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The next day, Regaleon and I were called to the king’s office.

It was still early in the morning. I was walking in the halls leading to my father’s office. I was being led by one of my father’s trusted attendant and Tricia was accompanying me from behind.

Not long I can see a door at the end of the hall. There standing was a young man whose back is facing us. He was wearing a black regal attire that gives out a regal aura.

The young man turned around when we were getting closer. I see his face where the upper half was covered with a silver mask. He smiled to me gently. My heart clenched by the time our eyes met.

“Prince Regaleon, you are here rather early.” The attendant said with respect. “Why haven’t you entered yet your highness?”

“Our prince is waiting for princess Alicia.” A tall man beside Regaleon said.

If I am not mistaken, this man was also with Regaleon two year ago on my birthday ball.

“O-Oh is that so?” The attendant was a bit fl.u.s.tered that he talked out of turn.

It is true that as the crown prince of a powerful country, Regaleon is ent.i.tled to not talk to just anyone.

“Good morning Alicia.” Regaleon’s eyes never wavered away from me. His smile was so bright as the morning sun. I unknowingly blushed.

“G-Good morning prince Regaleon.” I gave curtsy. I hear him chuckle lightly.

“This is Dimitri, my right hand man and personal a.s.sistant.” Regaleon said. I also curtsy towards Dimitri and he bowed to me.

Regaleon offered me his arm and I placed my hand in slowly.

“I will never tire looking at your blus.h.i.+ng face, Alicia.” Regaleon whispered near my ear that was ticklish.

With his gesture just now made my blood rush. I think my face is all red now.

“Please come in.” The attendant said and opened the door.

Inside was a normal sized room with many book shelfs by the side. At the center end of the room was a big desk full of stacked papers. At the seat behind the desk was my king father busy looking at doc.u.ments.

“Your majesty. His highness prince Regaleon of Grandcrest and third princess Alicia is here.” The attendant said.

My father put the doc.u.ment he was holding down and looked at us.

“Thank you. You may leave.” Father said to the attendant. The attendant bowed and exited the room and closed the door.

“Please take a sit prince Regaleon and my daughter Alicia.” My father gestured to the chairs.

Father was looking intently at me and Regalon. Maybe he saw us coming inside arm in arm a little unpleasant.

Regaleon and I took our sits respectively.

“I have called the both of you regarding the engagement prince Regaleon offered.” Father said.

My whole body tenser up when I heard about the our engagement. Until now I am still worrying about what the officials and minsters final decision is.

I love Regalon so much that I can’t see myself not being beside him. I fear that the final decision is not in our favor.

Regaleon reached my hand and held it gently. His eyes met mine and he gave me a gentle smile as if saying ‘everything will be alright’.

This made my anxiety lessen a little. But still I am a bit scared.

“Ahem.” Father made a coughing sound to get me and Regaleon’s attention. “As I was saying. We have come to a final decision about the engagement request.”

I squeezed Regaleon’s hand that was holding my hand in antic.i.p.ation. He caressed my hand gently.

“We have came to a final decision to approve of your engagement with my daughter Alicia.” Father said.

After hearing my father words, I let out a sigh of relief. I can see Regaleon smiling as if he knew the end result.

“As of today crown prince Regaleon of Grandcrest and third princess Alicia of Alvannia are officially engaged.” Father said.

“Thank you very much your majesty.” Regaleon said.

“A week from now there will be a grand parade in the crown city to publicized the between the two of you.” Father informed us.

“I understand.” Regaleon replied. “And after that I will be bringing Alicia with me to Granadcrest to get her bride training lessons.”

“What?!” Father was surprised.

“You know that as my crown princess, she needs to take the special lessons.” Regaleon said with a sarcastic tone.

“Yes, I know that.” Father said with a surprised tone. “But she can take that lessons here in Alvannia.”

“I am afraid I can’t approve of that king Edward.” Regaleon said. “I can’t be apart from her any longer.”

Regaleon faced me and gave me a loving look and smiled. He took my hand he was holding near his lips and kissed it.

“But she is still sixteen years old.” My father said with a bit of anger in his voice. “She is still young to be away from her homeland.”

“Sixteen is of marrying age king Richard.” Regaleon said with authority. “Now she is my official fiancee. And as her fiancee I want her to be by my side.”

I can see father clenching his fists.

“Father, if I may speak.” I said softly. Father turned his attention to me. “I know that I am still lacking in some areas. I would like to learn those things before I become crown princess. And I am sure that I can get that education faster in Grandcrest.”

Father looked at me knowingly and sighed. “I understand.”

I smiled with my father’s words.

“But with some conditions.” Father said. “First, your former knight has resigned from his post so I will a.s.sign a personal knight I trust to go with you.”

I nodded in agreement.

‘That explains things. Now that Regaleon has regained his original ident.i.ty. His former ident.i.ty as Leon the knight would be erased.’ I thought.

“Second, you will work hard in your studies as to not taint the Alvannian name.” Father said.

I nodded again. I really intended to learn everything that is needed.

“And third, this is for you prince Regaleon.” Father looked at him. “Please have a healthy relations.h.i.+p with my daughter until the wedding night.”

A healthy relations.h.i.+p, meaning that Regaleon and I have to keep a proper distance from each other. We can’t engaged in intimates acts.

Regaleon was smiling. “I will try, but I cannot promise.”

My eyes went wide with Regaleon’s answer. My mouth was in an ‘O’ shape. Even Dimitri has a face saying ‘Can’t you at least be less honest and lie about this things?’

“Well at least that is my request.” Father said. “If there is nothing else you want to ask you are dismissed.”

“Thank you father.” I curtsy to him.

“Thank you, your majesty.” Regaleon bowed his head.


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