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Chapter 150 – Concealed Weapon (Intermediate)

From a distance of 15 meters, Wei Xiao Bei was able to embed the chopstick a centimeter deep into the wall. The strength was dependable, but the chopstick did not hit the dart board and deviated out by around 3 meters.

Luckily, Wei Xiao Bei did not do this outside in the real world, or else he would have already lost all face to come out from his home.

He thought for a bit and change the position of the chopstick in his hand, then he threw it.


A light sound came out once again and made Wei Xiao Bei smile after.

Although he still did not hit the dart board, the distance had decreased to only half a meter.

From this, it was easy to see how big his improvements were.

It must be known that using concealed weapons was a disagreeable art in ancient Chinese Martial Arts.

One of the essential points of martial arts was to have morals.

Concealed weapons were things that were seen in a much more sinister light.

Although there was a school that taught the use of concealed weapons, it was a practice pa.s.sed onto very few people.

For a Guo Shu expert, using concealed weapons was easy to learn. After all, concealed weapons focused on accuracy and steadiness, and then was supplemented by strength.

Compared to other martial arts, using concealed weapons focused more on speed.

Wei Xiao Bei never learned any techniques on concealed weapons. Cheng Bi Wu also did not know how to use them. Moreover, a martial art like Bajiquan which valued honor more than anything did not have any branches that used concealed weapons.

As a result, it was normal for him to make mistakes.

However, after trial and error, Wei Xiao Bei was able to quickly hit the dart board.

But Wei Xiao Bei would not be satisfied with just hitting the dart board, he needed to hit the bull’s eye!

On the 21st chopstick, he had finally hit the bull’s eye!

In reality, this was the ability of a powerful martial artist to deduce things from one instance and understand it.

As long as a person learnt a martial art to a deep level, then learning a new martial art would be faster and easier.

This was the reason why many successful Guo Shu experts would learn other martial arts. In order to make a breakthrough, they would learn all they could and finally become a true master!

For example, a famous martial artist named Dong Hai Chuan learned many martial arts, and in the end, he had created his Baguazhang and become a martial arts master.

With Wei Xiao Bei’s attainments in Bajiquan, making the chopsticks fly was not hard thing.

Though having hard time at the start was a normal thing.

Pop, pop, pop, pop……

As Wei Xiao Bei continuously threw all his chopsticks, the dart board quickly filled with chopsticks.

Some of the chopsticks had even collided with each other and broke.

After taking all the intact chopsticks, Wei Xiao Bei slowly returned to the second floor balcony.

Zhu Xin Yi was still asleep at this time.

Wei Xiao Bei was curious. In his mind, as long as one fell asleep in The Dust World, they would be sent out of The Dust World and return to reality. However, he wondered why Zhu Xin Yi was still in the Dust World even if she had fallen asleep.

Naturally, he did not have any interest in waking her up at the moment. He leaned on the steel railling on the balcony and looked around the place. He also looked at his status panel to check every status.

In the end, his attention landed on his skills.

Skills: Shooting (Intermediate), Military Boxing (Intermediate), Electrical Work (Beginner), Bajiquan (Perfection), Fis.h.i.+ng (Beginner), Three Emperor Canon Fist (Beginner), Concealed Weapon (Intermediate)

Wei Xiao Bei became happy at this.

After he had thrown more than a hundred chopsticks, he had gained a new skill, concealed weapon. Moreover, it had skipped beginner and was intermediate.

Sure enough, as long as he trained a skill to a certain level, the skill had a chance of showing up in the status panel.

However, what does this ‘concealed weapon’ mean?

Wei Xiao Bei pondered for a bit and understood that this must be a temporary name only. If it was originally his master’s teaching or a specialized art from where he acquired the skill, then the name would be different.

He ignored this curious question for now. Later on, if he wanted to have a specialized concealed weapon skill, then all he needed to do was return to reality to ask his master.

Moreover, since he had gained this skill, he knew where he wanted to allocate his evolution points. Wei Xiao Bei had also calculated it.

Hand-eye Coordination!

Wei Xiao Bei concentrated on his status panel and made his hand-eye coordination increase to 20 points and using up 400 evolution points.

Following this increase, Wei Xiao Bei felt that a strange link between his vision and arms emerged. This strange link gave him strange impulses.

At this time, a strange wind blew the withered leaves in front of the villa. Although the speed was not fast, the leaves were still more than 20 meters away floating with the wind.

Wei Xiao Bei swung his hand and a chopstick shot out. In an instant, the leaf had been penetrated.

Not bad!

A smile appeared on Wei Xiao Bei’s face while he looked at his status panel.

When his hand eye coordination reached 20 points, a new ability appeared.

Accurate Shot!

This ability increasease his accuracy when striking from long range.

It increases effective range accuracy by 25%, killing range accuracy by 10%, and farthest range accuracy by 5%.

Effective range refers to the range which weapons have an expected degree of accuracy and fire power.

Killing range referes to the range which weapons could still kill people.

Farthest range refers to the distance before the weapons would lose all speed when fired.

Saying it like this was still very hard to understand.

Using an AK-47 as an example, its effective range was 400 meters. If it exceeds 400 meters, the bullet would have a harder time to hit the target.

Its killing range was 1,600 meters. In other words, within 1,600 meters, the AK-47 is still able to kill people.

Its farthest range was more than 2000 meters. In this distance between 1,600 to 2,000, the bullet had already lost its destructive power.

When Wei Xiao Bei threw the chopstick, he had not tried the farthest range, but its killing range was at least 30 meters, and its effective range was around 15 meters.

This was not a small matter.

Within 15 meters, Wei Xiao Bei would be able to strike a fixed target without missing, and an 80 percent chance of hitting a moving target. This was also relative to the speed of the enemy.

With the addition of his Accurate Shot ability, Wei Xiao Bei would be able to have a 25% chance of hitting a creature with extremely fast speed, while 100% chance of hitting a creature with normal speed.

In short, the new ability was very useful.

Wei Xiao Bei had 245 points remaining.

Wei Xiao Bei placed it into his newly acquired concealed weapons skill.

After inputting 100 points, his concealed weapon skill upgraded from intermediate to advanced.

When it reached the advanced level, Wei Xiao Bei’s accuracy with the chopstick increased even more. Moreover, he could shoot out two chopsticks at the same time with increased accuracy.

As for the remaining 145 points, Wei Xiao Bei just placed it into the Three Emperor Canon Fist, increasing it to the advanced level.

In reality, he didn’t use the Three Emperor Canon Fist much after he learned it. At most, he only trained it a bit when he was idle.

If Bajiquan was the most violent internal martial arts, then the Three Emperor Canon Fist was bolder and imposing. It was just like an emperor who threw out an plain and simple yet undodgeable fist.

Moreover, this school of martial arts originated from a Shaolin Temple on Mt. Song. It was also an internal martial art that emphasizes on Qi.

Those who learned this martial art had to have strong internal energies!

It was a martial art that relied on Qi!

In other words, the more you trained your Qi, the easier it was to learn the techniques.

It was also because of this reason that Wei Xiao Bei did not delve into this martial art before he opened all his meridians.

Even if he placed evolution points into this martial art, without a strong Qi foundation, it was simply useless in battle.

Therefore, even if he leveled it up, he did not have any high hopes for it. At the very least though, he hoped that it would help him in training his Qi.

As for the remaining 45 evolution points, he used 44 points to increase his electrical voltage to 505 points.

This should be enough.

Wei Xiao Bei gave a light flick on Zhu Xin Yi’s forehead.

Zhu Xin Yi who was originally in a shallow sleep, immediately woke up. Seeing Wei Xiao Bei’s finger in front of his mouth, she held back her scream.

“Brother Wei, did something happen?”

Zhu Xin Yi asked with a low voice. However, her extremely nervous appearance made her look sneaky and almost made Wei Xiao Bei laugh.

However, Wei Xiao Bei immediately came to a realisation.

When did this girl begin calling me brother Wei. Her mouth is just like Huang Kun’s.

From this, it could be already seen that her adaptability was high.

“I’ll give you two choices. First, hide here, and wait for me to come back. I’ll leave some food and water. Second, follow me, but I won’t guarantee your safety.

Wei Xiao Bei’s meaning was clear. If she stayed there, her safety would be somewhat guaranteed as long as she did not run around and shout to attract the Zombies. Moreover, there was a possibility for her to return to reality before she finished her food and water. Naturally, Wei Xiao Bei did not explain this final point to her. After all, he did not dare guarantee that she would be able to return to reality.

The second choice was much more dangerous. When encountering danger, there was a chance that Wei Xiao Bei would abandon her and run away.

Hearing his words, Zhu Xin Yi’s face became pale.

For female college student like her, this selection was too cruel.

The first choice seemed to be safer than the second, but it was hard to say that Wei Xiao Bei would truly return, though not being able to return due to misfortune was normal.

As for the second choice, the dangers were bigger.

Zhu Xin Yi’s veins popped out from her forehead as she struggled to think.

However, in less than half an hour, she made her choice, “Brother Wei, I will follow you.”

In reality, Wei Xiao Bei already had a premonition that she would make the choice to follow him, so he was slightly regretting it.

In reality, bringing children into The Dust World was not a good decision.

Especially when he had previously helped the girl once already. Once they encounter an unopposable danger, Wei Xiao Bei truly did not know if he would abandon her or not.

What a headache.

However, since he had already said it, he cannot go back on his words.

“Okay, wait for me here for a bit. I will go find a path first.

If it was not a necessity, Wei Xiao Bei would never carry someone to battle. If it was like that, a portion of his strength would be placed on carrying the burden.

Moreover, if Zhu Xin Yi followed him, then encountering a Licker would be enough to have her killed.

Zhu Xin Yi nodded her head. She felt a strange trust towards Wei Xiao Bei’s words. It was as if she had encountered a neighborhood big brother, otherwise, she would not simply call him brother Wei.

As for romantic affection, Wei Xiao Bei was not her type.

Wei Xiao Bei jumped down the balcony.

Five meters was nothing for Wei Xiao Bei, his landing only making a light sound.

Zhu Xin Yi nervously moved to the railing and looked at Wei Xiao Bei.

It was not that she hated to part with him, but rather, she was worried that he would not come back once he left.

Naturally, she knew that she was powerless and could only obediently wait there.

Wei Xiao Bei walked out a few steps and waved his hand at Zhu Xin Yi. He made a gesture for her to return and then quickly ran forward in front of him.

The amount of Zombies in the small district was few. Wei Xiao Bei had already checked for a good direction when he looked from the roof of the villa. He moved forward to the wall of the district and only encountered two Zombie Dogs and five normal Zombies.

He easily earned 140 points from this.

He immediately found a place to hide before placing all his evolution points into reflex.

Up till now, Wei Xiao Bei already had a rough plan on how to allocate his evolution points.

First, he would put them into the agility’s sub attributes. When his agility reached 20 points, he would increase his st.u.r.diness so that his body could display his full power.

Afterwards he would increase his awareness attribute and then his intelligence attribute. For now, he did not have any plans to increase his charm attribute as he felt that it did not have a huge affect in battles.

Naturally, Wei Xiao Bei would later on realise that this was simply a huge misconception.

As for his release electricity, Bajiquan, and other skills, he would increase them according to the need to do so.

After placing 140 points into reflex, it increased to 17.4 points.

The best benefit of this ability was to increase his reaction time so that he would not be caught off guard in an ambush.

Chapter Notes:[1] Baguazhang –…

[2] About concealed weapon – it might be called that but its more accurate to call it weapon throwing, I might decide to change this name if I find a horrible discrepancy like the one written in the novel updates comment


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