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Chapter 73: You’re Unworthy

Lu Xuan nodded his head. Indeed, for someone like Xing Feng, taking care of ordinary materialized martial artists and fighting above his level shouldn’t have been difficult, but he actually only killed two body refining sixth level martial artists in total, and also even received an injured state. It really made Lu Xuan feel some doubts.

“At the start, I also thought that fighting above my level would be easy, however, this Sword Forest is a little strange. I’ll give you my impressions.” Xing Feng proactively spoke.

Seeing that Xing Feng was actually proactively talking to him about this, Lu Xuan’s face revealed a smiling expression: “You’re not afraid that by telling me about it now, that in a while my result will surpa.s.s yours?”

Xing Feng didn’t retort and said: “If you can surpa.s.s me, then even if I didn’t tell you, you’d still surpa.s.s me. If you can’t surpa.s.s me, then telling you is no use. Right now I’m telling you just so that you can prepare your mind in a while, so that you don’t lose face for the sword faction.”

Hearing this, Lu Xuan smiled. This Xing Feng was a curious guy. Although he looked like he was proud, but in fact his heart was still pretty good, and was worth making friends with.

“This Sword Forest and the Sword Tower that we previously encountered have some similarities, but also have their differences.” Xing Feng’s began talking again, “After entering the Sword Forest, there will be an aggressive sword intent that will always be covering you. Thus, while fighting, you not only need to take care of the enemies, you also need to resist the sword intent emitted by the Sword Forest. This way, there’s no way to completely release all of you strength.”

So it was originally that way. No wonder why Xing Feng had received an injury when killing two body refining sixth level martial artists. Lu Xuan nodded his head thoughtfully, then said: “Although this way will cause suppress a portion of your strength, it can be used to hone a martial artist’s will to a great extent. It can even improve perception on sword intent. It seems like the wondrousness Elder Jin was talking about in the Sword Forest lies in that.”

“That’s right. This Sword Forest is the most for swordsman and is the best cultivation location. For the others, they can only hone their wills, but for us, we can also comprehend sword intent. I’m guessing that this Sword Forest should have been something the sword faction left behind in the times before they had fallen from grace, otherwise with the blade faction’s group of people with their p.i.s.s-like temperaments, they absolutely wouldn’t have made a cultivation location so suitable for swordsman.” Xing Feng saw it exactly the same as Lu Xuan.

“Thank you for telling me. In a while, I will be careful.” Lu Xuan said.

Xing Feng nodded his head and didn’t say any more. Either way, in a while Lu Xuan himself would also go in. Once he felt it himself he would completely understand. His objective was just to remind Lu Xuan so that he wouldn’t be completely unprepared when he went in.

As the two spoke, Zheng Gang still hadn’t come out and was still sustaining himself in the Sword Forest. Just looking at the time he had sustained himself, it was enough to see that his strength was impressive.

Currently, Zheng Gang’s score had already reached 3700 points, and Xing Feng’s was only about 1700 or so, leaving him behind by 2000 points. This strength was indeed not on the same level.

At this time, in front of the Sword Forest, there was another flash of light. Zheng Gang finally couldn’t hold on any longer and came out. Zheng Gang’s expression when he came out was filled with unwillingness. Obviously he was unsatisfied with his result.

In his last fight, he was exchanging blows with a with a body refining seventh level martial artist. After fighting for a long time, he finally being defeated and couldn’t kill that body refining seventh level martial artist. It should be known, killing a body refining seventh level martial artist could earn 1000 points.

Previously he had fully a.s.sumed that he could kill a body refining seventh level martial artist without problem, which is why he had asked Elder Cheng how many points killing a body refining seventh level martial artist was worth. Now it seemed like it was complete overconfidence, and he had completely lost face.

Then he lifted his head to look at the ranking monument. Seeing that his name was hung on first place, his name the largest, flas.h.i.+ng with golden light, s.h.i.+ning, and fully leaving Xing Feng behind by a distance of 2000 points, his unwillingness disappeared without a trace. His face revealed a smiling expression. It seemed like the brat also received that d.a.m.nable sword intent suppression.  

Zhang Gang walked back while saying: “It seems like the so-called genius of the sword faction only has so much ability? It makes me feel too disappointed. So boring!”

Those words made the sword faction’s people’s faces turn red and white. However, in reality, they didn’t have any means of retorting, and could only blame that this Zheng Gang was too detestable for specifically coming at the sword faction. This time the sword faction had still taken second place which was better than the other factions.

“The first round of the exam is over. The disciples that partic.i.p.ated in the exam, your results are already posted on the monument. Everyone’s performance was all pretty good. Next up, enter the second round of the exam!” Elder Jin’s loudly announced.

“Just now Xing Feng said that your sword faction still has other genius disciples that haven’t gone up yet. I have the same hobbies as senior brother Zheng, and also like to compete with various geniuses. How about letting my fist faction challenge you this round?” There was another voice calling out. A disciple from the fist faction walked up, directly issuing a challenge to the sword faction.

When these words were spoken, the crowd of disciples were in an uproar. What was up with today, were they teaming up and taking turns against the sword faction? Just now it was the blade faction and now it was the fist faction’s turn to muzzle only the sword faction.
(TN: Author wrote the sword faction and then fist faction, but that doesn’t make much sense contextually)

Following closely behind, a faint voice came from the sword faction, with a hint of sarcasm: “Ah, you like to challenge geniuses? Isn’t Zheng Gang a self-recognized genius? How come I didn’t see you up to challenge before then and are only running out acting conceited now?”

The person who spoke was impressively Lu Xuan. Just now Xing Feng had gone up and been defeated by Zheng Gang, now facing the fist faction’s challenge, he naturally felt duty-bound.

Hearing this, the fist faction disciple’s face revealed a slight expression of anger, as if he wanted to be angry, but he forcefully held it back, “Senior brother Zheng has extraordinary talent. I recognize that I am inferior and willingly acknowledge my defeat.”

Hearing this disciple’s compliment, Zheng Gang who had just returned to the blade faction group immediately revealed a content expression. The fist faction and the blade faction got along. He naturally recognized this disciple, who was the strongest disciple of the fist faction from this group, called Li Hu. To be able to receive the compliments from this kind of person, he naturally felt very comfortable inside.

That Li Hu continued to say: “Although I’m not senior brother Zheng’s opponent, but I’m more than enough to take care of the so-called geniuses of your sword faction. I don’t know name and whether you dare to fight?”

“My surname is Lu, name is Xuan. The fight will definitely be fought, however, it’s not a response to your fight because you’re unworthy!” Lu Xuan’s response was extremely arrogant!

His sentence of you’re unworthy instantly made the nine great faction division disciples all interested. Each speculated what sort of person this Lu Xuan was. The long declining sword faction hadn’t had such a high-profile person appear in a long time. Did this person actually have abilities or was he just acting tough right now?

Hearing Lu Xuan’s response, that Li Hu’s eyes narrowed, “You’re Lu Xuan?”

Hearing his tone, it seemed like he had long since heard of Lu Xuan’s name.


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