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Chapter 596: Won’t Let Off

Karen wasn’t in the mood to pay attention to Amelia. And after waiting for nearly ten more minutes, she couldn’t help taking out her phone to call Moses again. “What’s the situation on your side? I’ve been waiting for you at the entrance of the kindergarten for ten minutes!”

On the other end, Moses’s tone was extremely hostile. “I ran into some trouble along the way and got blocked! Just continue waiting for a while!”

Then he hung up.

Karen was so furious that she hurled vulgarities, but she had no choice but to obey Moses because he was the boss now. How could she possibly dare to retaliate against him or urge him?

“Who are you waiting for?” An extremely familiar male voice suddenly sounded in Karen’s ear.

Hearing this voice, Karen was so frightened that she suddenly sprang up and turned her head around as if she had seen a ghost in broad daylight. Her eyes widened in disbelief.


G.o.d! How could this d.a.m.n scourge suddenly appear here?

Karen didn’t expect to encounter Lucas at this time, and her heart almost popped out of her chest in fear.

As soon as Amelia heard this voice, her eyes immediately shone brightly, and she leaped toward Lucas. “Daddy!”

Her voice was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with surprise and a hint of aggrievedness.

Lucas squatted down, pulled her in his arms, and hugged her. “Amelia, I haven’t seen you for two days. Did you miss me these last two days?”

Amelia nodded heavily. “Yes, yes! Yes, I missed you so much, Daddy! I also miss Mommy and Aunt Charlotte! And Grandma and Grandpa! Daddy, when can we go home?”

She had been with Grace these past few nights, and although Grace was very nice, two days felt like months to Amelia when she was away from her parents and family.

Lucas kissed her little cheeks dotingly. “We can go home soon. When your grandfather recovers, we can go home as a family!”

At this moment, Lucas acutely noticed the undried tears staining Amelia’s eyes.

His face immediately darkened as he looked at Karen.

Karen was so spooked by his stare that she spluttered, “W-why are you here? I’ve al-already agreed with Cheyenne that I would pick Amelia up today.”

Lucas narrowed his eyes. “Is that so? But the kindergarten has been closed for more than twenty minutes, and you’re still standing here. Are you waiting for someone?”

Karen’s heart dropped, and she immediately denied, “No! Not at all! I’m just waiting for a cab. It’s really weird. I’ve clearly already called a cab. Why hasn’t it arrived yet?”

At this moment, Amelia suddenly said, “Just now, Grandma said she would take me to the amus.e.m.e.nt park! Daddy, are we still going?”

“The amus.e.m.e.nt park…” Lucas repeated word for word while staring at Karen.

Karen suddenly felt some weakness in her legs and almost went limp on the spot.

She had just said it to coax Amelia, and she knew that Lucas was definitely going to suspect her!

Her eyeb.a.l.l.s turned, and she hurriedly denied, “Amelia, you heard wrong. I did say that I would bring you to the amus.e.m.e.nt park, but I meant later, not now! Now that your father is here, we definitely have to obey his arrangements!”

She had to deny it right now. Given how shrewd and smart Lucas was, she knew that he would definitely suspect something if she took Amelia out for fun without discussing it with Cheyenne and him!

Amelia immediately frowned and pouted. “Grandma, you clearly said that you’d take me there right now! I heard you very clearly, and you said that when we get home, you would teach Mommy a lesson for failing to keep her promise. But now, you’re not keeping your promise at all! I’m going to ignore you for the rest of the day, Grandma. Hmph!”

Lucas glanced at Karen’s panic-stricken face and s.h.i.+fty gaze. He sneered.

Karen was getting bolder and bolder!

He ignored Karen and said softly to Amelia, “Amelia, Mommy and Daddy are very busy lately, and we can barely make any time. Just forgive us this once. When Grandpa gets better in the next two days, we will immediately take you to the amus.e.m.e.nt park. We’ll also take you to the zoo to see the elephants. How about that?”

Amelia thought about it and nodded obediently. “Yes! Daddy, you have to keep your promise!”

“Of course! Let’s go to the hospital now to visit Grandpa, and you can talk to him. Maybe he’ll immediately recover because he’s happy!”

While speaking to Amelia, whom he was holding in his arms, he walked toward his Jaguar.

Karen gritted her teeth, but she could only bite the bullet and chase after them. She got into the backseat.

Since Lucas had already come, it was impossible for her to continue to bring Amelia to Moses.

Her plan today was foiled.

Although she was extremely unwilling to stay in the same car as Lucas, she couldn’t find an excuse to leave at this moment and take a cab on her own because it would be inconsistent with the good mother and good grandma persona she had been trying to maintain.

Halfway through the journey, Karen’s phone rang.

As soon as she saw the caller ID, she immediately s.h.i.+vered and declined the call without thinking.

Moses actually called at such a juncture. No matter how bold Karen was, she wouldn’t dare to answer at this moment!

After ten seconds or so, Moses called again.

Karen still chose to decline the call. At the same time, her heart was beating wildly.

She cursed Moses in her heart.

When she was holding onto Amelia’s hand and urging him just now, he didn’t rush over and treated her with an extremely hostile att.i.tude. Now that the situation had changed drastically, Moses actually called. Is he trying to get me killed?!

After declining his calls twice in a row, she reckoned that he must have realized something and didn’t call again.

Lucas was well aware, so he sneered and deliberately asked, “Who called? Karen, why didn’t you pick up?”

Karen lowered her head, not daring to look at him at all. She said guiltily, “Oh, it’s nothing. It’s just hara.s.sment calls! I keep getting telemarketing calls from real estate agents and promoters. It’s really annoying!”

“Oh, really? That’s really quite annoying.”

Lucas stopped talking to her and instead began to ask Amelia how she had been doing in the kindergarten and Grace’s place.

Both of them were chatting non-stop while Karen was on tenterhooks, filled with anxiety as she sat in the backseat.

Her plan to abduct Amelia today had failed, and who knew how mad Moses would be at her. She wondered if he would expose the voice recording in a moment of anger.

A little over ten minutes later, Lucas drove the Jaguar to the underground parking lot of the hospital.

Karen pushed the car door open impatiently. “I-I remembered that there are still some things I have to buy. You guys head upstairs first. I’ll join you later!”

Then she scurried away in a panic as if there were dogs chasing her from behind.

Lucas looked at her panicked back and slowly narrowed his eyes with an icy cold gaze. Karen Turner, how dare you target Amelia. This time, I won’t let you off!


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