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Chapter 448: Stop Messing Around (5)

“I know that you two were childhood sweethearts. Many things between you two have become habits. You instinctively hand her a pen and pour red wine in tacit understanding. It’s normal for you to be so used to her approach that you do not guard against her. However, you have to break those habits! She’s not your fiancee now, and you have a wife. Your wife doesn’t like you approaching and taking care of other women, so you can’t do this. You don’t need any other reason!

“You think I want to be angry and upset over such things?! You’re busy, and I’m busy too! I don’t have time to waste, but I’m angry with you every day over such trivial matters! So, this time, I’m telling you clearly that this is my position and my request! This is just how I am!

“If you can do what I ask, I can give you all my sincerity. If you think that I’m being unreasonable for not getting over Ling Wei, then fine, I won’t be angry with you anymore. As long as you don’t like someone, you won’t feel hurt because of them! I, Mu Huan, don’t have to like you!”

People like Mu Huan really didn’t like to dilly-dally. She more than anyone didn’t like it that she was always getting angry and upset over such trivial matters. Whenever she saw the two of them, she’d get so angry that she’d lose control, which was so unlike her.

Today alone, she almost jumped down three stories on impulse to separate them.

She wanted to go punch Ling Wei.

She didn’t want to go on like this.

She had a lot to do, and her life should not be wasted on such anger and jealousy.

He didn’t want her to be so angry. He didn’t want her to raise a fuss because of this matter. He really didn’t want to create trouble because of this!

“Mu Huan, you’re not allowed to say such things again! Don’t make such a fuss!” Bo Junyan could tolerate Mu Huan being jealous and throwing a tantrum, but he couldn’t allow her to say such things as not liking him so easily!

Was he someone she could give up on so easily?

His words made Mu Huan misunderstand. Her earlier unyielding and domineering att.i.tude instantly vanished.

Lowering her head, she smiled bitterly and said, “I’m sorry, I was the one who overestimated myself. All you wanted was a docile and obedient wife. Despite not liking me, you can’t bear to see me getting close to other guys, but that’s only because of your overbearingness as a man. You want to save your dignity and face, not because you like me. That’s why you’re not really upset, and that’s why you can’t understand my feelings. That’s why you feel that I’m being unreasonably angry.”

Because Mu Huan liked him, she wanted to be with him for the rest of her life. She wanted to care and be jealous, but she forgot that what he liked was her gentle and obedient facade. He doted on the wife who listened to everything he said. Hence, she had asked him to not get close to Ling Wei and not allow her to get close. Because of that, he came to think that she was making a fuss out of nothing, that she was a lunatic who was going against Ling Wei. He felt that she was becoming more and more disobedient.

After a pause, Mu Huan looked up at Bo Junyan and said seriously, “This is the last time I get angry with you over something like this. This is the last time I’m telling you that I won’t ask for anything more in the future.”

From now one, when she saw a similar scene, she would no longer be angry with him. If she lost control, she would not be able to control her sadness and pain. That would make the pain worse and worse. Once a person’s sadness reached a certain point, they would no longer like a person or feel sad over them.

Life was not just about love. Learning and improving oneself was the most important thing!


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