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Chapter 323 Rebellion Night

“Hu Duo and his companions didn’t even come back.”

In the attic of the amba.s.sador’s station, Ula Budo impatiently asked in the language used in the prairie.

Frankly speaking, it should have been quite easy for three peak Zongs.h.i.+ Masters and a Great Master to intercept an unknown youth, but now, the four people are gone. They disappeared out of thin air.

How could this be?

During this afternoon, he had found no fluctuation of internal qi around this young man.

Even if Wu Beichen had ordered someone to protect him secretly, he could not have survived.

However, it was not the short-haired boy who was missing, but the four masters.

Very weird.

Ula Budo felt worried.

“There are no traces of battle, nor bloodstains and dead bodies,” said a quasi-Natural Expert, who seemed to be a general for the frontier army, with a look of uncertainty. “According to common sense, with their strength, they might have encountered, an invincible master, who must, at least, be in the full Natural Realm. Nothing is left of them.”

Ula Budo snorted and then said with dissatisfaction, “A master of the full Natural Realm? In this city, such people are all under our supervision. They don’t take action, unless… it’s your people.”

Western Qin’s general said, “Doing so is not good for us. Amba.s.sador Wu, we are partners now, there’s no need for unwarranted suspicion.”

Ula Budo snorted.

At this time, shouts and screams rose in the Longcheng Pa.s.s. The raging flames illuminated the quiet night sky and colored the dark clouds that were like the flowing blood.

The battle they had been expecting took place.

Ula didn’t have much energy. He went to the window and opened it.

The pavilion where he stayed was about 1,000 meters away from Iron Sword Camp. He could see that Longcheng Pa.s.s was in a total mess.

There was a total of 30,000 frontier soldiers in the city.

10,000 were from Iron Sword Camp, 15,000 from Flame Camp and Spear Camp, and the other 5,000 were city guardians. Iron Sword Camp’s rebellion – with the largest number – was obviously beyond expectation. Like the mighty waves of night, the black leather-armored soldiers of Iron Sword Camp were rus.h.i.+ng toward the Eastern City Gate to capture it for the first time.

If someone stood in the sky and overlooked the situation, one would see that in a place of about 5 kilometers outside the eastern city of Longcheng Pa.s.s, 30,000 prairie wolf-riding warriors. They were from the Black Spider Tribe, whose totem was the Spider Shrine, and like the silent torrents, they were rus.h.i.+ng toward the eastern gate.

This was a premeditated rebellion.

The Iron Sword Camp had joined hands with the Spider Shrine.

As Ula Budo looked at the flaming Longcheng Pa.s.s, a sly smile appeared on his obese face.

Western Qin Dynasty’s land was fertile and tempting.

The gra.s.sland tribes had dreamed of stepping into this vast land for many years, but they had been always blocked by Western Qin’s border armies. Numerous gra.s.sland warriors had died there, but few could set foot on this land. Their opportunity had come now, and the Black Spider Horde would finally make a historical breakthrough.

Shouts, screams, roars, cries…

All those sounds were just like a beautiful piece of music to Ula Budo.



A tyrannical and unrestrained aura, which seemed to be caused by a half Celestial Being, permeated the center of Longcheng Pa.s.s and the whole city.

“The Iron Sword Camp and Zhou An revolted. Kill them all,” said Zong Wei. He was Longcheng Pa.s.s’ general, also known as the Eight-Armed Judge.

His words calmed those soldiers, who were worried and panicked, a bit.

Zong Wei enjoyed high prestige in Longcheng Pa.s.s and had been ruling this region for 10 years. The tribe invaders would be terror-stricken as soon as they heard his voice, so he could calm those anxious soldiers a little bit.

At almost the same time, several other forceful auras arose like the flaming wolf smoke and moved like the mighty waves. They symbolized Flame Camp’s commander, “Bloodless Knife”, Xia Yuanzhi, and Spear Camp’s commander “Dragon-Taming Spear”, Bao Yimeng.

“Kill Zhou An.”

Xia Yuanzhi’s roars were especially loud in the night.

Obviously, this temper-stricken leader directly confronted the “Top Sword Man in Dragon City”, Zhou An, leader of the rebellious Iron Sword Camp. Numerous buildings collapsed during their battle…

Amba.s.sador Ula turned and returned to the room.

He looked satisfied and said with a slight smile, “Finally, I’ve waited for this moment, but there are still some other masters of West Qin in the city. Be careful. Go back to tell your master to open the Dongcheng Gate swiftly. Only when the wolf-riding army comes can we really set solid foot on Longcheng Pa.s.s.”

The general nodded. “Don’t forget the conditions you promised before.”

Ula smiled and said arrogantly, “Do not worry.” Then, he clapped his hands.

From outside, ten figures, wearing black prairie leather armors and surrounded by ink-like mist, came in.

Ula proudly said, “Do not worry. I brought 10 Magic Spider Warriors from the Spider Shrine, each possessing Natural Realm battle prowess and capable to defeat all the military masters in Longcheng Pa.s.s.”

The general subconsciously looked at the Magic Spider Warriors.

Through the strange black mist, he could see that every demon spider warrior looked like Western Qin’s people, whose skin was like black iron, void of any life force. Their necks, faces and hands were covered with strange pale lines, which were like the natural texture on the back of the spiders. After seeing this, he could not help but feel indignant.

He had heard that the 10 demon spider warriors were the result of refining Western Qin Dynasty’s living masters, who were all famous before death, through the secret skills of the Spider Shrine. Unfortunately, they had to experience insufferable pain to become demon spider warriors.

The most important thing was that their souls and mind still existed, but they were no different from dead people. They would be tortured and manipulated by the Spider Shrine forever.

The Spider Shrine was an evil shrine that excelled in, destruction, poisoning and ma.s.sacre.

“Go and kill all the border military masters of Western Qin on the list.”

Ula clapped his hands.

The ten demon spider warriors, like black mist, disappeared without a trace.

They were a group of demons walking in the shadows, who were best at

“I will go and inform our Crown Prince.” The general didn’t look at those men, as he did not want to have any interaction with them. They just needed the help of the prairie people this time. When the Crown Prince reclaimed the Great Moon Dynasty, they had to retreat from this territory.

He also turned and left.

Ula smiled as he looked at the general’s back.

“As the remnant of the previous dynasty, who were to be wiped out by the Western Qin people, you even want to destroy the West Qin and revitalize the Great Moon Dynasty with our help. It is not easy. You can seek our help, but the cost… oh, I am afraid that you the remnant can’t afford it.”

“Come.” Ula summoned ten guards and left the pavilion.

Under the night, he rushed excitedly toward the Caicai’s grand-grandson’s house.

“Surprisingly, in this town of West Qin Dynasty, I even found the most perfect and innocent body. If I use it as a sacrifice, the Spider G.o.d might really appear, hahahaha…”

When he saw the yard from the distance, he was very excited.

If the Spider G.o.d successfully appeared in this world, this continent would be dominated by the Spider Shrine. Naturally, as the most loyal servant of the Spider G.o.d, he would become the real spokesperson of the land.

There was constantly a variety of shouting sounds, like the night magic was dancing, and the dragon city was like h.e.l.l.

Ula rushed there and kicked the door open.

“Ha ha ha. Little b*tch. You turned down my request. You deserve the punishment…” Ula rushed out from inside, followed by forcible guards.

“d.a.m.n, Zhou An and Iron Sword Camp dare to rebel… Brothers, kill them and defend the city gate till death.”

Millions of streams of meteor-like sword light appeared in Wu Beichen’s hands. As his fire-attribute internal qi surged, the three military officials of Iron Sword Camp were directly smashed.

Eastern City Gate, Iron Sword Camp’s main battlefield, was already like a b.l.o.o.d.y scene.

As the main general of the eastern city gate, Wu Beichen had been guarding almost every night in the cannon building. He had never dared to neglect anything, and upon receiving news of the rebel army’s arrival he had activated the defensive formation. Thus, they could avoid a sneak attack and this region was be still under the control of the West Qin’s border army.

However, under Iron Sword Camp’s attack, the Dongcheng Gate was almost devastated, which was like a tiny reef in the wave of the rising tide. Wu Beichen was wounded, and over half of 1,000 soldiers around him were dead.

Wu Beichen couldn’t figure out the real reason for their rebellion, but he knew one thing-

It must have something to do with Zhou An, Iron Sword Camp’s leader, and Ula Budo, the amba.s.sador of the Prairie Spider Shrine, who were in bad terms with each other.

As Zhou An had been trying to persuade Ula to treat Caicai as his adopted daughter these days.

An official of Iron Sword Camp was cut up by his sword. As Wu Beichen looked in the direction of Caicai’s yard, he looked anxious.

In such a night of chaotic ma.s.sacre, Caicai and her grand-grandmother must be affected, so it might be useless even if he arranged the guards outside the yard in such a situation. What was more terrible was that Ula Budo might take the opportunity to catch them.

What to do?


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