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Chapter 520: The Engagement Party (6)

Because Bo Junyan’s wife still could not let go of Gu Chenyi, she had pushed Gu Chenyi’s fiancee, who might not be able to keep the child. On the other hand, Gu Chenyi still had feelings for Bo Junyan’s wife. In the face of such a situation, not only was he not unhappy, but he was also very happy…

The Bo family had never had any scandals before, but now, such a huge scandal had happened!

With a bang, such a scandal broke out in the circle of wealthy families. Very quickly, everyone knew about it!

All of them were wondering why Bo Junyan’s matchmaking session had been so grand in the past, but there had been no news of it afterward. No one knew if he had married or not, and no one knew whose daughter he had married. So it turned out that his wife’s status was so shameful…

She once had such a relationship with her nephew…

At the hospital…

After the emergency treatment, Old Master Gu was sent to the ICU, and no one knew when he would be able to escape from danger.

As for the child in Lin Qingya’s stomach, it had not been resuscitated. Rather, it should be said that it was already… but Gu Qianru insisted on resuscitating it, so the doctors had no choice but to do so.

When Gu Qianru heard the doctor say that the child could not be saved, she lost control of herself and grabbed Mu Huan’s arm. She asked in pain, “Mu Huan, Junyan dotes on you so much! The two of you have such a good relationship, so why did you treat Qingya this way?! Why?!”

“Sister-in-law, I really didn’t push her. You know that Junyan and I have a good relationship. I…” She knew that she had a good relationship with Bo Junyan. She had no motive to push Lin Qingya away!

However, Gu Qianru interrupted her. “I saw you pushing her with your hand! And now you’re saying that she fell down on her own?! Is she stupid? She fell down on her own?!”

“She’s not stupid, but there must be something wrong with this. Junyan is already investigating, Cousin-in-law…”

“What is he investigating?! Junyan will only cover up for you!” Gu Qianru shouted uncontrollably.

Her grandson, whom she had been longing so much for, was gone just like that! Until now, her father was still in a coma! If he had suffered a blow because of this matter, he…

The more Gu Qianru thought about it, the more she couldn’t take it anymore. In the end, she clutched her chest and couldn’t see anything clearly.

Mu Huan hurriedly supported her.

However, Gu Qianru flung her away forcefully.

Her forceful fling had caused her to fall in the opposite direction. Fortunately, Bo Huaiyun had appeared in time to support her, so she did not fall.

“Huiyun…” Gu Qianru looked at her husband and was about to say something when she blacked out.

Bo Huaiyun quickly called for a doctor.

The hospital corridor instantly turned into a mess.

Mu Huan stood there, watching the chaotic crowd and Gu Qianru being sent to the emergency room. Her limbs were cold and her mood was indescribable.

Although she wasn’t in the wrong, now that things had turned out this way, she was guilty of having something to do with it.

This was all because someone wanted to deal with her. Old Master Gu and Gu Qianru were both good and innocent people. It was because of Mu Huan that one of them had yet to pull through with his life and the other had entered the emergency room.

The weather seemed to have plummeted by tens of degrees, and the cold air was piercing to the bone…

Right then, a strong force pulled her into a warm embrace.

She looked up. “Hubby…”

“Don’t think too much. This matter isn’t your fault. You didn’t do anything wrong. You don’t have to bear any burden on your thoughts!” From afar, Bo Junyan had looked at her, who had always been quick-witted, standing there helplessly. His heart ached terribly.


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