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Chapter 1124: Old Master Meng’s Ending (7)

The butler was probably trying to persuade him because he didn’t dare to do it, so Old Master Meng wouldn’t ask him to do it. He had to do it himself.

With Mu Huan’s current status, he could only succeed the first time. Otherwise, he would be the one to die. He was not afraid of death, but he had to drag Mu Huan down with him!

She had ruined his honorable life and made him old only to be mocked like this. If he could not kill her, he would not die in peace!

After getting into the car, the butler thought about it and could not help but persuade him again, “Old Master, even if Young Master Bo is unfilial and doesn’t deserve your heartache, what about Missy? Missy is already in this state because of you. If anything happens to you, if you… what will happen to Missy and Second Missy?”

Even if he didn’t want to care about others, he had to think of his two biological daughters.

“Don’t mention them to me. I trained them so hard, but in the end, what did they do to me? After she had her own family, she only cared about her husband and son. She completely disregarded me as her father! She allowed others to humiliate and bully me like that, especially her son. She didn’t interact with me before, and after being hypnotized, she wasn’t any better. Coming to see me was just a routine matter. She no longer has me as her father in her heart!”

The more Old Master Meng spoke, the more he felt that he had failed as a human being. In the end, he was betrayed by everyone. His daughter and grandson, whom he had spent so much effort loving, were all so ruthless to him.

And this was all Mu Huan’s fault!

The more he thought about it, the more he wished he could kill Mu Huan right now.

The butler was speechless.

When a person got married, who wouldn’t take their husband and son more seriously? After all, it was their husband and son who could spend the rest of their lives with them.

The two ladies were already unusual in their filial piety.

He wanted to say something else.

Old Master Meng glared at him fiercely. “Shut up and don’t say another word. Also, don’t leak this matter!”

The butler looked at his master, whom he had served all his life, and felt an indescribable sadness in his heart. Actually, not only could his master not stand being bullied and humiliated like this, he could not stand the environment he was in. Even he could not stand it. He used to be such a high and mighty master, but now…

He really could not bear to see this happen.

It was no wonder his master blamed Mu Huan. If not for her, he would not have fallen this low.

Who would have thought that such a little girl back then could cause such an impact?

If he had known earlier, everything would have been fine if he had gotten rid of her sooner.


The chances of getting rid of her were too low…

Not to mention Mu Huan’s current status, her personal capabilities were not that easy to deal with.

However, he did not say anything else because he knew that it would be useless no matter what he said.

Along the way, the butler was hesitating and thinking hard.

When he returned, he thought about it for another night. In the end, he decided to tell Meng Yueying about this matter. He didn’t want the master he had served for his entire life to make mistakes again and again. He didn’t want him to end up with a bad ending.

When Meng Yueying found out that her father was going to hire someone to murder Mu Huan, she stood up in shock.

“He…!!!” She was about to explode. She did not expect that at this point, not only did her father not regret or feel that he had done something wrong, he even wanted to hire a murderer!

He was really…!!!

“Second Miss, please stop Master. Please don’t let Young Master Bo know about this,” the butler pleaded. He did not want Bo Junyan to hate his master even more.


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