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Chapter 82 – Extinction Void Art

Edited by Ea

Volume 2. Wind and Rain Darken the Sky

Lin Shu is in cla.s.s.

This cla.s.s is “Mastery of External Alchemy”, and the cla.s.s was being taught by an Immortal named Alchemist Ding, but it was many times more difficult than “Introduction to External Alchemy”.

After learning “Introduction to External Alchemy”, you could learn a lot of basic alchemy techniques. You can learn “Common External Alchemy”. Only after you finish that can you select “Mastery of External Alchemy”. After obtaining an A in the examination of “Mastery of External Alchemy”, in theory, one would be proficient in all the alchemy techniques and even metaphysics, and could, on the premise of sufficient materials, refine all the famous pills in the pill book step by step-unless the pill required very special circ.u.mstances.

The Immortal Alchemist Ding was very kind to him. He often praised him by name. He said that his fire was peaceful, there was no impurity, and there were few mistakes in his technique.

——But only Lin Shu knew that the fire was just peaceful because he could not use his spiritual power, he could only use the pure spiritual power of jade souls to light the Alchemy fire.

Other people in the Academy, who knew him, thought he was a music cultivator who cultivated the zither and had a Golden Core Realm cultivation.

“Senior Brother Lin.” At the end of cla.s.s, he was stopped by a girl at his desk.

“Elder Martial Brother, I don’t understand the Immortal Taoist saying that ‘one can transform into ten thousand, and ten thousand all belong to the same Tao. Can you explain it to me, Elder Martial Brother?”

Lin Shu sorted out the language and explained it to her.

After spring and autumn, he can be called “Elder Martial Brother” in a flash.

In the previous few final exams, because he had a good memorization and got a lot of A’s, he had gradually become a student leader among the crowd, which was also very novel.

After the girl understood the meaning of that sentence, she clapped her hands and said with a smile, “So that’s it!”

Lin Shu didn’t say anything more. He packed up his things and planned to go back.

The girl said, “Elder Martial Brother, are you going to the dining hall, too?”

Lin Shu said, “Yes.”

The girl said, “Let’s go together.”

“No,” Lin Shu said.

The girl was unhappy and said, “Okay.”

Lin Shu put away his things and went to the dining hall alone.

He was not afraid of the girl’s unhappiness, for as long as the girl inquired a little, she would know that Lin Shu had a keeper.

Although his owner is temporarily absent, he has to do his part and not have too much contact with other girls.

After dinner, he returned to the bamboo house. It was already evening.

He no longer did the commission of sorting out books and taking care of the spiritual gra.s.s. In the past two years, he had been practicing the zither, caring for the cat and studying 《Extinction》, except for going out to attend his cla.s.s.

Before her seclusion, the Big Miss had ordered Phoenix Mountain Villa to look for materials. Combined with those obtained in the Ten Thousand Ghosts Abyss, “Extinction Needle” had been successfully refined.

The needle was as long as a finger. It was dark and cold. With the instructions and techniques left by Demon Lord Qing Ming, no matter what kind of enemy you are against, as long as you can find the opportunity to insert this needle into their body, in an instant, that person will lose their whole body’s spiritual power and become an ordinary mortal, and it will be difficult for that person to cultivate at all their life.

The power of this needle didn’t need to be said, but it was too insidious to be used easily. Therefore, it is only used to protect his life in critical situations. His current strength is mainly on the zither.

Lin Shu felt that he had learned almost the art of weapon manipulation, and he had mastered the theory, so he could go to the next level. He turned to the last part of the secret script, intending to see what kind of technique Demon Lord Qing Ming’s “Extinction Void Art” was.

It should be understood that all the techniques in the world are based on the flow of spiritual power. Without spiritual power, naturally there will be no skills. However, Demon Lord Qing Ming created such an “Extinction Void Art”, and Lin Shu has been curious for a long time.

——If it wasn’t for the habit of not skipping sections in a hurry and steadily learning the secret script page by page that his master has instilled in him, he would have read it a long time ago.

He turned to the last part.

The first impression is —– it’s very thin.

But the earlier content had already proved that Demon Lord Qing Ming had excellent abilities. He thinks that this part must be concise and comprehensive — although thin, it will be very profound.

Lin Shu began to read with awe.

The sentence on the first page is still Demon Lord Qing Ming’s consistent, semi-literal, and personally emotional style:

This Lord thought that spiritual powers and techniques are all nonsense, especially the meridians. When I successfully master the “Extinction Void Art”, I will definitely give the scholars of the Immortal and Demonic Ways a good beating.

Lin Shu became interested in this distinctive speech and continued to scroll down.

On the second page, Demon Lord Qing Ming raised a question.

When people cultivate immortality or the demonic path, they should pay attention to the state of mind, but why should they pay attention to the state of mind? Why is cultivation of spiritual power related to one’s state of mind?

——Lin Shu thinks this is a good question.

Because Mr. Meng mentioned the problem of state of mind two years ago, he went to the library to read many books about mental state. In the cla.s.sics, the general view is that the cultivation of immortality is to cultivate the mind. The way of heaven is constant and can not be changed by anything. Therefore, all things in the world have life and death, and this cycle is endless. Then, a human’s state of mind is the same. Only when the mind is calm, clear, and at peace, and the spiritual power flows, can it continue to grow.

For the sake of cultivating one’s mind, although there are many straightforward and honest people in the Immortal Tao, there are no rude and impetuous people, and there are smart and crafty people, but there are no devious and insidious people in the Immortal Path.

Lin Shu wanted to see how Demon Lord Qing Ming explained this question, so he turned to the next page.

——At this moment, he thought of a question. According to the Demon Lord’s way of using an entire page for one sentence, wouldn’t he quickly flip through the remaining pages?

Then the Demon Lord wrote: I have thought about it, but I couldn’t think of the relationship between my state of mind and my cultivation. I also thought of the materials used by this Lord to refine the Extinction Needle, Extinction Sword, and other treasures — underworld dragon bone, thousand-needle lotus leaves, and other things. It is clear that those also have no spiritual power or cultivation base. However, their toxicity can disperse the spiritual power of a person. It can be seen that spiritual power is not a unique good thing in the world.

——This statement is refreshing.

Lin Shu continued to scroll down.

There are a lot of words on this page. The Demon Lord said that he thinks that spiritual power is also one of the common objects in the world. It is no different from plants, cats, and dogs. The only reason why people can control spiritual power is because they borrowed some power from the Dao of Heaven. That’s it.

Then, the Demon Lord put something in parentheses here: Of course, the Dao of Heaven is not anything wonderful either.

On the next page, the Demon Lord finally stepped into the main topic and said: However, how do people borrow this power and what does it have to do with that state of mind? This is the issue that this Lord wants to discuss in my “Extinction Void Art”.

Lin Shu turned the pages.

Lin Shu: “…”

On the next page, there are a few big words:

Yuehua sc.u.m faked his death to trick me!

I’m going to seek revenge. I won’t write more for the time being!

Won’t write more for the time being, which means you will write it in the future?

Lin Shu then flipped the page.

There is no more.

Flip again.

Then there were a few words scribbled in the place further down: This Lord killed his own disciple, and there is no heir to pa.s.s on my legacy. After hearing that the Floating Heavenly Palace collects treasures, I handed in what I had learned in my life. If anyone sees it, they would be considered my successor. My Heir, I left something for you in Qingming Mountain. Remember to take it.

Flip the page again.

Nothing else.

For a while, Lin Shu didn’t know what expression to make.

TL’s Mini Theatre went on closed door cultivation together with Ling Fengxiao.


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