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Chapter 499 – Unrivaled Power Of Leo

“We will leave you alone. We just wanted you to give up Ophiuchus. We, G.o.ds of Olympus, didn’t about your fight with the Three Great Countries but it will be too much if you got the Ophiuchus. Zeus said that he will not tolerate it.” Hermes said to Leo with a faint smile while opening his arms widely as if indicating that he will not pursue Leo anymore if he agreed to their condition.

“Give up you say? I don’t mind adding Mount Olympus to my list of things that I need to exterminate.” Leo replied as the shadows beneath his feet started to tremble.

“Is that your decision? You already had trouble dealing with the Three Great Countries I don’t think that you can handle it if you add Olympus.” Hermes’ tone turned serious as his body started to emit a powerful aura that distorted the s.p.a.ce around him.

“Hahaha, f.u.c.k! I don’t think that you need to worry about me!” Leo laughed loudly at Hermes’ words. His expression turned serious and added, “You will not have a time for that. Esquin, the Ruler of Gluttony, is ready to launch an attack at your puny G.o.d’s Continent. You will not have a time to meddle in the affairs of other continents.”

He then turned his head at the rest of the G.o.ds from G.o.d’s Continent.

“Aren’t you people also attacked by demons. The army of the Great Demon Emperor Lucifer is slowly encroaching the G.o.d’s Continent and Giza Continent. Once you think that everything is fine, the Deadly Sins and G.o.d’s Will will appear to topple the entire Imperium. They will not stop until they found the Original Sin and the Four Authorities.”

Athena narrowed her chestnut color brows at Leo’s words. She knew that Leo was right. The army of that powerful Great Demon has destroyed several human and demi countries at the edge of their land. But what she didn’t think was that Esquin, the Ruler of Gluttony, One of the Aspects of Sins, was going to attack the G.o.d’s Continent.

Although she was a War G.o.ddess, she knew that she wouldn’t be Esquin’s match in a one-on-one battle. That man, Esquin, was one of the strongest G.o.ds that she had seen aside from Zeus.

The G.o.ds from other factions too were shocked at Leo’s words. They knew that the Deadly Sins and G.o.d’s Will didn’t have goodwill to other living beings but hearing this made them shuddered.

Aside from the Three Bringers of Calamity, they needed to be wary of the demons from Demon’s Land. The demons already showed their fangs even though the Great Barrier was still intact.

“You thought that I would give up just because all of you have appeared in front of me! No, you just think too highly of yourself! It would be a different matter if the leader of each faction are facing me but unfortunately, you’re not as strong as them!”

Leo’s aura burst fort as gigantic skeletons came emerged from the shadows beneath his feet. There were fifteen gigantic skeletons and each one was one hundred meters tall. Also, the fifteen gigantic skeletons possessed an aura that could rival G.o.ds.


It’s not finished yet. After the fifteen gigantic skeletons appeared, exactly two hundred three meters ghouls had emerged from the shadows. Each one of them possessed an aura of a demiG.o.d.

This was the power of a peak necromancer known as Leo, the leader of the organization called Zodiacs.

“My minions… Kill everyone here. It’s time that they realized how foolish it is to intimidate me.”

Leo said in a cold tone as he glanced at the powerful G.o.ds around him. A pale color flame appeared in his palm and he crushed it.

“Domain release!”

[Domain of the Dead: Undead Retribution]!

The shadows beneath his feet spread out and it swallowed everything around him including the s.p.a.ce. It was the domain of G.o.ds which said that could bring out the true power of G.o.ds. It was an ability of the G.o.ds that could bring out their inner consciousness into reality.

In Leo’s case, his domain could increase the power, speed, and toughness of his undead by 1,000 percent. Also, in his domain, all of his skills will receive a boost of 500 percent which stack up to his summoned undead making them more terrifying than normal.

One more thing, his undead will be indestructible while his domain was active. It means that no matter how much G.o.ds destroyed them, the undead could regenerate infinitely as long as they were inside the Domain of the Dead.


The G.o.ds found that everything around them has changed. They weren’t in outer s.p.a.ce anymore. Black soil and gra.s.s were beneath their feet. Blood red moon and black sun were in the sky emitting a strange aura that changed all the energy into an undead attribute. Pale hands with rotting flesh could be seen on the floor and there were millions of them. A river of pale hands that emitted a b.l.o.o.d.y rotten stench in the atmosphere.

“In an instant!”

Gabriel muttered in shock as his three pairs of wings lost their l.u.s.ter.

Athena, Hermes, and the other G.o.ds were shocked too. They didn’t think that Leo could spread his domain easily like this. Also, the size of this domain was a thousand times larger than any of them.

They couldn’t help but feel a tinge of fear in their heart.

The G.o.ds from the Three Great Countries weren’t shocked as they already knew the power of the leader of the Zodiacs. Leo wouldn’t be able to fight the combined forces of the Three Great Countries if he was weak.

The rumors about Leo weren’t an exaggeration at all. In fact, his actual strength was even stronger than the rumors.


The G.o.ds would surely fight back so they released their own domain. Several domains were activated at the same time and they clashed inside the Domain of the Dead directly distorting the surrounding area.

The s.p.a.ce was forcefully folded and cracks were appearing everywhere. This was what happened when several domains of G.o.ds collided. It will continue to pull the s.p.a.ce and tear each other until one of them were left.

Flame, shadow, water, wind, wood, light, and every other element were bursting in every direction changing the terrain every second. It’s like an apocalyptic scene.

The galaxies around were directly pulled into their domains and the s.p.a.ce folded these galaxies turning them into a bunch of fragments.


The seven outer G.o.ds also used their domains. They didn’t try to join the battle as their focus was entirely on protecting their planet. They tried to use their boundless energy and tore the s.p.a.ce around it before transferring it into a faraway place. But doing it was hard, the s.p.a.ce around a high world was fortified by the planet’s energy.

Ordinary G.o.ds like them would have a trouble transporting their planet.

Leo naturally noticed what the outer G.o.ds were doing but he decided to ignore them. In fact, he even pulled them out of his domain so that they wouldn’t join the battle. If those seven outer G.o.ds join the battle then the difficulty will increase.

A fluctuation water element surged on his right side and a shadow element on his left side. It was the attack of the Aqua Cardinal and Shadow Cardinal of the True G.o.d’s Holy Kingdom.

‘These people knew that it’s useless to fight my minions as long as it’s within my domain so they decided to attack me.’

He thought as powerful dark energy gathered on both of his hands. He was familiar with the Aqua Cardinal and Shadow Cardinal before as they were one of the G.o.ds that he fought decades ago when he attack the Three Great Countries.

Naturally, these two were also familiar with his fighting style. Not just them, Wind G.o.d, Nature Earth G.o.d, and Vice Deity from Purple Cloud Dynasty were familiar with him. Also, Dragon Slayer and Flame Extinction G.o.d of Red Crystal Empire.

[Hundred Thousands Corrupting Ray]!!

Leo raised both of his hands and countless black rays rained down from the sky. Then, he waved his hands and walls made of skeletons emerged around him.

[t.i.tanic Undead Wall]!

The walls blocked the attack of the two cardinals easily. It even reflected a portion of their attack power.

Bang! Bang!

Dragon Slayer narrowed while eyes when he saw the walls made of skeletons. He tightened his grip on his greatsword before he charged forward. An image of a red dragon appeared behind him and it slowly fused in his body.

[Dragonic Earthen Body]!!

His greatsword emitted a red light before it turned into flames and the temperature rose infinitely. His greatsword was a universal grade weapon so it has the capability to cut down a G.o.d.

The heat rose exponentially and it didn’t only burn physical matter. It also burned time and s.p.a.ce and the other elements in the atmosphere.

“You’ve grown stronger once again! You’re just a hundred-year-old G.o.d yet you’ve surpa.s.sed most of the G.o.ds in the entire world of Imperium!”

Dragon Slayer roared as he swing his greatsword. His greatsword directly shattered the walls made of skeletons.


“Tsk! Dragon Slayer, a man who fought several dragon G.o.ds on Dragon Peak. Your attack power is really problematic.”

Leo said as he flicked a small marble beside him and it turned into a black staff with triangular accessories and it has tree skulls on the top.

This was his universal weapon, [Divine Nightmare Staff].

He was about to cast its skill to counter Dragon Slayer when he detected a fluctuation behind him.


The s.p.a.ce broke apart leaving a huge void and Athena, a beautiful woman with long chestnut color hair wearing a piece of exquisite armor, emerged from the void.

Athena directly thrust her sword forward.

Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+

Leo raised his universal grade staff and used it to block Dragon Slayer’s universal grade great sword. Then, he stretched out his hand which was covered in dark energy to catch Athena’s blade.

“You used void travel in my domain?”

He asked as he turned his head to Athena. He didn’t expect that this woman could use void travel inside his domain. He could understand it if she used void travel to escape but directly moving behind was something only capable by G.o.ds at his level.

Only the other zodiac, the commandments, seven deadly sins, and the other faction leaders could do it.

This woman didn’t have the aura of a peak G.o.d yet she could do it.


“What an interesting sword? Is the reason why you could use void travel in my perimeter because of this universal grade sword?”

He asked with an amused expression.


Athena gritted her teeth as she looked fiercely at Leo. She couldn’t believe that this man would catch her sword with his bare hand.

She then noticed something. A golden-colored light started to s.h.i.+ne on Leo’s fingertips which were on her sword and the light slowly turned into golden armor.

At the same time, she heard his voice.

“I’ve shown you guys my power as a G.o.d now let me show you my power as the Zodiac Leo.”

[Cosmic Authority: Leo]!!


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