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Chapter 104 – Visiting Cl.u.s.ter 2

Souta stood up and looked at Bryan. “Play with Cl.u.s.ter for a while, I will ask cla.s.s rep some things regarding the special test this morning.”

“What is it?” Bryan asked.

“You’re in the collecting group before so you don’t know what happened at the campsite,” Souta said.

“Oh, right! I forgot about that.” Bryan said then he looked at Cl.u.s.ter with a big smile on his face. “What do you want to play, Cl.u.s.ter? Today this brother of yours will accompany you.”

Souta nodded in satisfaction. He then went inside the kitchen. There, he saw Lumilia was preparing their tea and coffee.

“Cla.s.s rep,” Souta called her as he approached her.

Lumilia looked behind when she heard someone called her. She saw Souta walking towards her. “Is there something wrong? Do you want to change your drink to tea?”

“Coffee is fine,” Souta said as he looked at the coffee that she was preparing. He closed his eyes and smelled the aroma of the coffee. “That’s good.”

“Then, do you have something that you wanted to ask me?” Lumilia said while looking at Souta. This was the only reason she could think of why Souta followed her in the kitchen.

“Hmm… Can you tell me what happened at the campsite on the special test?” Since she said so, Souta decided to ask her directly.

“Ah, that. You’re the reason why our cla.s.s’ score was the highest. I’m thankful for your effort on behalf of our cla.s.s.” Lumilia thanked him sincerely. She always wanted her cla.s.s to defeat the other cla.s.s and become the number one cla.s.s, in that way she and her cla.s.smates would receive a lot of points.

With this, they would be able to increase their combat power by redeeming various skills from the inst.i.tute. She wanted to get into top rankers because she wanted the protection of the inst.i.tute.

“Don’t worry about it,” Souta said as he shrugged his shoulder. “Then, can you tell me what happened at the campsite while I was away?”

“There’s a lot of things that happened at the campsite. So what do you part do you want to know?” Lumilia said and asked him about the specific details. As a cla.s.s rep and the one who’s commanding the cla.s.s, she was aware that a lot of battles happened at their campsite.

“Hmm…” Souta rubbed his chin and said, “Then, what happened to the top 3 ranker Yuriko? Explain to me everything.”

“That…” Lumilia was surprised but she immediately regained her composure.

She knew that it was strange that they managed to repeal the top 3 ranker along with her comrades. She thought that Souta saw Yuriko in their campsite and their red flag, so he must be wondering how did they manage to defend the red flag against her.

“Yuriko, the top 3 ranker, appeared in our campsite along with her comrades after you left…” She began to narrate what really happened at the campsite.

At first, Yujin tried to stop Yuriko. It was a plan to defeat Yuriko’s comrade while Yujin was fighting her. But the problem was Yuriko was stronger than they could imagine. She defeated Yujin in just a few minutes and someone unexpected appeared before them. It was Randolf Fein.

Randolf showed his overwhelming power and defeated Yuriko in one strike.

“Randolf did that…?” Souta couldn’t believe what he heard from Lumilia’s mouth. Randolf defeated Yuriko in one strike? That sort of thing happened at the campsite?

“Yeah, everyone was shocked too when they saw it,” Lumilia said as if she still couldn’t believe that a seemingly delinquent cla.s.smate of her defeated the top 3 ranker.

“That man…?” Souta muttered as he rubbed his chin. It seems that there were still students who didn’t bother in showing their true power.

He needed to be wary of Randolf as he doesn’t have any idea how powerful he is. He wondered if he would probe him or not in the future. Well, it all depends if he showed that he’s a dangerous individual.

In the game, he couldn’t recall any person that resembles Randolf.

“Okay.” Souta nodded at her and he went back to Bryan and Cl.u.s.ter.

Lumilia turned her head and looked at Souta’s figure.

“I want to play with Yuko, Brother Souta.” Cl.u.s.ter said to him as soon as he arrived.

“Hmm…?” Souta looked at her then at Bryan.

“She said that she wanted to play with Yuko,” Bryan said with a wry smile.

“Okay, let’s ask cla.s.s rep.” Souta smiled and said. There’s no harm if he let Cl.u.s.ter play with Yuko. Also, he forgot to buy some cake for Cl.u.s.ter. They could go to the market on their way to his house.

Souta, Cl.u.s.ter, and Bryan talked for a while before Lumilia came. She brought the coffee and tea that she prepared.

She gave the coffee to Souta and tea to Cl.u.s.ter and Bryan. Bryan and Cl.u.s.ter took their tea and took a sip at the same time.

Souta smelled the aroma of his coffee before he took a sip of it. “It’s good as usual.” He commented.

Even though Lumilia was a n.o.ble she still knew how to brew good coffee and handle her daily necessities well. If it’s other n.o.bles then they would only depend on their servant in things like this.

He opened his eyes and looked at Lumilia. “Cla.s.s rep, we’re going to bring Cl.u.s.ter in my house. She wanted to play with Yuko.”

Lumilia looked at the Cl.u.s.ter who has a bright smile on her face before she nodded her head. “Okay, I will come along too.”

“You sure?” Souta asked as he knew that Lumilia hasn’t been to his house. When he brought Cl.u.s.ter to his house to play with Yuko before Lumilia didn’t come along with him. Only Bryan and Cl.u.s.ter knew the location of his house.

“Yeah.” Lumilia nodded at him.

“Hahaha, don’t be surprised if you see Souta’s house.” Bryan laughed at the side.

“Yeah, yeah, Brother Souta’s house is huge.” Cl.u.s.ter said with a laugh.

Souta just smiled and he didn’t deny it because it’s true. His house was big and it cost him a lot of his money that he got from selling the monster orb to Jimmy.

Lumilia looked at Souta and she didn’t saw him deny it or agreeing to it, so she thought that it was true.

After they finished their drinks, the group went out of Lumilia’s apartment.

“Yay! We’re going to Yuko!” Cl.u.s.ter exclaimed while hopping in a happy manner.

Souta glanced at her and thought that she was nowhere close to the Cl.u.s.ter that they first met. At that time, Cl.u.s.ter was silent and shy. She rarely talked to him and Bryan. But now, she could smile like that in front of him.

“We’re going to the market first, Cl.u.s.ter,” Bryan said with an excited expression. It looks like he was the child here other than Cl.u.s.ter.

“Really?” Cl.u.s.ter looked at Bryan with sparkling eyes.

“Yeah, yeah. Souta will buy anything that you like.” Bryan a.s.sured her that Souta will buy anything for her.

“Why me?” Souta heard his name being mention by Bryan so he asked.

“It’s because you’re rich. A rich man.” Bryan said with a confident expression.

“The h.e.l.l is that! Cla.s.s rep is a n.o.ble, so why don’t you ask her.” Souta said as he glanced at Lumilia who didn’t say anything.

“Well, her house is small compare to yours,” Bryan replied to him as a matter of fact.

Lumilia’s mouth twitched when she heard Bryan’s words.

“So that’s the reason why you think that I have more money than her,” Souta said while nodding his head.

“Yeah, is it wrong?” Bryan looked at him and asked.

“Nope, your correct.” Souta simply nodded his head.

The corner of Lumilia’s mouth once again twitched when she heard Souta’s words.

Souta looked at her and asked, “What’s wrong cla.s.s rep?”

“…I’m just wondering how rich you are.” Lumilia smiled and said. She knew that Souta was just teasing him, so she decided to go along with him to avoid it.

“You can’t fathom it with that mind of yours,” Souta said with a smirk and he crossed his arms in front of him.

“…” Lumilia wanted to say something but she decided to stay silent as her decision to go along with him was wrong.

After walking for a few minutes, Souta, Lumilia, Cl.u.s.ter, and Bryan arrived in the market.

“Whoa! I want this Souta!” Bryan exclaimed as he pointed at the s.h.i.+ning green gem in the stall.

“What are you a child?” Souta said to him.

“Whoa! I want this Brother Souta!” Cl.u.s.ter exclaimed while pointing at the strawberry cake.

“Okay, how much it is?” Souta nodded and he walked towards her. He took out her wallet and asked the salesman.

“5 copper coins, sir.” The salesman replied to him.

“Okay, I’ll take three of it.” Souta nodded and took out one silver coin.

Suddenly, he heard a voice coming from his side.



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