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Chapter 61: Confirming with Their Gazes

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Suddenly, Mu Huan could smell a burst of aroma.

“This is the smell of the beggar’s chicken! The beggar’s chicken here is extremely delicious! The boss is very headstrong. He will sell it only when he feels like it. Since the start of last year, he has been opening the store less and less frequently. This is a rare opportunity. We should quickly go get one to savor!” Mu Huan tugged at Bao Junyan excitedly, hoping to buy a beggar’s chicken.

Bao Junyan: “…”

Didn’t they just eat?

“Quick! If we go late, not only would we have to queue, but there might not even be any left!” Mu Huan pulled on Bao Junyan and began to run.

Bao Junyan was a little surprised as he looked at her behaving like a running athlete. Her strength and speed did not seem like those of someone who had just started training.

When Mu Huan and Bao Junyan arrived, only one person was queuing at the beggar’s chicken stall. The aroma earlier was from when the boss had opened the cover for the customer who had ordered the beggar’s chicken. That customer was first, and Mu Huan was next in line.

“Hubby, this stall’s beggar’s chicken is extremely delicious. Would you like to have a taste?”

“Sure.” Bao Junyan couldn’t help but want to try the delicacies she mentioned when he saw how bright her face shone every time she talked about different cuisines.

“Then we shall have two!” Mu Huan had always wanted to eat an entire beggar’s chicken on her own. Therefore, she did not allow anyone to share it with her.

“We just finished our meal,” Bao Junyan reminded her.

“Seafood hotpot cannot fill our stomachs for long. And this beggar’s chicken is stuffed well. Most of our food will have been digested by the time we get home, and it will be just the right time for us to eat.”

While Mu Huan and Bao Junyan were exchanging words, a long queue formed behind them.

“I told you that you would have to queue if you were late!” Mu Huan commented excitedly.

Bao Junyan looked at her expression, the corners of his lips curving up slightly.

After buying the beggar’s chicken, Mu Huan thought of a delicious ice cream shop around the area. However, there would probably be many people queuing at this time right now, and she did not dare to let Bao Junyan accompany her to wait in line.

Just when she had decided not to eat it, Bao Junyan received a call. It seemed like it was an important work matter and he needed to talk for a long while.

She instantly informed Bao Junyan of her intention happily and went to queue for the ice cream.

As she stood in line, Mu Huan heard a loud disturbance and turned her head around instinctively.

However, turning her head had been a bad mistake!

The person leading the uproar was a huge hoodlum that Mu Huan had offended during one of her cases.

The hoodlum looked over just as she turned around to stare. When their gazes met, the hoodlum confirmed that she was the foe he was looking for.

The hoodlum led a group of underlings and walked over ferociously.

Witnessing the situation, Mu Huan turned around and ran!

After running a few steps, she turned back around as she suddenly recalled that Bao Junyan was still waiting for her. If she ran away just like that, there was no way she could explain the situation to him later.

Seeing her turning back around, the hoodlum initially thought that she was planning to fight with them. Therefore, he seized a rod by the side and swung it.

Mu Huan avoided the rod and ran toward the alley as she decided to take a detour to find Bao Junyan.

When he saw that she was running away, the hoodlum shouted instantly, “Chase her! Chase that woman and kill her!”

A group of people ran into the alley after her.

When Mu Huan reached Bao Junyan, panting heavily, he had just ended his call. “What’s wrong?” he asked after seeing her drenched in sweat.

“I…” Just when Mu Huan was about to speak, she heard a loud string of curses.

When she thought about how the group of men was about to catch up to them, she panicked and tugged Bao Junyan harshly into a dark alley. Without waiting for Bao Junyan to say something, she stood on her tiptoes and kissed him.

The tall and well-built man was completely taken aback.


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