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Chapter 72: Seize Everything

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Lucas chose not to send Cheyenne back to her home because it’d be inappropriate since she was unconscious. In order not to make the Carters worry, he brought Cheyenne back to his residence in Orange County, Pearl Lakeside Villa.

On the way, Lucas called someone and said briefly, “Make the Douglas family disappear from Orange County within three days.”

“Yes!” Hearing Lucas’s voice, the person on the other end dared not be negligent at all.

At this moment, the Douglas family still had no idea that a calamity was about to strike them.

Gordon Douglas’s father, Hugo Douglas, was the patriarch of the Douglas family.

Although he had long ago handed over the major businesses owned by his family to his sons and no longer tended to them, he would occasionally ask about them.

At this moment, Hugo was lying relaxedly on a comfortable couch and flipping through newspapers.

When he saw the piece of news t.i.tled ‘The Stardust Corporation has settled a cooperation for a key project in Orange County’ in bold on the financial section of the newspaper, he took off his presbyopic and sighed with some envy.

“The Douglases have been trying hard to clinch that project for such a long time, but we were never successful. The Stardust Corporation managed to get it instead. The Stardust Corporation is really something!”

Next to him, a man in his late forties grabbed the presbyopic from Hugo, wiped them carefully, and put them into a case. He then said, “It is indeed. The Stardust Corporation may have just settled in the country a short while ago, but its development is rapid. Not only do the businesses of various sizes in Orange County want to cooperate with it, but it even managed to clinch all the key projects. It’s really impressive!”

The middle-aged man was Hugo Douglas’s eldest son and Gordon Douglas’s elder brother, Chris Douglas.

Hugo watched Chris’s movements and smiled. “Put the there. A servant will come to put it away later. Why do you bother doing that?”

“It’s not much trouble. After I pack them, it’s convenient for you to use them the next time.” Chris smiled. He had always been filial and took care of all of Hugo’s needs. He would do everything he could personally as far as possible and would not let others help.

“Since the Stardust Corporation has such great potential, why don’t we try cooperating with it?” Chris asked.

Hugo Douglas sighed. “Why? When the Stardust Corporation announced that it was looking for a partner in Orange County, we immediately sent someone over. Everything was going well previously, but two days ago, the Stardust Corporation suddenly changed its mind and gave us the cold shoulder.”

“W-what’s going on? Have we offended the Stardust Corporation in any way? Or is it so arrogant and lofty that it is looking down on us?” Chris frowned.

Hugo Douglas sighed. “Who knows? Anyway, we haven’t found out yet. Chris, when you have time, go and get in touch with Mr. Davis, the general manager of the Stardust Corporation. Try to ease our relations.h.i.+p with the Stardust Corporation and find out where the problem lies. Try to find some opportunity to cooperate with it too.”

“Yes, Dad. I’ll surely deal with Mr. Davis. Rest a.s.sured,” Chris hurriedly agreed.

“Yes, you’re definitely someone I can trust.” Hugo Douglas patted the back of his eldest son’s hand and nodded in satisfaction. “By the way, how’s the matter with Gordon and Brad going?”

Hearing his question, Chris smiled. “It should be fine. Yesterday, Gordon asked me to introduce a competent hitman to him. It’s a king of underground boxing who’s rather ruthless. He can deal with that insignificant Lucas Gray easily. They should have already taken revenge by now.”

Hugo nodded. “Okay, that’s good. How can we get bullied by that brat and let him get away with beating Brad so badly? If we don’t get revenge, won’t anyone dare to take advantage of us? However, you have to be careful. Don’t let Gordon go overboard. Don’t create extra trouble.”

“Okay, I know, Dad. Don’t worry. Gordon is my brother. I’ll certainly help him.” Chris nodded with a smile.

At this moment, someone from the Douglas family hurried over and exclaimed anxiously, “Bad news, Mr. Douglas Senior. Heaven Media, the Luxe, and several other entertainment joints and bathhouses have been seized!”

“What?!” Hugo stood up in shock, and his expression changed. “What’s going on? Why were they seized all of a sudden?”

The family member stammered, “Someone reported us and… they found some illegal items in the companies… Some of our artists have also exposed us and said that we forced them… Anyway, they found a lot of evidence against us!”

Chris suddenly stepped forward, grabbed him by the collar, and hollered furiously, “Didn’t I tell you long ago to hide those things that shouldn’t appear? Aren’t those artists under strict control? Why did they suddenly sue us?”

“I-I don’t know…” The family member looked at Chris, whose face was twisted into an angry grimace, and he was so scared that he started s.h.i.+vering in fear and was on the verge of tears.

“Oh dear, oh no…” Hugo muttered to himself as he thumped himself onto the couch.

The Douglases’ businesses were more or less related to the entertainment and s.e.x industries. They were the mainstay of the family.

Of course, they could not operate these businesses openly. So on the surface, they were known as media companies and entertainment joints. But in private, they had a lot of dirty dealings.

Due to the Douglases’ extensive network of connections, they managed to escape the strict regulations and purges. However, they were nabbed out of the blue and accused with plenty of evidence against them today. This was simply unprecedented.

Besides, once all their misdeeds were exposed, it would absolutely result in a huge uproar, and the Douglases would definitely suffer huge losses even if they didn’t collapse!

Chris calmed down a little and said resentfully, “Dad, there’s definitely something wrong! If it was just one company and something terrible was exposed, we can blame it on our carelessness. But it’s absolutely not a coincidence that so many have been affected! Someone must be deliberately trying to harm us!”


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