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Chapter 604: Feeling Hopeless

Seemingly having found someone to put the blame on, Karen immediately lashed out at Lucas and tried to make things hard for him. “Do you guys think Lucas is that good? Psht, he’s just an evil crook! All of you were called over by him today, right? He deliberately set this up to frame me and make all of you get the wrong idea about me!

“Also, he usually tries to sow discord between me and my daughters, Charlotte and Cheyenne. Before he returned, they were very close to me, and our family got along harmoniously!

“But since he returned, he’s been deliberately badmouthing me in front of you guys just because I don’t like him. That’s why my daughters have turned against me, and my husband treats me as his enemy! All of this is caused by this b.a.s.t.a.r.d who has been setting me up!”

With a look of misery on her face, she pointed at Lucas and cried loudly, “I was just a little too harsh with what I said to you when you first returned. Why must you be so vindictive and vengeful? Why can’t you stand seeing us getting along? Will you be happy only when you see my family crumble and fall out with one another?

“You evil person, you’re just coveting our family’s a.s.sets. Had I known earlier, I wouldn’t have let you marry Cheyenne as a live-in husband!”

This time, she framed Lucas for several things.

But all the Carters were speechless.

Even Bruce, standing at the side, couldn’t listen anymore. “That’s enough! Stop making false accusations!”

Bruce shot her a look of disgust. “You claim that Mr. Gray is coveting your family’s a.s.sets? In that case, how much do you have that’s worth Mr. Gray coveting? Do you have millions? Or hundreds of millions? Or billions?

“I’ll be honest with you today. The Hales are one of the four major families in Orange County, and we have billions of dollars in a.s.sets. But today, the entire Hale family belongs to Mr. Gray! Now all our businesses belong to Mr. Gray!

“So, do you think Mr. Gray still needs to covet that tiny bit of your family’s a.s.sets?”

Karen exclaimed in shock, “You… what are you saying? All of the Hale family’s a.s.sets now belong to Lucas? How is that possible?!”

She screamed in complete disbelief at this news.

At the side, Damon looked at Bruce, who had been a step ahead, pursed his lips, and stepped forward. He declared, “Hmph, it’s just the Hale family. Even all the businesses of the Parker family now belong to Mr. Gray!”

Karen was once again astonished! “What? Even the Parkers of LA are…”

Joe stood out and said with a faint smile, “That’s not all. Everything in Little Atlantis City also belongs to Mr. Gray!”

Seeing the three giants in front of her saying that all the huge businesses under them actually all belonged to Lucas, Karen felt that reality was really unbelievable. It was as if she was hearing a far-fetched tale!

“Impossible! All of you must be lying to me! Lucas was just a penniless man. Even if he’s lucky enough to have gotten the opportunity to become the person in charge of the Stardust Corporation’s Orange County branch now… but… but they are the esteemed Hales of Orange County and the Parkers of LA!

“How could their things belong to Lucas? Impossible! Absolutely impossible!”

Karen frantically shook her head in complete disbelief, as if she could deny everything Lucas owned and her own stupidity.

Staring at Karen, William shook his head. “You’re indeed just a tacky woman who’s ignorant and lacks good judgment. All you know is that Lucas was a penniless man in the past, yet you have no idea how powerful he is now. Besides, you’re still as obstinate as before, and you view him with such contempt. You’re such a sn.o.b too!

“You just said that you don’t like him, and that’s undoubtedly because you despise the fact that he isn’t the scion of a wealthy family! If Lucas were a rich heir, you’d probably have rushed over to curry favor with him, just like what you did with Seth Miller, whom you set your sights on in the past!

“You probably don’t know that the Solar Corporation I’m working at now belongs to Lucas, huh?!”

Cheyenne took a step forward. “The Brilliance Corporation I’m working at as the general manager now also belongs to Lucas! He deliberately took it back from the Carters for me!”

“The Stardust Corporation I’m working at also belongs to Lucas. I’m not talking only about the Orange County branch but the entire corporation. It belongs to Lucas entirely!” Charlotte stepped forward.

Hearing what they said, Karen was on the verge of losing her mind. “How is that possible? How is that possible?!”

Her eyes were so wide open that her eyeb.a.l.l.s were about to fall out of their sockets. Seemingly hysterical, she yelled, “Even if you want to lie to me, you should find something more realistic!

“Do you know that the properties you’ve mentioned, such as the a.s.sets of the Hales and the Parkers, Little Atlantis City, the Solar Corporation, and the Brilliance Corporation, add up to a ma.s.sive amount?

“How could you say that they belong to Lucas? How can he possibly be so rich? How do you expect me to believe that?!

“I don’t believe it at all! You must be deliberately deceiving me! If he was so rich, I definitely wouldn’t have looked down on him!”

Karen was screaming her head off, but everyone present merely sneered.

Moses, who had been standing still and staring at Karen, the Carters, and William coldly while trying to find a chance to escape, couldn’t help being shocked too.

Although he previously felt that Lucas wasn’t simple and that he definitely had something to fall back on, he never thought that Lucas’s bottom card would actually be so terrifying.


“Hahaha!” Moses suddenly laughed out loud and said with a look of contempt, “No wonder the Parkers, the Hales, and Joe Daniels all chose to stand on Lucas Gray’s side even at the expense of becoming enemies of the Kingstons. It turns out that all of you have already become his subordinates! Haha, this is such an irony!

“You’re actually hiding so many cards. I bet no one else would have known about this unless they mentioned it themselves today. No, maybe you still have more trump cards in hand, but you just haven’t exposed them yet!

“Lucas Gray, you’re really a terrifying opponent who hides your true abilities. My son has already been killed by you. He’s not considered incompetent… Haha! Marc, you’re really pitiful!”

Moses was still smiling widely, but he seemed to be on the verge of tears.

The power Lucas had revealed today was already enough to surpa.s.s the Kingstons. What could Marc have used to compete with Lucas?

Losing to him had been inevitable!

Moses, who was initially still intending to take revenge for his son, was now totally hopeless after seeing the power Lucas had.

In terms of combat power, Lucas could easily crush him. Moreover, his plan to abduct Lucas’s daughter to threaten him had already been foiled. After seeing Lucas’s ma.s.sive power, he really felt hopeless.

Moses laughed out loud sadly before suddenly whipping out a gun from his pocket!


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