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Chapter 438: That Woman

“Schoolmate, you’ve probably got the wrong person. This should be our first time meeting,” Huo Siyu said with a smile.

Qin Xuan’s sizing gaze was still on her. “No, I still think you’re very familiar. I must have seen you somewhere. Where did I see you before?” She fell into deep thought.

“It’s probably because I look more common. You’ve seen someone who looks like me.” Huo Siyu’s expression remained unchanged.

Of course, Huo Siyu had seen this person before, but she had only glanced at her from afar.

She met Qin Xuan and her friend when she went out for a meal with Qin Hao. Qin Xuan was from a side branch of the Qin Family and could barely be considered Qin Hao’s cousin.

Qin Xuan was very afraid of Qin Hao. That time, when she saw Qin Hao, she greeted him from afar and ran away with her friend.

The reason why Huo Siyu didn’t want to admit that she had seen Qin Xuan before was simple. She didn’t want others to interact with Beauty Yu with ulterior motives.

No matter what, this was Beauty Yu’s first time experiencing university life. Although with Beauty Yu’s intelligence, it was very difficult for anyone to gain any benefits from her, she still didn’t want such a person to appear and disgust her.

Especially since this person was Beauty Yu’s roommate.

Although from the looks of it, Qin Xuan didn’t seem to be that kind of person.

However, who could say for sure when it came to interests and benefits?

“Impossible. If your looks are common, then aren’t humans all very good-looking?”

Huo Siyu, “Can I take it that you’re praising me?”

“…Of course.” Qin Xuan.

She was puzzled. Did she really get the wrong person?

“Alright, Xuanxuan, you can’t be so rude.”

The woman, who had followed Qin Xuan in, spoke.

She smiled very kindly. “I’m sorry, Little Schoolmate. My daughter likes to over react. She doesn’t have any ill intentions. Regardless of whether she got the wrong person or not, it’s fate that we met here today. Auntie will treat you guys to a meal later.”

“Sigh, I see that you guys came to school yourselves. You’re really independent. Unlike my daughter, who needs her mother to send her to school when she reports to school. She’s like a child who hasn’t grown up. I’ll have to trouble you guys to take care of her in school in the future.”

“…” Qin Xuan.

“…” They had heard their conversation outside the door.

“Auntie, you’re being too polite. It’s just a small matter. On the other hand, I’m prepared to treat them to a meal before Auntie and Schoolmate Qin Xuan come back. I’m in my second year of university this year and can be considered their senior. I’m also more familiar with the Imperial Capital University. This time, I’ll treat you. Next time, if there’s a chance, Auntie can treat us.”

“Ah!” The woman was about to speak when she was frightened by Qin Xuan’s scream.

He patted her head angrily. “When will you quit your habit of over reacting? We are talking, but you’re shouting so loudly. You’re so rude!”

“Alright, Mom, stop talking about me. I’ll pay attention next time.”

She looked at Huo Siyu. “You’re a student at the Imperial Capital University. Perhaps I saw you when I came to the Imperial Capital University.”

“…” Huo Siyu, who was already prepared to be recognized by her.

“That’s possible too.”

This person, who had such a naive character, was probably not someone with ulterior motives.

“By the way, Mom, what were you about to say just now? Speak.”

The woman glared at her and then smiled at Huo Siyu. “With an elder like Auntie around, how can I let you spend money? If you all are done, let’s go. Auntie is very familiar with the Imperial Capital University and will bring you all to eat delicious food.”

Since she had already said so, Huo Siyu did not insist anymore.

The few of them went to eat together.

Halfway through, Yan Jinyu received a call from Tan s.h.i.+yun saying that she had something on and would ask her out for a meal another day, so she didn’t join them.

They were at a restaurant in school. Qin Xuan’s mother was indeed very familiar with the Imperial Capital University. Huo Siyu also knew the restaurant that brought them there. It indeed tasted very good.

Seeing that they walked in calmly and Zhao Linlin stopped outside the shop alone, Chu Xiaohuan turned back and asked, “Linlin, what’s wrong?”

Zhao Linlin forced a smile. “N-nothing.”

She did not expect the restaurants in school to be so high-end. In their hometown, even the largest restaurant in the county was not so luxurious.

This was the first time she had come to such a high-end place to eat.

She looked a little out of place.

“Then let’s go quickly. Qin Xuan’s mother is treating us to a meal. It will seem very rude if we don’t hurry and someone has to urge us.”

Yan Jinyu, who heard their conversation, turned back to look at Chu Xiaohuan.

She was a smart person.

A kind and smart person.

She knew that Zhao Linlin was reserved, but she didn’t want to expose her to hurt her pride, so she said it so indirectly.

“I’m coming now.”

The meal went very smoothly.

Other than Qin Xuan’s mother asking where everyone came from and what their major was, they didn’t talk much. She only introduced the dishes to them.

After dinner, they walked out of the restaurant.

Qin Xuan’s mother wanted to make a move first, so she asked them to excuse her and Qin Xuan by saying that she wanted to instruct Qin Xuan alone. Everyone cleverly walked ahead to wait for Qin Xuan.

After they walked away, Qin Xuan asked, “Mom, what do you want to say to me?”

“Why? Are you tired of your mother talking to you?”

Qin Xuan was a little helpless. “I’m not impatient. It’s you who repeatedly told me those instructions. I can almost memorize them. Don’t worry. Your daughter is almost 19 years old. I will take care of myself. You can go back in peace.”

“You brat. You don’t know how lucky you are!”

“I’m not talking about that with you this time. I just want to tell you that your most beautiful new roommate has very good dining etiquette. Also, that second-year girl you said looked very familiar. It’s obvious that she doesn’t have an aura that an ordinary family can nurture. You have to interact with her in school. Although we don’t curry favor with others, we don’t take the initiative to cause trouble either, understand?”

Qin Xuan rolled her eyes. “Mom, is that what you want to say? Am I stupid? Not to mention that they don’t look simple, even if they’re just ordinary people, I won’t find trouble for no reason.”

“It’s good that you know.” What she didn’t say was that she actually felt that Huo Siyu and Yan Jinyu’s names were very familiar. She seemed to have heard them somewhere.

“Call Mom if you need anything in school. Call Mom if you don’t have enough living expenses. If you feel uncomfortable staying in school, go home. Anyway, you can reach home in an hour’s drive.”

“I know, I know. Mom, you’ll become an old hag if you continue to worry!”

“What are you talking about! Your mother is clearly young and beautiful!”

The woman left after giving her a few more instructions.

Qin Xuan caught up with Yan Jinyu and the rest.

“Auntie has gone back?” Chu Xiaohuan asked.


Chu Xiaohuan nodded. “Then where are you going now? I still need to buy something. I’m going to the supermarket. Do you want to join me?”

Yan Jinyu and Huo Siyu wanted to leave first, but someone happened to be walking over. “Xiaohuan!”

She was calling Chu Xiaohuan.

The few of them looked over.

Yan Jinyu narrowed her eyes when she saw who it was.

When Chu Xiaohuan saw the person, her tone was calm and no one could tell if she was happy or angry, “Cousin, why are you here?”

“You’re still asking me? Why didn’t you tell us that you were coming? This is your first day at university. You should tell your family so that we can accompany you.”

The person had short hair and was dressed handsomely, but she did not make people think that she was a tomboy. On the contrary, she was very feminine. Her fifteen-centimeter high heels were the best proof.

She walked over and was about to continue lecturing Chu Xiaohuan when she saw Yan Jinyu standing there.

She frowned slightly.

Wasn’t this the person she met at the hotel lobby in Sa.s.s City that day?

What a coincidence it was to meet her here again?

She was sizing Yan Jinyu up, and Yan Jinyu was sizing her up too.

However, compared to her, Yan Jinyu was much calmer. From the beginning to the end, the faint smile on Yan Jinyu’s face didn’t change at all.

Huo Siyu naturally realized that person was staring at Yan Jinyu too.

She frowned slightly. She was puzzled when she saw that Yan Jinyu was also looking at that person.

Beauty Yu knew this person?

Had they become enemies?

Chu Xiaohuan also realized that the woman was staring at Yan Jinyu and interrupted, “It’s not a big deal to report to school. Grandfather and Grandmother are not in good health. I didn’t want them to worry about such a small matter, so I came over myself.”

“Grandfather, Grandmother’s health aren’t good, but you can still tell me or my mother. My mother is your biological aunt. I’m your biological cousin. We can send you over too.”

“Both you and Aunt have work to do, so it’s not good for me to trouble you. Besides, school isn’t far from home. It’s the same for me to come over by myself.”

“In the end, you’re treating us like outsiders. My mother and I are both living in the Chu Family now. We’re considered a part of the Chu Family and are your family members. You… Forget it. How can I not know your temper? You want to handle anything yourself and are afraid of troubling others.”

“If I didn’t suddenly remember that you had to report to school in these two days and specially applied for leave to come home, I wouldn’t have known that you were already in school.”

“Are the admission procedures done?”

Chu Xiaohuan answered obediently, “It’s done.”

“What about the things you need in the dormitory? Have you bought them too? If you haven’t, I’ll accompany you to buy them.”

“I’ve bought them all. Thank you, Cousin.”

Zhao Linlin glanced at her. Didn’t she just say that she still had things to buy and asked if they wanted to go to the supermarket together?

Although she was puzzled, Zhao Linlin was smart enough not to say anything.

“It seems like you’ve done everything. You’ve been very independent ever since my two uncles and two aunties had an accident. You don’t need us to worry about anything…”

“Cousin!” Chu Xiaohuan’s expression darkened and she was a little unhappy. “You know that I don’t like others to mention my parents and Eldest Uncle and Eldest Aunt!”

The woman’s eyes darkened slightly, but she recovered quickly.

She had the image of a good sister again. “I’m sorry. I didn’t pay attention for a moment. If you don’t like it, I won’t mention it in the future.”

“Do you still have enough money on you? If not, take this and spend it first. There’s 500,000 dollars in here.” She handed over a card.

Yan Jinyu saw that Chu Xiaohuan clenched her hand behind her back into a fist.

“There’s no need to. Thank you, Cousin. I’m the heir of the Chu Family. Although my grandparents and grandmother were in poor health after my parents and Eldest Uncle and Eldest Aunt pa.s.sed away and the family’s fortunes had dwindled, it’s still enough to support me.”

“Speaking of which, I have to thank Auntie. If it wasn’t for her back then, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have been able to protect the Chu Family’s a.s.sets at the age of 13 or 14. It’s been hard on Auntie and you to help me protect it all these years.”

The woman’s expression froze slightly. “What’s there to thank me for? We’re all family. Don’t worry about these things. Just focus on your studies. My mother will help you take care of the company.”

“I know. With Aunt and Cousin around, I can go to school in peace. I’ll remember Aunt and Cousin’s kindness. When I graduate and take over the Chu Corporation, I’ll repay Aunt and Cousin well.”

A hint of killing intent flashed past the woman’s eyes when she heard that.

It was very difficult to notice, but it still couldn’t hide from Yan Jinyu and Huo Siyu’s eyes..


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