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Chapter 23: Lovesick Sword

“Of course!” Lu Xuan replied very confidently, and then confusedly said: “What, is there a problem?”

Xia Chen Xi shook her head without replying, instead she faced Ninth Uncle and said: “Ninth Uncle, bring a low grade iron grade long sword over. I’m also not too confident. I want to try it.”

She then turned her head to look at Lu Xuan and said: “I’m going use a low grade iron grade equipment and buy your Wild Explosion scroll. There’s no problem right? Whether or not it succeeds, that low grade iron grade weapon will be yours.

“How can that be okay.” Lu Xuan quickly denied it, “Previously I spoke with senior and asked to test a scroll. Young miss Chen Xi is willing to help by providing the weapon. I’m already very grateful.”

A low grade iron grade weapon’s price was at least two thousand taels of gold or more. For Lu Xuan, that was a huge amount of capital.

“It’s only a low grade iron grade weapon. It isn’t too expensive. I say, Ninth Uncle, just grab a middle grade iron weapon. You can put it on my tab.” Lin Xin Yi said, taking on everything, her jade-like hand lightly patted her full chest.

Lin Xin Yi’s words scared the c.r.a.p out of Lu Xuan. A middle grade, although it was only one tier higher than a low grade iron grade weapon, the price was much higher. The slightly better middle grade iron grade weapon was at least ten thousand taels of gold.

Although he knew that the Lin family had money, he hadn’t thought that Lin Xin Yi could pull out so much so casually. For something that cost ten thousand taels of gold, if she said to throw out the money, the money would be thrown out.

Seeing that Lu Xuan was preparing to refuse, Lin Xin Yi’s almond-shaped eyes stared at him, glaring at Lu Xuan, and said: “This is my gift to you. If you refuse it, I won’t let Chen Xi help you appraise anymore.”

Hearing this, the words on the tip of Lu Xuan’s lips were immediately swallowed back down as he could only bitterly smile. What kind of logic was this, using force to give someone something?

However, Lu Xuan etched Lin Xin Yi’s kindness into his heart. Right now he did indeed need a weapon. Common weapons couldn’t handle his strength. He needed to use a weapon specifically made for martial artists.

It was just that a middle grade iron grade weapon was a bit beyond Lu Xuan’s expectations. For a person like him who had just reached body refining fourth level, a middle grade iron grade weapon was pretty expensive, and most martial artists at his level would probably not even be able to touch one.

“Then I must thank young… Xin Yi. I will definitely repay this favor later.” Lu Xuan had almost called her young miss Lin, but he remembered what Lin Xin Yi previously said and immediately changed his words. Pleasing a beauty was difficult, ah.

Hearing Lu Xuan’s words, Lin Xin Yi immediately smiled, however she didn’t really expect Lu Xuan to repay her.

Ninth Uncle saw Lin Xin Yi’s behavior and shook his head helplessly. How could Ninth Uncle not see through see through her thoughts? It was just, Ninth Uncle couldn’t understand how Lu Xuan would have so much luck. Not only did Xia Chen Xi put him in her eyes, Lin Xin Yi put him even higher in her eyes, and even captured her heart and mind.

Not long after, Ninth Uncle brought back a very simple-looking long sword. Even though the scabbard was covering it, Lu Xuan could still feel the sharp sword intent.

“This sword is called Lovesick. Although it is a middle grade iron grade weapon, it is comparable to a high grade iron grade weapon. Rumors say, when the sword was being refined, a woman was refining it for the one she loved. Originally, the materials used to create the Lovesick sword was enough to refine a high grade iron grade weapon, but at the last minute, she couldn’t contain her lovesickness, resulting in a failure of refining the Lovesick sword, thus becoming a middle grade iron grade weapon.

“The selling price for this sword at the Treasure Pavilion is 12,500 taels of gold!” Ninth Uncle talked about the history of the Lovesick sword.

Lovesick, lovesick. Hearing the name of the sword, Lin Xin Yi’s face became slightly red, her heart was fluttering. The first gift that she had give was name Lovesick. Could it be that this was destined by heaven?

After Ninth Uncle finished speaking, Yao Lei’s eyes became wide. He wasn’t interested in the story, but when he heard the price at the end, 12,500 taels of gold? Oh my G.o.d… Just the price of the sword was already more than the entire Yao family’s wealth!

This time, he really saw the world. He suddenly understood why Lu Xuan was determined to pursue martial arts. A small clan from a place like Qing Mountain Village, all combined, was worth less than a medium grade iron grade weapon. This was the difference between a martial artist and a common person.

At this time, the Lovesick sword had already been picked up by Xia Chen Xi, who was preparing to use the enchantment scroll to enchant it. If it succeeded, then it would prove that Lu Xuan’s enchantment scrolls didn’t have any problems.

Without saying a word, Xia Chen Xi’s face was dignified as she readied the Lovesick sword. At the same time, she opened the Wild Explosion scroll in her hand. The crowd of people all quieted down, each nervously watching Xia Chen Xi’s actions.

This was an over ten thousand taels of gold weapon. If the enchantment was a failure, then the weapon’s price would undoubtedly drop.

Xia Chen Xi used a bit of mental energy to activate the Wild Explosion scroll’s rune. The entire Wild Explosion scroll immediately lit up and flashed. A miniature Wild Explosion rune flew out and landed directly on the Lovesick sword’s blade. The rune flashed for a second then suddenly created a deeply branded imprint! The imprint’s appearance was the Wild Explosion rune!

Lu Xuan’s face flashed an expression of joy. It was a success!

Everyone else exhaled sighs of relief. It seemed like Lu Xuan’s enchantment scrolls indeed did not have any problems. Yao Lei was also very excited. He hadn’t thought that Lu Xuan actually could successfully become an enchanter in the short span of two days. With an ident.i.ty as an enchanter, Lu Xuan’s ident.i.ty would soar upwards without a doubt.

However, the most excited person was actually Xia Chen Xi!  

Seeing that Lu Xuan’s enchantment scroll successfully enchant, her eyes flashed a trace of excitement. She suddenly raised her head and looked towards Lu Xuan as if she had discovered a treasure.

Truthfully, before this, she had a.s.sumed that Lu Xuan’s enchantment scroll didn’t have any problems with it, thus she decided to test it in order to confirm her theory. It seemed like she was correct!

Xia Chen Xi handed the Lovesick sword to Lu Xuan, took a deep breath before looking him in the eyes, and said, “Chen Xi has a few questions to ask sir Lu. Would be able to answer truthfully?”

“Young miss Chen Xi was a big help, of course I’ll say everything I know.”

Receiving Lu Xuan’s reply, Xia Chen Xi became joyful, like a child receiving a toy. Only now did Lu Xuan recognize the fact that Xia Chen Xi was actually still younger than him by half a year.

“Sir, Lu Xuan and I will do a bit of talking, however, the stakes are very large. Could you please leave for a few moments?” Xia Chen Xi said to Yao Lei.  

It was his first time talking face to face with a G.o.ddess. Yao Lei stammered, his face completely flushed. He clumsily said: “No problem. Of course there’s no problem!”

Xia Chen Xi smiled and then said to Lin Xin Yi: “Xin Yi, you and Ninth Uncle should wait here too. Sir Lu and I will go upstairs to talk for a bit. Sir Lu, please follow me.”

“Just call me Lu Xuan. Don’t say sir this sir that. It feels strange.” Lu Xuan smiled and said. He had a very good impression of Xia Chen Xi, especially since she had given him her own personal notes.

The two quickly went upstairs. Xia Chen Xi motioned for Lu Xuan to sit down, and then said: “Allow Chen Xi to ask, were these enchantment scrolls really drawn by you?”

“Of course!” Lu Xuan replied confidently. He then pulled out the other two unactivated Wild Explosion scrolls, “There’s still two Wild Explosion scrolls here which I also drew yesterday.”  

Seeing Lu Xuan pull out another two, causing her to believe and also gasp. Yesterday, that bottle of savage wolf blood was actually used by Lu Xuan to successfully draw three scrolls, and also, hearing Lu Xuan speak, it was his first time drawing. This was an amazing talent and success rate!  


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