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Chapter 588: Instant Kill (5)

“Bo Junyan’s power is not something we can compete with. Just as he said, even if we can get 10% or even more shares from Bo Dingjing, we may not be able to enjoy these benefits.” Mu Zixuan had always been a smart person.

“So, Grandma, let’s discuss other conditions with him! I feel that if we don’t ask for shares from him, you can just ask for anything else. Didn’t the Bo family give us whatever Grandma wanted previously?”

Matriarch Mu sighed and said, “It’s precisely because Mu Huan will obediently ask Bo Junyan to give us whatever we want that I feel uneasy and want the Bo family’s shares to be transferred to you.”

“Why would you feel uneasy?” Mu Zixuan was still young, after all. Even though he was smart, he could not think of everything.

“Given Mu Huan’s personality, do you think there’s a need for her to cooperate with me and ask for benefits from the Bo family?” Matriarch Mu knew Mu Huan’s personality very well. Hence, she felt uneasy about getting what she wanted so easily.

Mu Zixuan fell silent. There seemed to be a problem.

“Bo Junyan dotes on Mu Huan so much. I’m afraid that his plan is to swallow the Mu family and give everything we have to Mu Huan. This way, no matter how many benefits we get, it’ll still be theirs in the end!” Matriarch Mu said worriedly.

It had to be said that the older the ginger, the spicier it was.

Matriarch Mu was right!

“That’s why Grandma still wants the 10% shares despite knowing that it’s difficult to get it?”

“Zixuan, you are the greatest hope and most important treasure of the Mu family. I cannot allow you to end up with nothing in the end.” Matriarch Mu had really put in a lot of effort for her grandson.

“But we can’t compete with Bo Junyan at all. What if he really causes us to get into trouble?” Mu Zixuan felt that someone like Bo Junyan would dare to do what he said.

Matriarch Mu knew this as well. Hence, for a moment, she did not know what to do. After a moment of silence, she sighed and said, “I originally thought that by climbing up a big tree, I would be able to get endless benefits from it. I didn’t expect that I would be inviting a wolf into my house.”

Mu Zixuan was speechless.

On the other hand, Mu Kexin, who had been staying in a corner with zero presence, spoke up. “Grandma, since we can’t deal with Bo Junyan no matter what, let’s deal with Mu Huan! We’ll pull her down from her position as Mrs. Bo. By then, Bo Junyan won’t want to swallow our family for her!

“Also, after Mu Huan falls, with Grandma’s status as Bo Junyan’s father’s life savior, as long as we don’t take so many shares, the Bo family will still give us other benefits. And all these will belong to Zixuan!”

“Well said! But how can you pull Mu Huan down?! Didn’t you see how much Bo Junyan likes and dotes on her just now?! If we go against Mu Huan, we’ll end up in the same state as your mother if we’re not careful!” Matriarch Mu glared at her.

Did she think that Mu Huan would not be able to become Mrs. Bo when she thought that she might attract a wolf into her own house?

In a situation where Mu Huan was doted on by Bo Junyan, dealing with Mu Huan was equivalent to dealing with Bo Junyan! She didn’t want to take the risk!

Mu Kexin walked up to her and whispered, “Grandma, we can’t deal with Mu Huan alone, but we can work with others! There’s someone who can pull Mu Huan down!”


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