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The compet.i.tion Part 3


Eleven player wisps are currently spread on the ground, with traces of destruction all over the places. Many ruined trees and craters can be seen in the area with player weapons of every kind on the ground.

s.h.i.+n Jiao is currently standing in front of an unarmed player with a sharp sword in his hand. The sword is the one owned by the player as it was disarmed from him by s.h.i.+n Jiao.

“Please… Please, sir… this is just a misunderstanding, I… I was just forced to attack you by my colleagues. The truth is I didn’t really want to mess with you. How can I? You are able to take down that boss Manticore alone, how can we mere level 25 players face you. Please, sir… spare me just this once.” The man whom his companions called Mirth begged.

He didn’t want to lose 10% of exp and suffer the unable to login-penalty for 24 hours. So he begged s.h.i.+n Jiao while kowtowing on the ground.

Seeing the expression of the man, s.h.i.+n Jiao felt a bit ticked but it was true that the man didn’t actually attack him but was pushed from behind by one of his teammates. He has already killed that teammate of his with the man’s sword after disarming him successfully.

“Sigh… You people are too crazy to ambush players. But I guess this is one of the game’s merits. One can also be a bandit or a thief…” s.h.i.+n Jiao sighs as he has no control over this.

So he just turns around and picks up all the weapons on the ground. When the man saw this he wanted to stop him, but he didn’t want to get on s.h.i.+n Jiao’s bad side. He just shook his head and curses their bad luck in meeting this human monster.

s.h.i.+n Jiao took all the twelve weapons, Manticore loot, but didn’t bother with the other loots. He turns around and walks directly to the Beginner’s town, which is near the area.

After the beginner’s village comes the beginner’s town which is called Guntner Town. This town is the start of the proper adventure for all the players.

Guntner Town although it can be considered as the beginner’s town, yet has more players than the cities in the kingdom of Vale. This is because most players would grind in this town to acc.u.mulate exp before entering the main cities.

After traveling for a long time, s.h.i.+n Jiao was able to reach the tall town’s gate and was greeted with hundreds of players currently walking down the road. He can hear many conversations about the players and parties in the area.

They are all discussing the incoming contest which is can be considered as the first-ever big event in the ‘Merging Worlds’ many are excited to partic.i.p.ate for the sake of partic.i.p.ating and fun. However, some are serious about winning this event.

s.h.i.+n Jiao followed the flow of people. However, he can feel many eyes are looking at him. This is because he is currently strapped with many weapons around his body. This is because his bag is already filled with loots from the monster he killed and the weapons from those who attacked him can’t be put inside. So he didn’t have any other option but to carry them.

However, from the perspective of the people around him, he is a very dangerous figure. This is because he is either, a PVP player or a weapon collector of a sort.

But since he doesn’t have a red aura in his body, then it means that he is not a PVP player and is not a wanted figure.

The players in this town already knew that if a player kills more than 20 players, then their aura will turn red and be unable to enter a town. Those players are called PVP players or Player Killers. As this game follows realism, then law and order are present. Player killers can only stay in the forest or they can build their own camps in the forest or any hidden location.

They can even ally themselves with the bandits if they wanted to, but the quest in hunting them would make their lives a bit of h.e.l.l in the game.

But some, who has lived the life of crime in the real world, already experienced as such and can live this kind of life like they were in haven.

Hence, there are some feared groups who have started to immerge somewhere and would sometimes attack players. One of those groups is the Man Hunter Guild which s.h.i.+n Jiao just faced a while ago. But those players he encountered are just new members of the guild.

When s.h.i.+n Jiao enters the town, he attracted more people, but they all get away from him for fear of his appearance. Even the NPCs have the same reaction upon seeing the domineering weapons on his body.

s.h.i.+n Jiao didn’t mind the onlookers and just entered a shop. Then he sold all the weapons except for a sword which he found more durable and pleasing to use.

As s.h.i.+n Jiao went out of the shop he directly went to the only guild of the town.

The guild building is a 3 story building with many people going in and out. The traffic is really congested that s.h.i.+n Jiao was unable to push his way through. Suddenly a group of people began walking towards the guild with an imposing aura around their body.

“Hey, make way… that’s the Crimson Crown Guild members.”

“Wow, my G.o.ddess is here!”

“Oh, Mia Madison is here! My G.o.ddess has come!”

“d.a.m.n look at that big guy, his intimidating aura makes me s.h.i.+ver.”

“Their team leader is so cool, his armor is the Crimson Breastplate, right? That’s made from a material gathered from Red Giant Rock lizard.”

The people in the streets whispered as they watch the group walks calmly towards the guild building’s entrance.

When they pa.s.s by s.h.i.+n Jiao, the beautiful Caucasian woman wearing mages clothes and red cloak suddenly pa.s.sed beside him.

Her eyes are glued on the sword hanging on his waist.

When this happened, the group also paused and turned their attention towards s.h.i.+n Jiao.

“You there… where did you get that sword?” she asked in a cold tone.

When s.h.i.+n Jiao heard her question he knitted his brow. But he didn’t bother to reply. Although he is not afraid of these people he is not one to start a fight also. Hence he didn’t reply as he wanted to show them that he is a neutral party.

“Hey *sshole! She is asking you a question.” Suddenly one of the people in the group said.

The man is wearing an’s garb and two knives on his back can be seen. His expression is showing that he is looking down on s.h.i.+n Jiao. This is because s.h.i.+n Jiao is still wearing the default leather armor from the beginner’s village.

s.h.i.+n Jiao didn’t reply but looks at the guy nonchalantly with one of his brows raised.

“I have no qualms with you people. I’m just here for the guild.” s.h.i.+n Jiao finally said and then turn around.

Since the path is cleared he was able to walk freely.

“Wait! I am asking you where you got that weapon!” the woman named Mia Madison asked s.h.i.+n Jiao loudly.

But s.h.i.+n Jiao didn’t bother to answer, he knew that the woman is trouble and also in this town no PvP is allowed. Hence he just walks inside the guild.

However, before he can enter a few people suddenly barred the door to the guild and stood on his way.

“The lady is asking you a question.” A fierce-looking white man in his 30’s snarled at s.h.i.+n Jiao.

“Hey, maybe he is Chinese and could not understand what we are saying… Haha…”

“Haha… that’s crazy, how could he enter the North American server?”

“Oh, both of you shut up. They are the ones who made this game, remember?” a Chinese looking player shouted.

Mia Madison walks towards s.h.i.+n Jiao and then suddenly said.

“I’m… I’m sorry for the commotion I’ve caused. It’s just that the weapon in your hand is something that once belongs to my sister. Yesterday, their party was ambushed by a group of unknown players. Then she was killed, at home, she was crying because she spends so much money on that weapon and it was taken from her… If… If you want, I… I can buy the weapon. Please, name your price…” she suddenly changes her tone.

Mia knows that she was just too agitated upon seeing the weapon on the young man’s waist that she did not control her emotion. But now that she suddenly found that she had caused him some trouble she regretted her impulsive action.

s.h.i.+n Jiao can see the sincerity on the woman’s eyes, so he decided to just give her the weapon. In fact, he just finds the sword a bit fancy and nice to wield. He can just give it to the woman if she is willing to exchange any amount for it.

However, things didn’t go that easily as the beside her suddenly showed an angry expression.

Lance Brad has his eyes on Mia Madison for a very long time now, and he could not accept her showing this kind of weak appearance to others.

So he decided to take action.

When his party notices his action, it was already too late to stop him.


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