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Chapter 1168: Unt.i.tled

Xiao Huan, the pride of the country, instantly became an embarra.s.sing existence overseas.

There were even many people who said that there was a problem with the life-extension medicine she had developed. They didn’t know if it was refined using some dark method, and…

Anyway, all these words were extremely nasty.

This bad atmosphere that was getting worse and worse made the two of them very worried. Hence, they came over together to see what she planned to do. Unexpectedly, the couple was found kissing at home, and there was no bad atmosphere at all.

This made the two of them break out in a cold sweat.

No matter what, this was such a big matter. She should at least be a little nervous and respect people for making such a big fuss!

“You came just in time. Quick, join my team. Let’s kill them together!” When Mu Huan saw the two of them, she sat up from Bo Junyan’s embrace, looking like she wanted to have a good time.

Li Meng: “…”

Wu Xingye: “…”

“Xiao Huan, you’re still locked up at home. Is it appropriate for you to be so relaxed?” Wu Xingye asked.

“What’s inappropriate about it?”

Li Meng: “…”

Wu Xingye: “…”

There was really nothing inappropriate.

Hence, the two of them sat down and joined Mu Huan’s team.

Their Xiao Huan wasn’t nervous at all. She must have a solution to this matter. There was no need for them to worry. They couldn’t do anything either. It was better to play games together.

This was because the three of them had a hobby of playing games. Furthermore, Wu Xingye was a computer expert. After Mu Huan had the money, she paid for the three of them to form a gaming company together. What they were playing now was the latest game that their company had developed. After their test, the game could be listed. They felt that there was no problem. A very fun game would usually become a hit once it was listed.

Hence, not only did the pharmaceutical company earn money, but the gaming company that Mu Huan and the two of them owned also made her earn a lot.

Seeing that the three of them were playing seriously, Bo Junyan picked up the doc.u.ments that Yu Hansheng had thrown down earlier.

The room instantly fell silent until Long Feiting barged in.

When he heard that Mu Huan had been caught, although she had been bailed out and had to be imprisoned at home, Long Feiting’s heart was so worried that it was about to burn. He ran over without caring that his leg injury had yet to recover.

It was just that after entering, his nervousness and worry formed a strong contrast to the leisurely entertainment at the scene.

This stunned him and Long Feilei, who was following behind him.

Was there a mistake?! Even now that the matter had blown up, she was still in the mood to play games despite having such an unsolvable problem!

When Mu Huan saw Long Feiting coming in, she immediately called out, “Come, come, come quickly. Let’s see if this game is fun.”

This game was going to be listed on May 1st. They had to hurry up and finish the test while it was the holiday.

Long Feiting: “…!!”

Long Feilei: “…!!”

Bo Junyan looked up at Long Feiting and did not say anything. He lowered his head and continued reading the doc.u.ment in his hand.

It was only when he looked up at Long Feiting that Long Feiting noticed that Bo Junyan was sitting so close to Mu Huan!

He pointed at Bo Junyan and said, “Xiao Huan, why is he here?!”

“Because he’s here. What’s wrong?” Mu Huan asked, looking up.

“He… he…” Long Feiting thought about it for a long time, but he didn’t know what to say. It didn’t matter if they were husband and wife in the past or if they were divorced now.


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