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Volume 2 Chapter 60 An Inevitable Clash Between Enemies

Although Yan Qiyue was quite jealous before, now, he just wants to retract his head. This was because he heard it very clearly, Shao Qing’s cold words were all true.

She was really thinking about how to kill Lin Qifan, and thought of more than one way.

But who is Yan Qiyue? He was originally an unbridled character. If Shao Qing wanted to kill someone, he would hand them over to her. If Shao Qing was tired, then he would take the knife to kill them himself.

He doesn’t care who Shao Qing wants to kill. Whether it’s powerful superhumans or innocent ordinary people, or a big boss, as long as Shao Qing wants to kill someone, he would help without blinking his eyes.

Perhaps in the eyes of many people, Yan Qiyue’s character was very dangerous and made people feel a bit creeped out, but Shao Qing loved that part about him the most.

A person only lived once for what? For others he didn’t know, but Shao Qing lived only for the people she cared about, to have a better life. For herself as long as her life was decent it was enough.

Especially in the apocalypse, if they didn’t take advantage of the wantonness of the present, what were they waiting for? Who knows when they’ll lose their lives?

What she was most afraid of was being betrayed, and Yan Qiyue would not betray her. His extreme fanaticism, extreme love for her, and extreme personality, were basically the reason why Shao Qing was at ease with him.

Even her trust towards Yan Hanqing was a bit lower in Shao Qing’s heart than that of Yan Qiyue.

There was also Er Dai. Er Dai was even better. He was not even a human being. His dependence and trust in Shao Qing has reached an extreme. It can be said that Er Dai was the person she trusted the most.

So when Shao Qing was thinking about how to kill Lin Qifan, both of them were already thinking about how to help Shao Qing kill him.

They didn’t even have to ask Shao Qing why she wanted Lin Qifan to die. As long as Shao Qing wanted Lin Qifan to die, they also wanted Lin Qifan to die.

Shao Qing also clearly understood this, but she did not want to hide the truth from these two men, so Shao Qing said indifferently: “Lin Qifan is the biological father of the baby.”

Both men were dumbfounded. Some people have asked Shao Qing before who the biological father of the baby was, but Shao Qing either smiled, did not speak, or would say that he was dead.

Unexpectedly, this dead ‘baby father’ actually appeared again!

“Lin Qifan was my husband. We were married and received the certificate but he was cheating. I didn’t know until the day of the apocalypse. He indulged his mistress and allowed her to kill me along with the baby on the street. It was then that I realized that I was both unfortunate and fortunate. Fortunate because it happened to be the end of the world. Maybe it was the moment I took my last breath, bubt I was infected with the zombie virus and awakened my ability, thus I didn’t die. I crawled out of the freezer in the hospital and gave birth to Xiao Baozi, and turned into a monster: a half-human half-corpse.” Shao Qing’s tone was very dull. When the end of the world began, she was angry. Her whole being was occupied by bloodthirsty thoughts.

And now, when she mentioned that person again, she didn’t feel the same fluctuations. Her heart was calm like a windless lake. This was probably because staying with Er Dai and them helped heal her inner wound.

Although Shao Qing was very calm, the two men were going crazy. How could there be such a man in this world? He obviously already had the best treasure in the world, but still wanted to abandon it, and go pick up trash.

Although they were very happy the man was blind and did not know what true treasure was, they were more distressed about Shao Qing. She was betrayed by her husband, and killed by the mistress on the street while she was still pregnant with the baby!

Shao Qing must have been so sad and desperate at that time!

There was no need for Shao Qing at this time, the two of men were ready to tear that as*hole alive, especially Yan Qiyue. He wanted him to just crash into the wall. How could there be such a stupid man? If it was him who had Shao Qing and Shao Qing was willing to give birth for him, he would have been crazy happy! He would be willing to live ten less years.

It’s fine if this man didn’t cherish it, but he also left Shao Qing and went to find another woman. He was absolutely mad!

Why couldn’t he have been this lucky man?

Moreover, it was because of this as*hole that Shao Qing was reluctant to accept a second man as her lover, and made his road to chasing his wife so long and arduous.

“Let’s go to sleep. Since he is in Jing Du, we can kill him at any time. I’m not in a hurry.” Shao Qing said lightly, she had to make sure she planned it well and thought of something unique.

Something suitable for Lin Qifan’s death.

Imagining him feeling the despair she had felt that time, Shao Qing felt extremely rejuvenated.

Both men closed their eyes honestly. In fact, they were thinking about how to torture Lin Qifan. Moreover, killing a person was not the best choice for revenge. Instead, making him beg for death would be a lot more refreshing and satisfying.

Especially for this sc.u.mbag. They would be letting him off easy by allowing him to die too fast.

Early in the morning of the next day, the two men got up from the bed and went back to their rooms and pretended to have just gotten out of bed.

Trying to cover up made them even more conspicuous, who didn’t know their attempts? Who didn’t know where they slept last night?

Father Qin ran away early, probably trying to hide from the old man. Shao Qing stretched out lazily and went downstairs. When she went downstairs, she saw a lady sitting there on the first floor.

The lady was drinking tea, and her dress and appearance were top-notch. Shao Qing froze for a moment. The lady also froze for a moment. She narrowed her eyes and looked at Shao Qing with vigilance.

Shao Qing didn’t recognize her, but just by looking at her, this woman should be in her 30s. Knowing she should be polite in others’ homes, Shao Qing said: “Ma’am, I’m a friend of Qin Zixi.”

“Oh, so it’s a friend of Xiao Xi.” The woman narrowed her eyes. The vigilance in her eyes did not dissipate. She smiled and said,” I am Xiao Xi’s mother.”

“So, it turned out to be…” Shao Qing was stunned for a moment, but was unable to say the word “Auntie”. After all, the age difference between her and this woman was not big. After careful calculations, she was 28 this year. She was basically in her thirties.

At this time, Xiao Baozi also ran down, followed by Qin Zixi and the old man. Xiao Baozi first ran over and jumped into Shao Qing’s arms, and greeted her. “Good morning, Ma Ma.”

Shao Qing’s eyebrows softened a lot, and she touched the top of Xiao Baozi’s head: “How did you sleep last night? Were you naughty?”

“Slept well, just missed Mama a little.” Xiao Baozi grumbled and acted spoiled: “Baby was very obedient and definitely not naughty.”

“That’s good.” Shao Qing said: “Call….. call Auntie.”

Xiao Baozi turned his head to look at the woman and whispered: “h.e.l.lo Auntie… “

The vigilance in the woman’s eyes was about to overflow. She pursed her lips and smiled, “What a lovely baby.” Then she stood up and walked over, and touched the head of Qin Zixi lovingly, and then smiled: “Dad, you look so happy today.”

The old man froze, his face was expressionless, and then said: “Okay, there are no outsiders. No need for those false commentaries. Order breakfast, baby should be hungry.”

The woman bowed her head slightly, there seemed to be something that flashed within her eyes. The doubts within her have been overwhelmed at the moment. She was the stepmother of Qin Zixi. Qin Zixi’s real mother died at birth.

Father Qin worried that a child without a mother would be bullied so he decided to marry the current Mrs. Qin, but Qin Zixi did not like his stepmother.

After marrying Father Qin, Mrs. Qin had never been able to bear children. She went to the hospital to check. Her health was not a problem, so there were only two possibilities.

Either it was Father Qin who had problems, or Father Qin didn’t want her to give birth. The result was obvious. If Father Qin had a health problem, how did Qin Zixi get born?

It was clear that Father Qin did not want her to give birth to the heirs of the Qin family, or was worried that after she gave birth to the child of the Qin family, that child will fight for the Qin inheritance with Qin Zixi.

Therefore, Mrs. Qin has always been brooding. Now that there suddenly appeared a particularly good-looking person, with children, and more importantly, the woman seemed to be liked by Qin Zixi and the senior, how can Mrs. Qin not be vigilant?

She carefully looked at the appearance of Xiao Baozi, but Xiao Baozi followed Shao Qing, she could not see whether Xiao Baozi was related to Father Qin.

After watching for a while, Mrs. Qin said with a smile: “I will tell the chef.”

When Mrs. Qin left, the senior took Xiao Baoxi and Qin Zixi to sit on the sofa, and the nanny came forward and poured a few cups of tea.

“How long are you staying?” The old man took a sip of tea and asked in a low voice.

“We’re leaving today. There are still people waiting for us back in S city.” Shao Qing chuckled and said, “We have been gone for a long time.”

The old man was obviously very reluctant to have Xiao Baozi leave and probed: “Would you like to stay one more day? Let Xiao Xi take you around Jing Du today, it took such great difficulty for you guys to come.”

Shao Qing thought about it. Staying an extra day wasn’t a big deal, moreover, Xiao Baozi can stay with Qin Zixi for a little longer. Who knows when the next time will be, so she nodded and agreed.

The old man immediately relaxed his brow, and then said, “Xiao Xi, you take Xiao Qing and the rest to look around. Show them all the fun and delicious places. I am old and I don’t know what suits you young people.”

Qin Zixi was always very obedient when he was in front of the old man: “Okay, grandpa. I will.”

The woman came back soon, she gracefully walked over to the sofa and refilled the cup of tea for the several people, and then said: “What should I call you?”

Xiao Baozi followed up: “Aunt, my mother’s name is Shao Qing. Shao is the surname Shao, and love is the love from lover.”

Qin Zixi laughed as he described it. Who would introduce someone to others with love from the word lover.

The woman was obviously also a little confused because of Xiao Baozi, and forced herself to smile: “It’s a nice name, can I call you Xiao Qing? If you don’t mind, just call me Sister Xue.”

Shao Qing naturally wouldn’t make her lose her face, and said softly: “Sister Xue.”

The woman spoke as if they were very familiar: “Xiao Qing, is this your first time in Jing Du?”

“Yes.” Shao Qing said dryly, she was unable to adapt to this sudden enthusiasm, especially when the enthusiasm was not pure.

“Oh, where are you from Xiao Qing? Jing Du is very big, and it is indeed very prosperous. Sister Xue has nothing to do these two days anyway, let’s go out and take a stroll together?” The woman said enthusiastically.

Holding a cup, Shao Qing said blankly: “I’m from the survivor base in S City, but I don’t want to bother Sister Xue. Just Xiaoxi is fine to take us shopping.”

“Don’t be polite to Sister Xue, we are all friends…” The woman was interrupted by Qin Zixi’s expressionless face before she finished speaking: “It’s enough. Don’t pretend to be a good person here, I will take Qing Jie out for a stroll!”

The woman’s face was a bit ugly. It took awhile for her to respond: “Xiao Xi, what are you talking about…”

“You don’t understand what I’m saying?!” Qin Zixi was cold and didn’t give her face at all: “I said I don’t need your fake words , I will take my friends out, do you understand?!”

The old man coughed and said:” Xiao Xi, how can you talk to your mother like that?”

“Who is my mother? My mother is gone! She also doesn’t deserve to be my mother!” Qin Zixi pushed the tea cup away and left.

When Xiao Baozi saw this, he jumped out of Shao Qing’s hands and then ran to chase Qin Zixi, leaving the three adults in an awkward atmosphere.

After a long time, the old man calmly spoke: “Xiao Xue, Xiao Xi just has a temper, don’t think about it too much.”

Although he said so, he didn’t blame Qin Zixi in his eyes. Obviously he didn’t like this daughter-in-law very much either.

But no matter how he didn’t like her, he also had to give the woman some face because the woman was Father Qin’s wife, his daughter-in-law. Once she entered the door of their family, the respect that she should be given, he will naturally give.

“Dad, how can I blame Xiao Xi, alas … his temper…. needs to be changed.” The woman quickly recovered, and then apologized to Shao Qing: “Sorry, Xiao Qing, we’ve let you witness something embarra.s.sing.”

Shao Qing shook her head quickly. Holding her tea cup she didn’t say anything and was expressionless. The more rich and wealthy a family was, the more complicated it was. Before she thought she should find a dad for Xiao Baozi, after all, a child who had no father wasn’t good.

But now she was hesitating. Is it really good to find a stepfather? If Xiao Baozi becomes like Xiaoxi, living so unhappily, then she should just stay unmarried to avoid his suffering.

The old man on the side also spoke: “Xiao Qing, this time I really made you see something embarra.s.sing. Xiaoxi, this boy, has a bad temper. This is something I am truly worried about.”

Shao Qing didn’t say anything and just smiled. She also felt that the atmosphere was terribly embarra.s.sing. She didn’t have to sit down, fortunately, since at this time, Yan Qiyue and them came down.

The old man got up and spoke, “I’m going to find Xiao Xi. You young people can go have a chat, sit down and mingle. This old man will not be joining.”

“I’ll go.” Anxious to leave this embarra.s.sing situation, Shao Qing volunteered. The second one who volunteered was the woman, but the old man waved his hand: “I’m not old enough that I can’t walk anymore. You sit down, I’ll take a walk.”

Even after the old man went out the atmosphere did not relax because there was nothing to say at all until Yan Qiyue and others walked over. Yan Qiyue was like an octopus. Once he came over, he occupied the position on the left of Shao Qing. He acted as if he had no bones and leaned softly on Shao Qing.

Er Dai immediately sat on the right side of Shao Qing. This caused the woman to stare in awe. She lifted her head up to look, cold and cool, handsome and energetic, enchanting and charming, and cute and pretty. All kinds of handsome guys surrounded Shao Qing.

Her chin was about to hit the ground.

Shao Qing pushed Yan Qiyue and twisted her brows, “Do you have no bones? Sit up. Why are you lying on my body?”

Yan Qiyue moved closer, coquettishly: “Let me lean on you, why aren’t you dismissing Er Dai?”

Shao Qing was helpless to this man who was jealous at every moment. She poked Yan Qiyue and said embarra.s.sedly: “Sorry about their att.i.tude.”

The woman’s hostility disappeared immediately, she now understood that her previous suspicion was wrong. How could Shao Qing have a thing with Father Qin!

As far as the face values ​​of the men around her were concerned, Shao Qing will never fall in love with Father Qin. Not to say that Father Qin was ugly. He is also a handsome man, but compared to these men, he was worse and not just by a small chunk.

So Xiao Baozi definitely wasn’t Father Qin’s son and she wouldn’t be fighting with her for Father Qin. The woman was immediately at ease and her enthusiasm was real this time: “The temper of these ……”

Then she ended her sentence with a small chuckle.

After Qin Zixi was retrieved, his face was still very unsightly, but he didn’t irritate the woman. The atmosphere was still somewhat embarra.s.sing even after everyone finished their meal. The old man waved his hand: “Go out and play and remember to come back early.”

Qin Zixi left with the group of people. He really didn’t want to see the woman anymore. Since he could remember, he had fallen out with Father Qin many times because of this woman.

He has no mother, his mother has pa.s.sed away. This woman has nothing to do with him!

Qin Zixi also used to fight his father because Father Qin would force him to call her mother. There was one time he almost physically fought with Father Qin because of it.

Although he had already come out, Qin Zixi was still in a bad mood. Xiao Baozi didn’t know how to comfort his little partner, so he looked at Shao Qing with help-seeking eyes.

Shao Qing gently patted Qin Zixi’s back, and then said: “Why are you mad?”

“I hate her! I hate her for appearing in my home. My dad clearly says he loves my mother, then why should he marry another woman after she pa.s.sed away?” Qin Zixi was puzzled with red eyes.

From a very young age, many people told him that his father and mother loved each other very much, but the father who claimed to be in love with his mother married another woman two years after his mother died.

Isn’t that a joke? Can this so-called love last only two years?

Shao Qing touched Qin Zixi’s head: “The thoughts of ​​an adult is different from that of a child. Maybe your father really loved your mother, but the dead is dead. We have to think about the living. Even for me, I have also thought about finding a stepfather for my baby many times.”

When Shao Qing said this, who knows how many people raised their ears to listen, especially Yan Qiyue, who was absorbed in memorizing her statements.

“Why? Because books say that children who haven’t had a father since they were young are to lack paternal love and are more likely to go astray when they grow up.” Shao Qing laughed lightly and then said: “I hope my child will grow up healthy. I don’t want him to be criticized by others because he has no father. I want to give him a healthy family and a happy childhood, a wonderful childhood. I think your dad feels the same way.”

Qin Zixi chuckled and whispered: “Him being that kind of person….. No way… ”

Seeing that Qin Zixi had already been persuaded, Xiao Baozi quickly comforted his little partner, to divert his attention: “Brother Xiao Xi, don’t be sad, play with baby.”

He took Yaya out, and then threw a ball out, then speaking to Yaya:” Go fetch.”

Forced to become a dog, Yaya, cried and rushed after it. The ball rolled and rolled until it arrived at a person’s feet. As soon as Yaya picked up the ball, he was also picked up: “G.o.d, what a cute rabbit, but why does it only have one ear?”

When Xiao Baozi saw his Yaya being taken away by another, he hurried over: “Jiejie, can you give me Yaya back?”

The girl raised her brow up: “Is this your rabbit?”

Xiao Baozi nodded again and again: “Yeah, it is!” Then he noticed a very strange gaze looking at him. Xiao Baozi turned his head suspiciously, and then saw there was a man looking at him with very complicated eyes.

Xiao Baozi didn’t want to stay longer. The girl gave him the rabbit back and then he ran back with the rabbit in his arms, and whispered: “Mama, a strange uncle has been watching me.”

When Shao Qing looked up, she couldn’t help but sneer. What’s the saying? An Inevitable Clash Between Enemies…..


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