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Chapter 1424: The Last Battle (59)

There was nothing to be afraid of!

Xue Yun wanted to stand up and drag Ling Xiao back.

The blonde waved Ling Xiao away. “Go away, you little hindrance!”

Although this woman was old, rich people played high-level games while poor people played low-level games. No matter what age a woman was, as long as she was good-looking, there would be a market. If it really didn’t work out, there would always be other customers.

Besides, this old woman had a good temperament. She should be very popular out there.

If he made good use of her money, he would be able to have a carefree life for a while.

Xue Yun looked at her son, who had been waved away. She was furious. She stood up and hit the blonde.

However, how could such a delicate woman be a match for a hoodlum?

In an instant, she was thrown far away. She fell hard to the ground, making her unable to get up even if she wanted to.

Just as she was about to get up…

Not far away, a black car stopped. Mu Huan, who had just gotten out of the car, met Xue Yun’s eyes.

After Mu Huan returned, she’d wanted to take a look at Xue Yun from afar. Hence, she parked the car a distance away from Xue Yun’s place and walked over. Unexpectedly, she saw this scene.

Xue Yun looked at Mu Huan in a daze for a while before lowering her head. She was so embarra.s.sed that she couldn’t look over.

Just as she lowered her head, Mu Huan came up to her.

She bent down to help her up.

Xue Yun looked at her outstretched hand but did not let her help her up. She was ashamed. She had let her daughter down. She did not deserve her kindness.

Over the past few days, Xue Yun had thought about many things. Many things made her realize how wrong she had been in the past. This realization made her feel ashamed to see her daughter again, let alone seek her help.

Although Mu Huan had made up her mind many times that she didn’t have a mother anymore, such feelings couldn’t be cut off just like that. Besides, even if they weren’t related by blood, she wouldn’t ignore an unfamiliar woman being bullied like this.

When Xue Yun did not move, she helped her up and looked up at the gangsters.

When their life was in danger, every creature would feel it instinctively. Hence, although Mu Huan looked very young even looked very beautiful and pet.i.te…

When they met her gaze, the gangsters instinctively took a few steps back.

Ling Xiao couldn’t help but shiver.

He was especially afraid of Mu Huan.

Although she was his half-sister, he was especially afraid of her. He remembered that when he was young, the way she looked at him seemed to say she wanted his life.

When Mu Huan handed Xue Yun to the other people around her and walked toward the gangsters…

They all wanted to turn around and run, but they were so useless that they couldn’t.

As the Ruffian Kings in this area, they had never been afraid of fighting and bleeding. However, though such a delicate and beautiful lady was only walking toward them and was not doing anything, they were still so frightened that they could not move.

At this moment, they had truly witnessed what it meant when someone had an imposing aura. Those powerful auras that were written in the books, a dangerous aura that could scare people until they lost control…

Following that, this group of people’s fate could only be described as tragic.

Ling Xiao was so frightened that he fell to the ground and couldn’t move.

When everything was over and Mu Huan was about to send Xue Yun back…

“You don’t have to send me.” Xue Yun looked at Mu Huan. She didn’t have to treat her so well. She didn’t deserve it.

Mu Huan remained silent.

Xue Yun continued, “Don’t come and visit me again. Our relationship as mother and daughter has completely ended. Don’t let me affect your life again.”


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