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Chapter 1362: Don’t Be Afraid (1)

As for the matter of Mr. Liu transferring Rui Hui’s a.s.sets, so he could avoid being implicated, the shares that he had secretly taken had all been returned to Mu Huan’s hands. The a.s.sets that he had transferred had also somehow returned to Mu Huan’s hands.

Although Mr. Liu had paid a huge amount of bail and was temporarily out, his crimes were irrefutable. In the end, he would still be sentenced.

Mu Huan had won this battle against Mr. Liu!

This made the shareholders and executives of the company no longer dare to look down on her or oppose her.

Mr. Liu was such a powerful person, but he was almost killed by her. It was better for them to know their place. Anyway, no matter who became the CEO, it was good as long as they could earn a bonus!

Mu Huan really sat firmly in the CEO’s seat.

As Yu Hansheng had always felt that there was a stench on his body, even though he wanted to settle scores with Mu Huan and Bo Junyan right away, he continued to soak at home for three days before leaving.

The moment he stepped out, he saw Mu Huan’s victorious situation.

“Ha, you’re really capable!” Yu Hansheng mocked.

Mu Huan looked up at him and was shocked. “Yo, Senior Brother, what’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong?” Yu Hansheng sneered. She actually had the cheek to ask him what’s wrong!

“Have you been soaking in water?” His face was swollen…

“What do you think?” Yu Hansheng’s smile turned even colder.

“Why are you speaking to me in such a weird tone? It’s not like I’m the one who caused you to be in this state. You’re upset and angry. Every grievance has its perpetrator. Go find the culprit!” Mu Huan snorted.

“You’re the mastermind! Do you dare to say that you didn’t release the water?” Although Yu Hansheng didn’t leave the house, he got someone to investigate.

He also found the two bodyguards from that time. Although there was only the bodyguard’s fingerprint on the remote control, the bodyguard was very sure that when he fainted, he did not press the fire b.u.t.ton. At that time, Bo Junyan and Mu Huan had gone to the concert. Bo Junyan had barged in to save him. Mu Huan must have been outside. This matter must have been done by her!

He thought of something and his expression turned even more sinister. “Did you already know that it was dirty water? It was only after Bo Junyan had left that you released it!”

“You’re really wronging me! I really didn’t know that it would be that kind of dirty water!” She wasn’t a G.o.d. She couldn’t even have known such a small detail in advance, let alone think of it!

“You’re admitting that you released the water there!”

“What’s wrong even if I did? I saved you out of kindness. Even if you didn’t accept my kindness and I wasn’t around, that bodyguard would still have used such a method to save you! You wouldn’t have been able to escape such an outcome!” Mu Huan’s face was full of disbelief.

“Don’t blame this and that. If you want to blame someone, the person you should blame the most is yourself! If you hadn’t hurt her like that, why would she be treating you like this? Even a vicious tiger wouldn’t eat its cubs. You could even lay your hands on your own son and wanted to burn her and her son to death. No matter what others do to you, it’s only right!”

Mu Huan knew that he would definitely not tell her the details of what happened back then. Hence, she deliberately provoked him.

“What do you know?!” Yu Hansheng said angrily.

“I’m saying what I know.”

“You…” Just as Yu Hansheng was about to say something, he suddenly realized that Mu Huan was deliberately provoking him to get the words out. Hence, he did not say the rest.

Seeing this, Mu Huan pouted.

Yu Hansheng had originally come here in a rage to settle scores with Mu Huan and Bo Junyan. But now that he was here, he didn’t know how to settle scores with them.


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