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Chapter 263 – Meeting of the Dark Oculus

A group of people wearing black cloak arrived at the Gigantis Kingdom, the huge country at the corner of the continent. All of them were gazing at the kingdom.

“Hmm…? What should we do in this continent?” One of the people asked his comrades.

“We’re going to take back the bloodstone, Pavoni.” Someone answered his question.

“I see… Oh, right! I forgot that the group who was tasked to collect the bloodstone failed.” Pavoni said in a tired tone.

“They failed. All of them died. And the one who prevents them from completing their mission was the Hebrei Kingdom so we’re here to finish their mission.” Someone said.

“Tsk! Those six-circle officers are worthless. They are making us work like this.” Pavoni clicked his tongue in frustration. He actually didn’t want to come here but he had no choice since it was the order of the Sins.

“Don’t complain, Pavoni. We’re all here because of the order.” A deep voice sounded.

“Tsk! Don’t get just because you have a blessing, Yuvn!” Pavoni shouted.

The one named Yuvn ignored Pavoni. He looked at the group of people around him and said, “We’re going to complete this mission no matter what. Stake your life and we’re going to ma.s.sacre everyone who got in our way us.”

“We have twenty-five seven-circle officers here so we don’t have to worry. Also, five of the seven-circle officers received blessings from the Gluttony Sin. With this much force, we could even burn down a country in this continent.” A feminine voice echoed in the area.

Yuvn looked at the woman and said, “Don’t let your guard down. You know the every large country has a G.o.d protecting it. That’s one of the requirements to become a large country in this place.”

“Then, what about the great country?” The woman asked in a seductive tone.

“I don’t know but a great country is as powerful as our organization. They are the reason why we couldn’t roam in this continent.” Yuvn said. “All the upper echelons of the great country are G.o.d and deities.”

“Our target this time are in the large country not great country so there’s no need to bother about it,” Pavoni said.

“At least we need to a plan. We can’t just go there and attack them. We don’t have an eight-circle with us.” Yuvn said at Pavoni while glancing at him.

“We have ten small bases in this continent and one of them is close to this country. We’ll go and gather their force.” The woman said as she turned her head and looked at the Gigantis country.

Souta and the rest attend the supplementary cla.s.s in the inst.i.tute after they returned. They needed it because they were gone for almost one month.

The topic of the cla.s.s was about the nature energy also called as Mana. Souta listened attentively as this was one of the lessons that he wanted to hear. Plus, Bargan was the one who’s explaining to them.

Bargan explained to them how mana affects the things in this world and their uses. He also connected it to combat arts and spells. Combat arts was different from spells. It was martial arts. A person could use any combat arts without mana but they could also use mana along with it to enhance its power.

The spell couldn’t be trained like combat arts. The things that matter the most in any spell was the magic circle. Without a magic circle, people wouldn’t be able to cast a spell.

Bargan taught them different magic circles. All spells were cla.s.sified into four tiers and each tier was divided into four ranks.

Tier 1 spell was the most basic spell in the whole universe. The magic circle of this spell wasn’t complicated and it was easy to build it using mana.

Usually, the color of the magic circle of tier 1 spell was yellow but there was some occurrence in which the caster used higher mana so the color changes based on the color of the caster’s mana. It was the same for the other tiers.

The mana was originally colorless but it changes the moment it entered a person’s body. It changes based on the affinities of the person to the elements.

Souta’s mana was color black but it changed when he used Saya’s energy which was color red.

Tier 2 spell was the spell that was stronger than tier 1. The magic circle of this spell was color orange. To build this magic circle, a person needed an amount of mana higher than the tier 1 spell.

Then, the Tier 3 spell. It was a powerful spell clearly different from the two tiers below. The offensive spell of this tier was powerful enough to wipe out an entire city. In some cases where the mana density was low, it could potentially destroy anything. All the sub-world forbids anyone from using this level of spell as it could demolish everything on the surface of a huge continent. Its color was red.

Lastly, the tier 4 spell which was terrifying. The energy required to build its magic circle was tremendous. The weakest tier 4 spell was still ten times stronger than the tier 3 spell. It was called the destroyer of the world and its magic circle was color white.

A person couldn’t build a higher tier magic circle without learning the lower tiers. Because the foundation of the tier 2 magic circle was the same as the tier 1 spell and the foundation of the tier 3 magic circle was the tier 2 magic circle.

Each tier was divided into four ranks; the inferior rank, mid rank, high rank, and the super rank.

Bargan also said that the power of each spell varied on the power of the caster. If he, a powerful person, used the tier 1 spell [Fire Ball] then it could produce a power rivaling that of the tier 2 spell. But the was a limitation to it if he carelessly poured a large amount of mana into the tier 1 magic circle then it would explode. Also, there was a limitation to how much tier 1 magic circle can hold mana.

That’s why it was important for them to train how to properly control their mana.

Souta learned a lot of things just by listening to Bargan’s lecture.

After the cla.s.s, Souta gathered everyone in his house. He was going to tell them important things.

Lumilia placed a thick pile of paper on the table in front of them. “I’ve already done everything. We just need to apply for the change of our party to a legion. Also, the headquarters of our legion was needed.”

“My house will become our headquarters. I’ll hire some people to renovate this house. All of you will stay here.” Souta said as he picked up the papers and looked at it one by one. Lumilia really did a great job in completing this.

Yujin opened one of his eyes and looked at Souta before asking. “So when you’re going to pa.s.s the request? You’re already a B-rank so there’s no problem in it.”

“Yeah, I’m going to pa.s.s the request to the guild next week. Also, we’re going to open our legion for recruitment that day. The maximum person that can join the lowest rank legion was fifty.”

“Next week…? Why? We could already pa.s.s the request today, right?” Brando asked him with a confused expression.

“Yeah, but I’m concerned about the n.o.bles in this kingdom.” Souta nodded at him.

“Hmm… So that’s how it is. The news about you is problematic. We don’t know how the Deadly Sins will react but…” Yujin understood his concern immediately. “What can you do in this week? If you pa.s.s the request next week then it’s the same. Three days will be needed before we received an answer from the guild if they approve of creating our legion. Also, if somehow the n.o.bles couldn’t prevent us from creating the legion then I’m sure that the legion under them will wage war to us.”

“Yeah, the n.o.bles will not be able to prevent us from creating our legion no matter what,” Souta said to him in a serious tone.

“How sure are you?” Yujin asked as he looked at Souta’s eyes.

“I’m one hundred percent sure. Those d.a.m.n n.o.bles will not be able to stop me.” Souta replied to him.

“I see… Then, I don’t need to worry about it. So tell us what we need to do. I’m sure you have a plan in your mind, right?” Yujin leaned his back on the walls while Alophy appeared on his shoulders.

“I want you to increase your strength as fast as possible in this week. If possible I want you to reach the level of B-rank.”

“What?! One week is impossible… What could we do in just one week?” Brando was surprised when he heard that Souta wanted them to reach B-rank in just one week. Some people couldn’t even reach B-rank in their lifetime and Souta just said that they have to reach B-rank.

“You are all talented people. All the students of the Ladro Inst.i.tute have the potential so you don’t need to worry about it. You can reach it.”

“I’m sure that I can reach your level of power in just one week but I’ll try my best, Souta! This is challenging!!” Bryan said with an excited expression.

“Yeah, one week isn’t enough. That’s why I have this.” Souta said as he placed the vajra sword on the table.


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