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Chapter 285 Mystical Lake 1

Night has fallen in the camp site. All the members of the group had finished setting up their tents before night fell.

A small campfire was burning at the center of the campsite. Tricia was the one to cook our meal for the night. It consists of potato stew, which was easy to cook, partnered with bread. We all gathered around the campfire to eat dinner together.

“I hope it is to your liking your majesty.” Tricia, who was beside me, asked.

“It tastes good Tricia.” I replied with a smile. “When did you learn to cook?” I asked curiously.

Tricia was my personal maid when I was still a princess in Alvannia. Her main role was to serve me and to see to my needs. Cooking was not in her work and I also never saw her cook the time we were together.

“Well… when I was in Grandcrest palace, I did not have any work to do, with you away in Jennovia and all.” Tricia replied. “I was treated as a just by his majesty King Regaleon, but I was not used to lazing around. And so, I started to help in the kitchen.”

“That is good to hear.” I said to Tricia with a smile.

“I became friends with the royal chefs there, and they thought me a thing or two in cooking.” Tricia added.

I am happy to see that Tricia has grown to have a good life. What was lacking right now was a husband. At her age, she should have been married, or at least engaged to a suitable man.

“I have tried the dishes she had practiced doing when I was still in Grandcrest.” William interjected. “At first she was having a hard time, but she got the hang of it after practice.” He chuckled.

“I am sorry that you have to taste my first dishes that did not turn out so well, my lord.” Tricia bowed her face in embarra.s.sment. I saw her cheeks blush slightly. “I am sure that my future dishes would improve more, so… can I still ask for you to taste test for me?”

Tricia looked up expectantly wo William. I saw her eyes twinkling in antic.i.p.ation for his reply. My thoughts that Tricia has a crush on William became more plausible.

“Of course, if can I be of help then I am willing to.” William replied with his gentlemanly smile.

Unfortunately, William was dense to Tricia’s feeling for him. ‘Is it because he has been in a one sided love all the time that he was oblivious with the other women’s feelings for him.’ I thought.

As for me, if it is possible, I would like these two people close to me become a couple. I would love to help them, but of course I do not want to do something that is not necessary. For now, I want to observe and let nature take its course. I can help them in little ways that can be harmless in forming their relations.h.i.+p.

“I am getting a little cold.” I exclaimed, thinking to give these to a push. “Tricia, can you please get me my shawl in the tent?”

“Of course, your majesty.” Tricia got up from her seat to follow my order.

“Will, can you please go with her.” I asked. “Our tent is a little further away, and I am worried that there would be some wild animals around.”

“But you will be left here unguarded, your majesty.” William replied.

“I-I can go by myself, your majesty.” Tricia interjected. “It is not that far off. I think there would be no wild animals brave enough to venture near a large group.”

I scowled, knowing that my plans can be foiled because of their arguments. ‘Oh, come on Tricia. I am giving you the chance to get alone time with Will.’ I scolded her internally.

“It’s okay.” Regaleon who just came back from speaking with Chris said. “I am here to take care of my wife. You two can go and have some time alone after giving her the shawl.”

“As you wish, your majesty.” The two replied in unison and left together.

Regaleon sat beside me after William and Tricia had gone.

“Here, I got you some stew and bread.” I gave Regaleon the plate and bowl I prepared for him. “Eat it while its hot.” I added.

“Thank you.” Regaleon took the bowl with a smile. “Have you finished eating?” He asked.

“Hmm.” I nodded. “I just finished.”

Regaleon started to lift the spoon and sip the soup from the bowl. I watched him eat with delight. There was a half-moon tonight, so the only illumination came from the light from the campfire. Even with little lighting, I can still see Regaleon’s handsome face.

‘I can look at his face all day and not get tired of it.’ I thought.

I rested my chin on the palm on my hands with a smile on my face. I was very content with this simple joys.

“I fell like melting with your gaze you know.” Regaleon said and chuckled.

“S-Sorry…” I shyly lowered my head after his words.

“Haha, its okay. I also love to look at you.” Regaleon replied. “Well that hit the spot. I am already full.”

Regaleon finished eating and put his bowl down. I gave him napkin to wipe his mouth. I felt like a normal wife, serving his husband. After that I cuddled close to him and rested my head on his shoulder. He in turn wrapped his arms around me.

“I like us being like this.” I muttered in content.

My felt content just being like this. Our time together since we united was something, I cherished the most. Both of us were trying to catch the years that we have been apart.

“I like being with you as well.” Regaleon replied. “Having you by my side, feeling your heat and seeing you safe and sound, makes me feel at ease.”

Time pa.s.sed by and the night was deepening. Tricia came back with my shawl and she left just after giving it to me, seeing that I was with Regaleon. The men have started to retire to their respective tents and the noise that the group made died down.

“It is a little too quiet here.” Regaleon muttered in pa.s.sing.

After hearing Regaleon’s words, I became hypersensitive and alert to the surroundings. Like Regaleon exclaimed, it was a little too quiet being outside in the woods.

I was expecting to hear crickets in the night, or at least nocturnal animals making sounds. But the surroundings were eerie. All I can hear was the hustling of the wind on the tree branches and the gra.s.s.

“Come to think of it, Snow said something earlier.” I said. “She said she did not like this place. She left instantly after eating.”

“I have not seen Tempest around as well.” Regaleon said. “I just hope it is not something to worry about.” I nodded in agreement.

Whatever there is in this part of the southern woods, I wish that nothing will happened with our stay for the night. I hope that we can just sleep and pa.s.s the night without anything major happening.

“I think its best we also turn in for the night.” Regaleon said and stood up. “Let us rest for the night and wake up early in the morning, so that we can leave this place earlier.”

Regaleon offered his hand and I took it and get up from my seat as well. The two of us walked hand in hand until we reached our tent. The half-moon in the sky was reflecting over the lake. It was odd that the once clear lake earlier when the sun was still up now looks deep and dark.

‘Maybe its because it is nighttime.’ I thought. ‘Probably because there is little light, so the lake looks dark and deep.’

Regaleon and I came inside our tent and lied down, ready to sleep. He held me close in his embrace and sleep came to me slowly.


I heard a faint noise in the distance. It was like someone was humming a song from a distance. I opened my eyes slowly and remembered that we spent the night out in the woods. I gathered my bearings and my eyes adjusted to the darkness. I was inside the tent that me and Regaleon made, but oddly I cannot feel Regaleon beside me. I sat up and saw that I was all alone inside the tent.

“Leon should be here sleeping with me.” I muttered to myself.

But then I heard the humming sound once again. This time I heard the sound more clearly. It sounded like it was a woman’s voice. Together with the humming was the sound of slow footsteps coming from outside the tent.

I shuffled up and wore my clothes before going out. I came out slowly and carefully and saw the men in our group either standing of slowly walking. At first, I did not think anything out of the ordinary but when I looked closely, all the men were awake by this time of the night.

“No, they are not awake.” I muttered.

The men had their eyes open, but they were lifeless. It was like they were in a trance.

“Y-Your majesty!” Tricia came running in alarm. “I-I am glad you are safe. Something is not normal.” She said in concern.

“What is going on, do you know Tricia?” I asked worriedly. Tricia shook her head in reply.

“I came out to get some water to drink and saw Sir William walking in a daze as well.” Tricia said. “I tried to shake him awake but to no avail.”

I was alarmed of what was happening. This is no ordinary sleep walking. Knowing that all the men in the group was walking in one direction, and with William and Regaleon nowhere to be found, I must do something.

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