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Chapter 113: Scheduling a Fight

The powerful impact force lasted for a whole rest of time. The waterfall also abruptly stopped for a rest before continuing to crash down. The enormous water flow rushed down. Lu Xuan was motionless. He had finally cultivated the Xuan Iron Sword Tactic to the large success realm.

A happy expression that could not be curbed flashed through Lu Xuan’s eyes. He hadn’t thought this Xuan Iron Sword Tactic, after cultivating it to large success, would actually really be able to use one sword to break the flow. Right now he could only cut a waterfall. After Lu Xuan’s realm improved, in the future he would be able to cut a river, even using one sword to open a mountain. Thinking of that earth-shattering scene, Lu Xuan felt uncontrollably giddy.

Lin Xin Yi also recovered from the shock and slowly said: “I hadn’t thought the Xuan Iron Sword Tactic’s power was actually so strong. It’s amazing!”

Lu Xuan jumped out of the cold pool and slightly smiled as he said: “Let’s go. It’s time to bid farewell to senior brother Li.”

His goal for coming to the Five Elements Caves was to cultivate martial skills. Now that Rus.h.i.+ng Thunder Flash and Xuan Iron Sword Tactic had reached large success, he probably wouldn’t be back in the near future, after all, out of all of the marital skills in the Martial Skill Pavilion, he had only put these two sets in his sight.

Lin Xin Yi walked to Lu Xuan’s side, reaching her hand out intimately to help him fix his messy hair a bit. She smiled and said: “First change your clothes. It’s all wet.”

The two of them exited the cave and found Deacon Li. Lu Xuan was naturally thankful, thankful for his care during this period of time. In these ten days, Lu Xuan and Lin Xin Yi could be said to have monopolized the cold pool waterfall. If they didn’t have Deacon Li’s help, Lu Xuan imagined that finis.h.i.+ng learning the Xuan Iron Sword Tactic so quickly would probably be impossible. He had even brought Lin Xin Yi who had cultivated the Flowing Water Sword Tactic to large success.

“Next up, how about we go to the Missions Tower to take a look? You’ve almost spent all of your contribution points. First let’s complete a few missions and earn some contribution points.” As they walked back, Lin Xin Yi suggested.

Lu Xuan lightly nodded his head, “The Missions Tower is definitely a place we’ll go to. At that time, we’ll call up Xia Ye and Xing Feng, however, at this time, we should first take a trip to the Sword Forest and test out the results from this period of time.”

Last time, Lu Xuan had only used the Thunder Light Sword Skill and Blinking Sword Skill and directly killed his way into the overall standings top three hundred. Now he also had successfully cultivated Rus.h.i.+ng Thunder Flash and Xuan Iron Sword Tactic. He wanted to see what step his current strength could currently rush to. There were still two remnants of the Long family in the Wind Sword Sect, especially the Long Family’s eldest son Long Tian, who was eighty-sixth place. Lu Xuan and them had a family feud. The two sides already had reached the situation of life and death struggle with no path of reconciliation.

The path was swift. The Sword Forest was already visible in the distance. The sword intent pointed towards the sky still hovered over the Sword Forest.

Inside the Sword Forest, there was also a deacon in charge. Other than new sect disciples examination, normally if one wanted to enter the Sword Forest, it would require paying 100 contribution points and receiving a transferral jade medallion to be able to enter.

“Isn’t this coming person junior brother Lu Xuan?” Lu Xuan still hadn’t spoken when that deacon in charge of the Sword Forest proactively asked Lu Xuan with great interest.

Last time in the sect entrance exam, Lu Xuan had become very famous. Those on the side could see very clearly that this person that had broken the Wind Sword Sect’s record was naturally very influential.

“This one is.” Lu Xuan cupped his hands towards this deacon, speaking in a neither humble nor haughty manner.  

“Hehe, last time junior brother Lu was domineering. I hadn’t thought that in the short span of less than a month, you would come rush into the Sword Forest. It seems like you have enough self-confidence to break last time’s record?”

Seeing Lu Xuan come over, this sides few deacons each walked up, but each person’s expression weren’t the same. Some had expressions of interest, curious, others had faces that revealed expressions of disdain. Without a doubt, all of the deacons that were unfriendly towards Lu Xuan were all from the fist faction and blade faction.

Lu Xuan completely ignored those people and slightly smiled: “Recently I had some insights, so I came to the Sword Forest to test out my results.”

These deacons all s.h.i.+vered in fear a bit inside. Indeed he had come to challenge the ranking monument. He had only cultivated for less than a month and had come rus.h.i.+ng to the Sword Forest again. This Lu Xuan was rather a bit too arrogant some of them thought. Immediately a number of sound transmission talismans shot out, contacting some of their friends, telling them the information of Lu Xuan rus.h.i.+ng into the Sword Forest. Many people were very interested in the new budding genius that had hopes of leading the sword faction against the openly provocative blade sect.

And just at this moment, a voice suddenly called out from behind Lu Xuan.

“Lu Xuan!”

Suddenly hearing a person calling for him, Lu Xuan turned his head with some doubts. He didn’t recognize the voice, yet it was somehow a bit familiar. In a glance, Lu Xuan suddenly recognized the coming person. It was Lin Tian who he had a conflict with in the Martial Skill Pavilion. He was currently the sword faction’s number one disciple. Behind him there were still a few people. Lu Xuan vaguely had some recollections. It seemed like he had seen those followers last time in the Martial Skill Pavilion.

“Lu Xuan, sixteen years old, body refining fifth level. In the sect entrance exam, directly killed into the overall standings top three hundred, shocking the whole audience. Seen as the sword faction’s hope for rising, and even looked favorably upon by the vice-sect master Elder Jin who promised to make you a core disciple. Is any of what I said incorrect?” Lin Tian walked towards Lu Xuan while at the same time speaking indifferently, speaking his situation out very clearly.

Walking up to Lu Xuan’s side, Lin Tian stopped, then his lips curled and chuckled: “No wonder you dared to argue against me to my face, forcing me to be unable to get off the stage in public. Indeed you have a couple of moments, however…”

Speaking up to here, the smile on Lin Tian’s face faded, his eyes directly stared at Lu Xuan: “You’re only an overall standings top three hundred. In my eyes, you’re no different than clay chicks or pottery dogs. If you thought that was enough to challenge my capital, then that would be a huge joke. Only I, Lin Tian, am able to lead the sword faction’s rise!”
(TN:Completely useless people. Capital as in money/resources)

Lu Xuan originally didn’t like fighting with people, however, listening to Lin Tian’s high and mighty tone really made him unhappy. He didn’t even know when he had offended him. Even last time in the Martial Skill Pavilion, it was also Lin Tian himself first speaking rudely. Originally he had viewed the other as his senior brother, Lu Xuan didn’t want to fuss about it too much, but now the other had come biting at the door. Retreating here wasn’t Lu Xuan’s style. Moreso, Lin Xin Yi was currently by his side. In front of his favorite woman, how could be a pushover?

“Is that so? Then how come under your leading, last year’s sword faction was still in last place?” Lu Xuan didn’t hide the sarcasm in his words.

However, his words annoyed Lin Tian. The matter of the sword faction still being at the bottom last year was something he wasn’t willing to bring up.

“Hmph, what do you understand? The few people in front of me have all cultivated longer than me in the Wind Sword Sect by a year. This year, I will definitely surpa.s.s them!” Lin Tian promised.

Lu Xuan shook his head and pursed his lips. He was too lazy to bother with the sort of person who would just make up excuses. After this year, Lin Tian indeed had another year of cultivation. Then could it be the remaining people also wouldn’t have cultivated a year?

“What’s your meaning? With just you, you dared to look down on me?” Lu Xuan’s att.i.tude made Lin Tian’s fire burn bigger. His followers a.s.sumed that the reason why he had come to cause Lu Xuan trouble was because he was annoyed by Lu Xuan’s disrespect back in the Martial Skill Pavilion, but the real reason was only known by him. Only he was clear that it was because of jealousy!

What did Lu Xuan have that would have garnered so much attention after just entering the sect? What did he have that they couldn’t see their own sword faction’s number one disciple, instead believing that a new person could lead the sword faction’s rise in a year? What did he have that he could receive the vice-sect master’s favor, promising to send him to the core. Right, he was undisguisedly jealous!

“I want to enter the Sword Forest. I don’t have time to talk nonsense with you. Let’s just have a fight in three months.” Lu Xuan impatiently said and casually scheduled a fight.

But his casual words immediately shocked all of the people in the field.

The Sword Forest’s deacon’s hand movement speeds paused. They looked at Lu Xuan incredulously. Lin Tian’s crowd of followers had their mouths gaping wide open. As for Lin Tian himself, he also couldn’t help but stare with wide eyes, as if he had heard some sort of unbelievable thing.

Everyone’s minds were popping with the thought, I didn’t hear wrong right, a new person who had just entered the Wind Sword Sect for less than a month actually threatened to challenge the current sword faction’s number one disciple?!


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