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Chapter 0481: The Scarlet Robed Young n.o.ble

The female cultivator in the light blue robes could only be described as ordinary, and even her skin was slightly darker compared to other average looking female cultivators. However, she had big and bright eyes, as if they reflected the stars in the night sky, making it so that people had a hard time not paying attention to her. At the same time, she exuded an extremely tyrannical aura, which caused Ning Cheng to feel very afraid of her instinctively. Although this female cultivator sported severe injuries, Ning Cheng guessed that he still was not an opponent for her.

The blue-robed female cultivator also saw Ning Cheng. She carefully scrutinised Ning Cheng from top to bottom a few times before she showed a frown and spoke up, “Who are you? With your shallow cultivation, how can you remain in the Bright Void Gorge?”

This was only the second time for Ning Cheng to hear the words ‘Bright Void’ from the mouth of others; the first time he heard it was from Cang Wei’s mouth. He recalled that Bright Void was the Void between the Planar Boundaries, sometimes referred to as Void by others for simplicity. Since this woman also knew about Bright Void, which meant that she was not someone ordinary within the True Cultivation World. She might even be a cultivator from the starry skies.

Although this female cultivator looked ordinary, there was a faint halo behind her. Just looking at the light emanating from that halo could cause one to go dizzy. It even reminded Ning Cheng of the G.o.ds from the Chinese Mythology, who also had bright halos behind them.

From Ning Cheng’s memories, he knew that these halos had different names like the Wisdom Wheel, or the Splendour Wheel or the Attribute Light. There were even other names to it, but they all shared a similar meaning of bathing all things in radiance. Was the weak halo behind the blue-robed female cultivator something similar to those legends?

The blue-robed female cultivator on seeing Ning Cheng not answer her question spoke up with a slightly sunk expression, “Did you not hear what I said a moment ago?”

Ning Cheng, on sensing that the other party did not attack him outright, quickly spoke up, “I don’t know. I was sucked into the s.p.a.cial Collapse, and then fell in here.”

“Is that so? Were you the one controlling the battleship that I was chasing? What happened to the scarlet-robed young n.o.ble inside it? How could he let you inside of his Void Battleship? Moreover, with your cultivation, how were you able to survive after the battleship entered the s.p.a.cial Collapse? How are you even alive?” The blue-robed female cultivator shot out questions at Ning Cheng with increasing levels of surprise and shock. Apparently, she understood what might have transpired from Ning Cheng’s previous words.

When he heard the blue-robed female cultivator’s words, Ning Cheng also made a connection in an instant. This female cultivator was not chasing him; regardless of whether or not this female cultivator sensed the Wasp King Egg’s Aura, she should have been tracking the scarlet-robed youth. That scarlet-robed youth should be the scarlet-robed young n.o.ble she mentioned. However, the scarlet-robed young man died at his hands; at the same time, he also was the one who took control of that person’s Void Battleship. It resulted in the blue-robed female cultivator misunderstanding the events that transpired.

After understanding this, Ning Cheng felt greatly annoyed. If he had known this earlier, he certainly would not have rushed into the s.p.a.cial Collapse, let alone arriving in this d.a.m.ned place.

“I do not know. When I found this battleship, there indeed was a scarlet-robed youth inside it. That person seemed to have already died. I saw that the battleship was quite good, so I took control of it and played around with the controls for a bit. I did not expect to end up chased by the Void Explosive Golden Wasps. It resulted in straying into….” Ning Cheng quickly tried to explain his situation with a smile.

The blue-robed female cultivator walked to the front of Ning Cheng before pausing for a moment, circling around Ning Cheng, and speaking out in a cold tone, “Just a load of bulls.h.i.t. I was the one who severely injured that scarlet-robed young n.o.ble; however, I definitely know that those injuries were not nearly enough to kill him. Most likely, you killed the scarlet-robed young n.o.ble. I may not know how, but you definitely have many cards on you. With your low cultivation, you not only managed to kill that scarlet-robed young n.o.ble, you even survived falling through the s.p.a.cial Collapse….”

Cold sweat immediately started trickling down Ning Cheng’s back. This woman truly was pressing him on to force out his secrets; even if the other party knew about his bulls.h.i.tting, he could not admit it outright. “This senior, when I entered the battleship, the scarlet-robed youth was already dead, afterwards….

The blue-robed female cultivator waved her hand and spoke, “You don’t have to defend your words; besides, did you really think that you could actually outsmart me with that puny cleverness to you? Did you actually think that I would believe that someone else killed the scarlet-robed young n.o.ble inside? If so, then let me ask you this, if someone indeed killed that scarlet-robed young n.o.ble, they absolutely would not leave behind the Explosive Golden Wasp’s Wasp King Egg.”

“You don’t have to ask me why I know that you took the Explosive Golden Wasp’s Wasp King Egg. If you were not the person who took away the Wasp King Egg, why would the Explosive Golden Wasps deem it necessary to chase after you? Why else would you feel willing enough to seek the path of death by consciously diving into the s.p.a.cial Collapse? These points indeed are quite interesting to ponder. Did you, perhaps, sneak up on the scarlet-robed young n.o.ble and seize the chance to kill him while he tried to heal? Perhaps you snuck up on the scarlet-robed young n.o.ble while he was recovering within the Explosive Golden Wasps’ colony. If it really was you, then I quite admire you. You sure have a lot of guts.”

Ning Cheng on hearing those words immediately turned silent. This woman was just too frightening. She already had made out the gist of what had happened. Lying in front of such a woman simply required dealing with a lot of unwanted pressure.

“That’s right, that scarlet-robed young n.o.ble truly died by my hands….” Ning Cheng finally caved in and admitted to his actions.

The blue-robed female cultivator showed a faint smile and spoke, “You are a dead man anyway. Do you know who that scarlet-robed young man was? You dared to kill him, yet you are still alive. That indeed is the strangest thing.”

“As long as you don’t speak about it, no one will know about it.” Ning Cheng on seeing that this female cultivator had no intentions to kill him felt a little relieved.

The blue-robed female cultivator then spoke out dismissively, “Didn’t I make it clear before? Even if I did not speak about this matter to another soul, everyone already knows about it. You killed the scarlet-robed young n.o.ble, which means there is already a tracking mark on you. The moment you step out into the starry sky, someone will immediately catch you.”

“Ah…” Ning Cheng suddenly felt surprised, especially after recalling the last words of the scarlet-robed youth. After he had killed the scarlet-robed young man, he had repeatedly looked over his body with his Spiritual Consciousness, yet he could not find any mark or anything remotely similar to a tracing mark on him. Was he wrong about it?

Seeing Ning Cheng’s actions, the blue-robed female cultivator calmly spoke up, “There is no use looking for the mark. That tracing mark is something that even I cannot remove. Wishing to even find it is nothing short of a dream for someone at your level.”

Ning Cheng disappointedly gave up on continuing looking for the mark for now. He anyway did not even know the exact location of this Bright Void Gorge. Since he had fallen into such a place, then any sort of danger would have to wait until he got out. Thinking until this point, Ning Cheng spoke out in a tranquil tone, “The person who actually killed that scarlet-robed young n.o.ble is not just me. If it weren’t for you severely wounding him, I would not have managed to kill him.”

The blue-robed female cultivator had never thought that Ning Cheng would actually say those words. She froze for a bit, before giving out a short laugh and speaking, “Thank you for reminding me. Wouldn’t everything return to normal if I just kill you?”

Hearing the words of the blue-robed female cultivator, Ning Cheng immediately retreated a few steps back while vigilantly staring at her.

The blue-robed female cultivator on seeing Ning Cheng’s vigilant demeanour spoke out in an exasperated manner, “You don’t have to be that anxious about it. You at least helped me kill that scarlet-robed young n.o.ble. If I really wanted to kill you, then showing such vigilance towards me would be nothing more than useless. Even if you could kill that severely injured scarlet-robed young n.o.ble, that kind of strength is still useless in front of me.”

Ning Cheng instinctively knew that the other party was telling the truth, despite being unwilling to admit it, and could only put up the act of vigilance. If the other side truly wanted to kill him, then it would not even require her to use her full strength or any strength for the matter. In the face of absolute power, any kind of vigilance would have no effect whatsoever.

“Don’t you want my Explosive Golden Wasp King Egg?” Ning Cheng asked in a doubtful voice.

The blue-robed female cultivator replied, “Explosive Golden Wasp King Egg? What am I going to do with it? You anyways need a pair of Wasp King Eggs to cultivate an Explosive Golden Wasp King. One egg is simply not valuable at all. That scarlet-robed young n.o.ble had once obtained one at an auction, which is why he wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h the other Wasp King Egg from the Explosive Golden Wasp Colony.”

Ning Cheng stood there in stunned silence. It was only after a good long while that he spoke up, “In that case, why was the entire Explosive Golden Wasp Colony chasing me. Since I only have a single Wasp King Egg, it would be worthless for them to pursue me to recover it.”

“If you don’t know about something, then don’t go around spewing nonsense. See it for yourself.” The blue-robed female cultivator spoke as she took out a jade strip and casually tossed it towards Ning Cheng,

Ning Cheng grabbed the jade strip, allowed his Spiritual Consciousness to sweep in, and quickly understood the crux of the matter.

To cultivate the Explosive Golden Wasp King, the Wasp King Egg must pair up with another one. With the two King Eggs put together, each of them ends up in a compet.i.tion to absorb the Wasp King’s Essence from each other. This process will continue until one of them is at a disadvantage. The one egg that entirely incorporates the other egg’s essence will then gain the ability to break out of the egg. As for the other Explosive Golden Wasp King Egg, one with its essence absorbed, it will no longer have any value at all.

If there was only a single King Egg, no one else could cultivate it apart from the Explosive Golden Wasp Colony. That is because the Explosive Golden Wasp Colony can use its own life essence to cultivate the sole King Egg over a long time before it gains the capability to break out of its sh.e.l.l.

Moreover, there were also various methods to cultivate the Explosive Golden Wasps recorded in the jade strip, as well as the way to make it recognise someone as its master. Ning Cheng could not help but feel happy in his heart. Although he had truly wanted to obtain such a jade strip, he never expected to find it in such an unexpected manner.

“So that’s how it is.” Ning Cheng calmly handed the jade strip in his hands to the blue-robed female cultivator. He guessed that there might be more such jade strips within the ring of that scarlet-robed young n.o.ble.

The blue-robed female cultivator did not take back the jade strip and casually spoke up, “You can keep it. I guess you will never be able to get out of this place in your life. Staying in this place to play around with the Explosive Golden Wasp King Egg could be a good idea.”

Play with the egg by yourself, Ning Cheng cursed in his heart.

The blue-robed female cultivator apparently felt Ning Cheng’s unfriendly thoughts; however, she did not pay any attention to Ning Cheng before turning around and walking away.

On the contrary, this female cultivator actually left a favourable impression over Ning Cheng. This female cultivator definitely had some principles. She did not continue pressing him for an answer on how he survived the pa.s.sage through the s.p.a.cial Collapse.

Ning Cheng immediately ran after her and asked, “Senior. Can you tell me how to get out of this Bright Void Gorge?”

“Do you really want to go out?”

“Yes, I want to go out.” Ning Cheng replied in a no-nonsense tone. This was not idle talk, which person in their right mind would willing decide to stay in this place?

“Oh, then why don’t you tell me about how you were able to survive the fall to this place? As far as I know, even someone with cultivation higher than me would find it very difficult to survive such a fall. Didn’t you see that my most precious Void Warship also ended up torn to shreds by the s.p.a.cial Collapse?” The blue-robed female cultivator spoke out lightly.

Ning Cheng then understood why the other party had not asked it previously. It turned out that she was just waiting for him to ask the right question.

“Sorry, this is my secret.” Ning Cheng refused without hesitation.

The blue-robed female cultivator showed a captivating smile before speaking, “That’s ok. As to the method of getting out of this place, it is also my secret.”

Saying that, the blue-robed female cultivator felt as if her words were not enough and added another sentence, “You don’t want to fly out of this place. With your cultivation, you would not get out even if you flew for decades. Also, if you fell midway, perhaps you might just plunge to your death.”

After saying that, the blue-robed female cultivator sped up and quickly disappeared from Ning Cheng’s line of sight and his range of Spiritual Consciousness.

Ning Cheng also did not try to catch up to her again. The other party had an unfathomable level of cultivation compared to him. Since the other party did not show any willingness to share information, then so be it. Since he had the Mysterious Yellow Bead, he did not believe that he would not be able to get out of this gorge and return. Initially, he wanted to slowly fly through the canyon and then walk out of it eventually. However, after hearing the words of the blue-robed female cultivator, he immediately changed his thoughts. He also did not believe that the blue-robed female cultivator had deceived him.


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