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Chapter 485 – State Of Blue Ray City

The power level of this world was divided into Ruin, Disaster, Extermination, Annihilation, and Extinction.

Souta didn’t know how would he compare them to Giza Continent’s power level so he made Alice investigate it further. It’s better if she fought some Ruin, Disaster, and Examination rank to determine its level.

Right now, he was still in the coffee shop with Isabella trying to use the monster orb to increase his energy capacity.

He was on a break so he was sitting on the counter sipping a cup of warm coffee. It’s been a while since he could relax like this. He was glad that he had subordinates or else he would do all the work by himself.

“After I’ve set up everything then I will show myself to this world.”

He whispered while looking at the cup of coffee in his hand. If he managed to take over this world then he would get ample resources. Also, he would be able to increase his stats thanks to the [Ruler of Sub-World] skill.

‘A third evolution monster like you isn’t enough… A high world had powerhouses at shackled realm so you should reach fourth evolution first before you could take those people.’ Saya said to him.

“Yeah, at my current power a person who broke one shackle is my limit…” Souta nodded as he accepted the limitation of his strength. If he met such individual then Souta would be forced to use everything to escape.

‘Well, you still have a bunch of monster orbs and spiritual fruits so your survival rate against SS-rank would increase.’ Saya said to him.

“It’s raining… I felt a faint fluctuation of energy…” Souta muttered as he turned his head outside. After clearing the labyrinth, his energy awareness in the surrounding was enhanced by several folds. So he could sense if the flowing mana in the air had changed.

A beautiful woman with long black hair and pointed ears was walking in the dark alley with blood covering half of her face. She was breathing heavily as she pushed herself to walk.

Rain poured down from the sky and it slowly washed the blood on her body but it only made her look miserable.

“T-That b.a.s.t.a.r.d betrayed me!!”

She gritted her teeth as her eyes were full of rage. Then, she opened her eyes widely as she turned around only to see four people wearing red robes.

“Red Witch!!!”

She faced the four people with anger in her eyes. If she wasn’t injured then she could easily take these four Ruin Realms without sweating.

She was a person at the peak of Disaster Realm. She was close to reaching Extermination Realm and when that happens she would be able to expand her organization. But it seems that it wouldn’t happen anymore. One of her trusted subordinates betrayed her for a scroll and that subordinate aligned with Red Witch and Nine Lives.

“Leader of Clautus, Remina. By the order of our mistress, you will die today.” One of the red robe people said in a cold tone.

“Do you really think that a peak Disaster Realm would easily die at the hands of Ruin Realm like yourself?” The woman who was called Remina said as she wiped the blood on her cheeks.

“No, that’s why we prepared something for you!” The four people in red robes were about to charge at her when they suddenly stop as a voice rang out.

“Young woman, do need any help?”

Remina including the four people turned their heads in the direction of the voice. On the top of a building, a well-built man wearing full plate armor was sitting on the edge. His short black hair was messy and his eyes were sharp.

He looked intimidating as the black armor had one large eye on the center which was looking at them and red veins were thumping on the surface of the armor.

“Who are you?” Remina slowly asked as she subconsciously took a step backward. This stranger didn’t look friendly at all. In fact, her instinct was telling her that this man was dangerous.

“Do you know who we are?! Don’t interfere in our business if you don’t want to get involved in this problem!” One of the four red-robed people warned.

“I have a task to gather information and gathering information from people like you should make my task easier,” Torkez mumbled as he jumped down. Black flesh sprouted on his back and it quickly cut down the limbs of the four red-robed people.

Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+

It was easy as cutting gra.s.s. He was an A-rank and these four people only had a power level of C-rank. The difference in their power level was too huge so they don’t have a chance to fight back even if they wanted to resist.

It was already over before they realized it.


Blood spurted dyeing the floor in red color. The stench of blood emanated in the alley.

‘Ruin Realm is a C-rank and Disaster Realm is a B-rank so the Extermination Realm should A-rank…’ Torkez thought while looking at the four people. Three of them were dead leaving one who was barely hanging on his life.

If his guess was right then he should be at Extermination Realm based on this world’s standard.

This world was much more terrifying than he thought. A-rank experts could be counted in two hands in the ranks of Great Astley Empire and they were already at the peak of power in that enormous empire yet in this world there were two ranks above A-rank.

The Annihilation Realm and Extinction Realm.

Torkez looked grim as he turned his head to the woman who was called Remina.


Remina gulped when she saw Torkez looking at her. This stranger was strong and it seems that even if she’s at her peak she wouldn’t stand a chance against him in a one-on-one battle.

“Don’t worry, I will not do anything to you. Also, you wouldn’t be able to escape from me if I want to capture you. You are injured and the strength that you could exert in your condition is just above normal people.” Torkez said to her. “But there’s something I want to know so I will help you for now. Later, I will ask you some simple questions and you can answer them based on your knowledge. It’s enough for me.”

Remina didn’t have a choice but to accept Torkez’s condition. Who knows what he will do to her if she rejected him so she didn’t dare to show unpleasantness in her face.

The most important thing right now was for her to survive so that she could take her revenge on the person that betrayed her.

In the unknown house, Torkez gave a few low grade potions to Remina to treat her wounds. After she received first aid, he began to ask her some questions.

Remina was the leader of a small group known as Clautus. The goal of the group was simple and easy to understand. They just want their group to become a prominent organization in this city. After that, they will continue to expand their forces until they could rival the top organization in this country.

But a mercenary group like them were treated as cannon fodder in this country. They didn’t have an actual status but she wanted to change it.

One day, while they were exploring an unknown ruins they’ve found a magic scroll. No one was knowledgeable in their group to understand the scroll so they went back to the city and wanted to find a suitable person to appraise it. But then she didn’t expect that one of her subordinates would betray her. In fact, that subordinate knew the content of the scroll.

She almost died because of that and she found that her subordinate was in cahoots with Red Witch and Nine Lives. Two of the strongest underground organization in this city. The two organizations had a powerful leader at Extermination Realm and the executives of the two organizations were as strong as her, a peak Disaster Realm.

Through her story, Torkez understood the state of this city. This city was situated on the edge of the country and most of the forces that ruled here were underground organizations.

“I see… But do you have any idea what’s in the scroll?” Torkez nodded and asked.

Remina shook her head. “I don’t have any idea. That b.a.s.t.a.r.d took it from me without even mentioning the contents of the scroll but I remembered him telling me that it contained power.”

“It’s natural that it contained power as that person wouldn’t betray you if not for that. He was blinded by greed.” Torkez said as he looked through the window.

“Um… Thanks for helping me. I want to ask what’s your name and what organization do you belong to?” Remina asked after some hesitation.

“Name’s Torkez. As for the name of the organization… I don’t think we have one.” Torkez shrugged his shoulder.

Remina looked at him with seriousness in her eyes. She clenched her fist and said, “Please forgive my rudeness but I wanted to ask for your help! Since you’ve killed the people from Red Witch, you got involved in this problem so I think that they will pursue you!”

“Oh, so you’re telling me that if I didn’t help you you would tell the Red Witch that I’m the one who killed their people.”

“No! but I don’t have a choice! I want to find my comrades in this city but I’m injured so I can’t do anything right now! From your questions, I understand that you don’t know anything about this country so I guess that you are a foreigner!”

“Well, it’s true. I’m a foreigner but I have a task here.”

“My group will help you in your task!”

“Goodbye. I will mention your story to my leader to see if he will agree to your request.” Torkez said as he waved his hand.. Then, he opened the door and left the small house.


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