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Chapter 884: Ident.i.ty exposed

Translator: Legge

At noon, Ren Xiaosu brought Yang Xiaojin to the 3rd Division’s temporary chow hall to get some food. When they came out of the medical center, they saw the students clumsily learning how to bandage wounds.

When Ren Xiaosu walked out of the medical center, the students watched the soldiers at the entrance suddenly salute him in an orderly manner. They said loudly, “Sir!”

The students recalled that the soldiers had allowed Ren Xiaosu to pa.s.s through their stations freely yesterday, but they totally ignored him otherwise. Why did they become so respectful towards him today?

Before this, everyone only knew Ren Xiaosu had the black ID in his possession, but they did not show any respect for him.

But after the recon company returned to base, they were full of praise for Ren Xiaosu’s performance in the battle.

When the Pyro Company soldiers found out what Ren Xiaosu had done, they finally came to a realization. It was no wonder their commander handed the black ID to him!

A Qinghe University student said with a puzzled expression, “I somehow feel like I’ve seen him somewhere before, but I can’t remember where exactly.”

“Maybe he just looks like one of our uppercla.s.smen? Didn’t you hear from the Trinity Inst.i.tute’s people that they came from the w.a.n.g Consortium?” someone nearby said doubtfully.

“No way. He must’ve been to Luoyang City before. Otherwise, why would Mr. Ji Yi address him as ‘sir’? They definitely know each other,” the puzzled student said.

“We don’t know about that then.” Everyone curled their lips and did not reply any further.

However, the student who thought Ren Xiaosu looked familiar felt that something was amiss the more he thought about it. He walked to the entrance of the medical center and asked the soldier, “Can I trouble you and ask who that person is?”

“Oh, he’s an exemplary soldier of our Pyro Company’s 3rd Division. He led a recon company to infiltrate the northern forest last night. He’s extremely powerful, but it’s not only him. Even his girlfriend is very powerful as well…. I was on duty on top of the walls yesterday and saw how his girlfriend slid down from the walls with a sniper rifle in hand to help him take out the pursuing barbarians!”

The student was stunned by the soldier’s story.

In the past, he did not have anyone in mind he could relate to regarding Ren Xiaosu’s ident.i.ty. But when it came to those who were strong enough to earn the respect of the Pyro Company and Ji Yi, there were probably only a handful who were worthy enough.

Thinking of this, the student was stunned on the spot. He listened to the Pyro Company soldier speak for a while more before saying to his cla.s.smates nearby, “I think I might’ve guessed who he is….”

“Who?” The students were puzzled.

“Let me summarize the information I know now. That young man is very strong and is a superhuman. He has a very powerful sniper working with him and has even gained Mr. Ji Yi’s respect…”

Back when Luoyang City was embroiled in that chaotic battle, Qinghe University was one of the sites where people had been taken hostage. This also meant the students would know more about it and pay more attention to this matter that affected them.

Therefore, the moment all this information was gathered together, the answer became obvious.

The students went to the field hospital to look for Ji Yi, who was writing a report and asked if their guess was correct. In the end, Ji Yi did not answer them and got them to leave.

The fact that he did not deny it proved it. Ji Yi did not like lying because of the field he was in. When Jiang Xu recruited Ji Yi into the media industry, he once said something that would affect him for life.

At that time, Ji Yi had just graduated from university. Jiang Xu told him that in the journalism profession, once he started telling lies, he would only continue to tell more of them.

At that time, you might not even believe the news articles that you wrote, so how would you convince others?

The students were a little excited at the field hospital. After all, the sculptures of these two people were still on w.a.n.gchunmen Boulevard in Luoyang City. They looked at Ren Xiaosu and Yang Xiaojin before recalling the two statues. No matter how hard the statues tried to hide Ren Xiaosu’s true appearance, the students could still match it with some of his characteristics.

“We’ll wait for him at the field hospital and get him to give us an autograph!” the students said excitedly.

w.a.n.g Jing and the others were watching from nearby. “Why are those students suddenly so excited?”

Liang Ce shook his head. “I don’t know. I heard them talking about getting some autographs or something. Could a celebrity have come to visit the base?”

But as they were chatting, the students started walking towards them. A female student suddenly asked, “Excuse us, we’d like to ask what Ren Xiaosu usually likes to do? What does he like to eat and how long have you guys known him for…”

w.a.n.g Jing and the others looked at each other. No way, these people were actually discussing Ren Xiaosu?

Seeing that the students must have already guessed Ren Xiaosu’s ident.i.ty and that they were the ones who were still in the dark instead, Liang Ce could not help but ask, “Is the Ren Xiaosu you guys are referring to the same person as the Ren Xiaosu on our team?”

“Of course we’re talking about the same person.” After the students went to verify with Ji Yi, they were sure of this answer. In fact, they did not guess wrong either.

Liang Ce could not help but ask, “Why are you asking about him?”

The students were clearly taken aback. “Don’t you know?”

Liang Ce did not know whether to laugh or cry. “What should we know? Please tell us…”

“He’s the guardian of Luoyang City. Don’t tell me you don’t know what happened in Luoyang City? Hope Media’s newspaper reported about it before, although they didn’t mention his name.” A student explained, “At that time, he used the alias of ‘Zheng Hang’ and saved many of our Qinghe University students. Later, he went to protect Hope Media and killed several hundred thugs at the steps of the Hope Media headquarters all by himself. Didn’t you guys see how much Mr. Ji Yi respects him?”

“Also, that famous sniper in Luoyang City is that girl next to him! By the way, what’s her name?” a female student asked curiously.

“Yang Xiaojin,” Liang Ce answered.

The female student’s eyes lit up. “Ren Xiaosu, Yang Xiaojin, even their names sound really compatible.”

w.a.n.g Jing wondered, “Are you sure it’s him?”

“Yes, it’s definitely him. I guess you read Hope Media’s newspaper as well, right? Have you seen the words on the fifth page? My cousin used to work at Hope Media, and he said Ren Xiaosu said those words to Chief Editor Jiang Xu.” The female student had a gossipy look on her face as though she were chasing after a celebrity.

In this era, some people liked to chase after female singers like Li Ran, so of course there were also people who admired strong people like Ren Xiaosu.

Meanwhile, w.a.n.g Jing was astonished. He had even given special praise for those words, but he did not expect the person who said it was actually sitting right across from him at the time. It was no wonder Ren Xiaosu wore such a strange expression back then.

Suddenly, w.a.n.g Jing figured out a lot of things…

Those words became clearer in his mind again. Don’t let the sorrows of our era become your sorrow as well.


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