who is this guy?”

Only Ding Hao, who had not looked back, did not know what had happened. He was still powering Black Lightning madly.

In the sky.

The Black Demon Patriarch stopped.

He had also detected something strange.

His Elemental Demonic Fire had clearly hit his opponents, so why were they still safe and sound?

When he saw that it was a black field puppy that had swallowed his Elemental Demonic Fire, he was so shocked that he almost tumbled from the sky. He could not believe what he had seen!

“Why happened? It’s impossible!”

The Black Demon Patriarch stubbornly unleashed a few more streaks of black Elemental Demonic Fire. Yet they were all easily devoured by the black puppy, like they were some delicious food.

“Woof, woof, woof!”

The black puppy barked to the sky.

Its voice rang out in the Black Demon Patriarch’s ears, like the most terrifying voice in the world. He only felt his flesh creep, as if he had been detected by a natural enemy of his tribe. He shivered, feeling the urge to turn around immediately and flee.

An unprecedented sense of danger enveloped him in that instant.

Watching Ding Hao and the others disappear on the horizon into the distance, the Black Demon Patriarch no longer dared to go after them.

Those barks were still ringing in his ears. Since he became a Saint, he had never known such terror before. Death was so close to him!

“What on earth was that creature? Why did it give me the creeps?”

The Black Demon Patriarch was scared out of his wits.

Soon, dozens of other experts from the Black Demon Wolf Tribe arrived one after another. When they saw to their great surprise their Patriarch losing their enemies, they no longer dared to ask anything. They just stood by the side in trepidation.

“That brawny man in black iron armor was actually able to activate his flaming Qi in this environment. Was he hiding his true strength? That face is probably just a disguise. Hehe, no matter who you are, you’ll have to reveal your true form at the boundary formation on the First Celestial Level. Then…”

When he thought of this, a hint of fierceness flashed across the Demon Saint’s eyes. He waved his hand. “Let’s go. I shall let these two maniacs off first. We will settle accounts with them once we reach the boundary formation on the First Celestial Level.”

The Black Demon Patriarch let out a long sigh, then turned around and left.

“Huff, we’ve finally got rid of that big mad wolf dog.”

Ding Hao was perspiring all over. Almost all the flaming Qi in his Middle Dantian had been used up. He really did not want to be pursued and almost killed by a Saint-level expert again.

“We have Blackie to thank this time!”

The moment Uncle Tianshu stopped, he clasped the black puppy in his arms and scrutinized it from head to toes. He almost wanted to slice the little fellow’s belly to see what was inside. How did this puppy swallow the Elemental Demonic Fire of that Black Demon Saint?

“You mean that was what happened?”

Ding Hao had only just heard what happened just now. He was very surprised.

“Meow, puppy, tell me at once: is that Elemental Demonic Fire tasty?” The logic of the Demon King, Evil Moon, was indeed on another level. It was focused on something entirely different from all the others.


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