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(This chapter will be written in a third person view)

When Jennovia’s guards with Queen Patricia and Prince Gladiolus arrived, what they saw was a scene of sadness. The crown prince’s concubine Elizabeth was lifeless. Her body was being cradled in Alicia’s arms, with three arrows protruding. Alicia’s face was pale in anguish and sorrow. Her face was stained with tears while new tears were still flowing from her eyes.

Gladiolus was shocked by this scene. He never wanted any harm to befall his concubine, especially Alicia who was his wife to be.

“WHAT THE h.e.l.l HAPPENED HERE?!” Gladiolus shouted in rage.

“C-Crown prince…” The leader of the palace guards on the scene stuttered. “W-We were trying to catch the enemy and…” The guard trailed.

“Catch the enemy?!” Gladiolus shouted. “You fired arrows onto them! My wife to be was with them, and now I see my concubine’s body filled with arrows.”

The guards around kneeled when they saw Gladiolus’ rage in display. “F-Forgive us your highness.” The guards said in unison. They were s.h.i.+vering in fright.

“W-We didn’t know that the royal wife and concubine were at the vicinity.” The leader of the palace guards was scared to his wits.

“Unforgivable.” Gladiolus said this one word and took a sword from a nearby guard and pierced it to the leader of the palace guards that was kneeling before him. “How can you lead the palace guards if you are this incompetent?”

“Gh…ghuah.” The leader of the palace guards coughed up blood and soon dropped down the floor dead.

“Your incompetence resulted to the death of my concubine. The just punishment for you is death.” Gladiolus looked at the lifeless body of the palace guard with an ice gold gaze. He trampled on the lifeless body full of rage.

“That is enough Gladiolus. What’s done is done.” Queen Patricia said. She looked at the lifeless body of Elizabeth. “Tsk. This will become a problem.”

Elizabeth was sent to Jennovia in a political marriage for the purpose of uniting the royal families of Jennovia and Alvannia. This allowed Jennovia to borrow Alvannia’s army for the purpose of fighting and winning this war. If the king of Alvannia knew that his daughter is dead by Jennovian hands, she was afraid that he would withdraw the army that he lent to the crown prince.

“High Priest Hector, you know what to do.” Queen Patricia looked at the high priest beside her.

“Of course your majesty. Leave it to me.” High Priest Hector bowed with the queen’s words.

Not far from where they were standing, Alicia saw the arrival of her aunt and Gladiolus with Jennovian palace guards. Seeing them made her blood boil from the inside. She can feel anger and hate just by seeing them at a distance.

“Alicia…” Jack called out to her. “Alicia, we have to go. It’s not safe here.” He said worriedly.

Jack saw something happening with Alicia. She was gazing towards the queen’s direction and her eyes were filled with anger and hate.

‘This is not the time for this.’ Jack thought. ‘I will carry you if I have to.’

Jack put his arm on Alicia’s shoulders but he felt electrocuted after the touch.

“Ahh… what the…” Jack was surprised with the feeling and looked at Alicia in shock. She was glowing in white light. “Oh sh*t!”

Jack knew what happened in Alvannia on the engagement parade. He knew how strong Alicia’s powers were. He saw wind was gathering all around them and just after thinking of running a huge force threw him away.


The sound of a strong wind was heard and everything around Alicia was sent flying away with a strong force. Guards in the near vicinity shouted when they were flown away by the force.

When the wind dissipated, the people around stood up after having their bodies beat up by the force.

“Ugh… that hurt.” Jack stood up feeling body aches. He stood up with a pile of some debris on top of him. He looked where the blast has left him. “Oh no, I am a little far off.”

Jack was standing outside of the palace wall that was now broken because of the explosion and also because of Alicia’s magical outburst. He saw Alicia was still there, sitting on the floor holding Elizabeth’s lifeless body. Everything around her was in rubles and there was a small force field around her glowing.

“F*ck, this is not good.” Jack tried to take a step and felt pain on his ribs. “Sh*t, I think I have broken some ribs.”

Jack tried to walk slowly, holding his ribs that were in pain. He knew that he should stop Alicia somehow or this place will decimate with her outburst.

“W-What just happened?” Queen Patricia was still standing where she was. Her son Gladiolus was hugging her with one arm while the other was maintaining a force filed like s.h.i.+eld.

Gladiolus looked at a distance with a shocked face.

“What is it son?” Queen Patricia followed her son’s gaze and saw the whirling force field enveloping Alicia. She was surprised with what she was seeing.

“Mother, what is happening to Alicia?” Gladiolus asked his face full of confusion. But his mother was surprised with her mouth agape. “Mother!” Gladiolus said again with more force this time.

Queen Patricia was woken up with her son’s call. “T-This… this I am afraid, is her magical power.” She clenched her fists feeling irritated with what she was seeing.

“Such powerful magic…” Gladiolus said and looked at Alicia.

Queen Patricia knew after seeing this white light enveloping Alicia. All Atlantians have auras with different colors. It distinguishes their strong magical affinity to nature. There was green, blue, red, yellow, and brown. Only one person has a white aura, and that was the Almighty One himself.

Queen Patricia was in a rage seeing that his son was not the one to fulfill the prophecy that was foretold. The power she was craving for was not going to her or her son but to the half blood daughter of her sister. She was the chosen one.

“KILL HER!” The queen ordered her men. “Kill her or all of us will die!”

“What are you doing mother? NO!” Gladiolus shouted in anger on his mother.

The guards around didn’t know what to do. The queen ordered for the princess to be killed while the crown prince ordered to not to.

“What are you waiting for?! I am your queen.” Queen Patricia looked at her men in rage. “Do as I say!”

The guards with bows readied their weapon and aimed their arrows on Alicia.

“NO!” Gladiolus let go of his mother and tried to stop the guards from shooting. His face was full of fear.

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