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Chapter 1008: You Are Important (1)

Bo Junyan’s eyes darkened. “Let her come over.”

Meng Yueman thought of something. “Oh right, something happened to Ling Feng. Do you know?”


“Although we’re also facing troubled times, if you stumble across anything that can help her, give her some a.s.sistance. The Ling Group was in danger a while ago, and now that Ling Feng is in trouble, the Ling Group might not be able to survive.”

Meng Yueman and Ling Wei’s mother had a really good relationship. She had watched Ling Wei grow up. After so many years of having such affection, even when she was in danger, she was still worried about Ling Wei and wanted her to be fine.

With that, she looked at Mu Huan.

“Xiao Huan, I once promised Xiao Wei’s mother that I would take good care of her. There’s really nothing between Junyan and her. I hope you don’t mind…”

“I know, Mom,” Mu Huan said obediently.

“You’re so nice.” Although her married son did not lead a family life like Meng Yueman had imagined he would, it was all her father’s fault for being so stubborn. Hence, not only did Meng Yueman not dislike Mu Huan, but she also considered Mu Huan’s standpoint and sought her approval.

She wasn’t like other wealthy mothers-in-law who were high and mighty.

After dinner, Meng Yueman and Bo Dingjing went to accompany Old Master Meng.

“What happened to Ling Feng?” Mu Huan was on holiday at home and had not contacted Xue Yun recently. She did not know that something had happened to Ling Feng.

“He was overseas on a business trip and fell into the sea.”

“Where did it happen?”

“A yacht banquet.”

Mu Huan: “…”

This scene seemed to be a conspiracy.

Bo Junyan looked at her and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I smell a conspiracy. Could his accident not be an accident?”


“Who is it? It can’t be Ling Wei, right? She wants to take the opportunity to swallow the Ling family?” Mu Huan said instinctively.

“She’s the most likely suspect,” Bo Junyan said.

“F*ck! If it’s really her, then that’s ruthless enough.” Even to her biological father, she could do such a thing.

Mu Huan continued, “Didn’t you say that the Ling Group is at a critical moment? By attacking Ling Feng, isn’t she afraid that the Ling Group will collapse?”

“Something happened to the Ling Group because a foreign company wanted to swallow the Ling Group and enter the domestic market. Ling Wei negotiated with the other party through a middleman. Under such circ.u.mstances, if Ling Feng had an accident and Ling Wei took over the Ling Group, she would be able to resolve the crisis of the Ling Group at the most critical moment. This way, she would obtain the support of all the shareholders and become the master of the Ling Group. She would be more legitimate and stable,” Bo Junyan said.

Since the Bo Group was always at the top, Bo Junyan’s information network was naturally extraordinary. He already knew everything Ling Wei could find out.

There were many things that seemed to go unnoticed, but in fact, there was no such thing as an impenetrable wall in the world.

After Mu Huan heard this, she said after a while, “I can only say that she’s ruthless!”

Ling Feng treated Ling Wei so well, yet she could even lay a hand on her biological father…

“She has always been ruthless.” Bo Junyan was not surprised that Ling Wei could do such a thing.

Ling Wei knew Bo Junyan, but Bo Junyan knew her too.

Ling Wei was an only child. In the early days, the Ling Group was on par with the Bo Group. As the only heir and a girl, Ling Wei had received an even more cold-blooded education. In her life, benefits were the most important. For the sake of benefits, she could do anything, no matter the cost, no matter who the enemy in front of her was.


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