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Chapter 416


A 2-meter-tall metallic figure fighting against a slim woman can be seen in the suburban area of the outskirts of City H. This scenery is something out of a science fiction book and superhero magazines. However, in this case, the villain is the woman and the mech is the one doing the defensive maneuvers.

The two have already exchanged a few blows and the woman now looks haggard with her hair and clothes in disarray.

As of this moment, her pride and arrogance were trampled upon by a golem which is making her angrier as time went by. Inside the c.o.c.kpit of the mech, Park Jiyong is currently panting heavily as he carefully observes the woman who is slowly circling him. Her movement is faster than him, but the mech’s auto defense system would almost always react to defend its body from each of her attacks.

“This cannot go on for much longer… my… my hands are already shaking.” Park Jiyong muttered as he can feel his body slowly getting weaker.

This is due to fatigue coupled with nervousness and mental stress due to the fight.

“Jiyong… if you are not decisive enough you will lose this battle and maybe your life. Use your weapons, now.” A voice entered his ears making Park Jiyong almost jump in surprise.

“F*ck, don’t just talk man… that was not cool…” he murmured in a complaint.

“I’m just saying… you’ve been fighting for a while and your body cannot take it anymore even with the enhancements I gave you… decide now…”

“d.a.m.n it! Do I have to do this? I mean…”

“Do you know how many people that woman killed? If you could not subdue her, then it would all be useless. The laws of this land are not effective for these kinds of people… If she goes to prison, imagine how many officers would get killed if she escaped and be rescued by others like her… if that happens their blood would be in your hand.”

Hearing s.h.i.+n Jiao’s words, the hands of Park Jiyong shook in realization.

However, before he can act, he saw the woman taking out a sharp sword on her hip and immediately thrusts toward the c.o.c.kpit of the mech.

He knew that if her attack hits, he would be in danger.

But it was too late.

Suddenly, the arm of the mech moved automatically to block the sharp sword. However, the woman has already counted on this, and her sword’s trajectory change like a snake.

With wide eyes, Park Jiyong unconsciously moved his hand and presses a trigger. This is trigger suddenly made the mech’s other arm to draw a laser blade from its knuckle. Then it immediately did a slicing move towards the woman.

Already battered and bruised, the woman is only counting for this final move of hers to be a success and she didn’t think of anything else.

Hence she did, even bother with the lowering arm towards her.

When she noticed the laser blade it was already too late.


Her arm and leg were severed from her body in one clean and swift move. They didn’t even bleed as the wounds were cauterized by the heat of the blade.


The woman squeals and moaned in pain as she rolled on the ground. Then her eyes suddenly turned all white and her mouth foamed before pa.s.sing out.

“You are still soft and very forgiving…” s.h.i.+n Jiao said on the other line.

But he is smiling while looking at the scene atop one of the houses while watching the fight. The middle-aged man George Wilson sat beside him while also watching the scene.

“Is that the young boy Park Jiyong piloting that thing?” he asked in English.

“Yes, he is… he wanted to help, so I let him experience battle first hand. He didn’t kill the woman, so I guess he still has the capacity and compa.s.sion, unlike normal people who would lose their composure in face of troublesome foes.”

“Haha… that young boy is no ordinary boy just like his father.”

“Well, another one is coming to the party… we will see what happens next.” s.h.i.+n Jiao said as he turns to look at the tall well-built man walking back to the duplex two blocks away.

“Jiyong, take the woman and escape now! Mr. Wong, block the man entering the scene at 3 o’clock.” s.h.i.+n Jiao sends his command.

The two listened and immediately made their moves.

Not long later, the tall man saw the devastation in the surroundings. The then saw a 2-meter-tall metallic figure standing on his way.

“So you guys are the cause of the commotion. That useless b*tch is not dead I’m guessing… Haha… I guess you would quell my thirst for a fight. Those two I played t death is not enough to satisfy me.” He said with a wide grin.

“You will pay for what you did to the people on the bridge.” The voice of Mr. Wong said from the speaker of the mech.

“Haha… why, if it isn’t Mr. hero… you have sacrificed yourself for others back then. But in the end still losses, I really thought you would have died back then. I guess I’m getting soft. Let me send you to your death this time then.”

The figure of Kiros suddenly vanished from where he stood. His speed is faster than Mira as his cultivation is one level higher than hers.


The wind echoed as his figure cut through the air. Suddenly he appears behind the silver mech and threw out a powerful punch. But he didn’t expect the mech to also react really fast as it extended is hand to catch his fist.

A sneer appears on Kiros’ mouth as he suddenly speeds up his attack.


The sound of two metals clas.h.i.+ng together sounded. And the two figures were locked together without moving.

Kiros’ hand is being held tightly by the cold metallic hand of the mech.

“How could this be?” Kiros muttered in disbelief as he could not pry his fist away from the strong grip of the mech.

“d.a.m.n you! Let go!” he shouted as he sent his other arm to attack.

But before his fist could connect a silver gleam appears and Kiros found his arm flying through the air.

As a former soldier turned turned bodyguard, and then a Secretary, Edmond Wong holds many kinds of skills that he has gained from his life.

In fact, if s.h.i.+n Jiao was not trained by his old master before, then he would not be a match to the middle-aged secretary. Hence even when fighting against the two powerful individuals, Edmond Wong didn’t lose that easily.

Right, now Edmond Wong is using a very strong thin strand of wire which he saw in one of the inventories as a close combat trap weapon for the mech. But of course, this type of trap weapon is very dangerous in the hands of an expert like himself.


“My arm! You… you cut my arm! I will kill you… you b.a.s.t.a.r.d! I will kill you…”

Kiros shouted as he suddenly sent a kick towards the mech, but his body came out of balance as he was suddenly dragged by the mech’s powerful movement. Then with a sudden twist, Kiros found himself eating the dirt on the ground.

“You have killed far too many people and is a danger to society. Death is the only way to stop you… However, there is also another way…” Mr. Wong said.

Inside the c.o.c.kpit, a smile blossomed on Edmond Wong’s mouth. His other hand transformed and a sharp spike appears. Then he accurately scanned the body of the man on the ground and then pierced a certain place.


“Yeargh! No!!!” cried Kiros who felt his body being pierced by a sharp object.

Normally his skin was too tough to be easily punctured by anything, however, judging from the ease of the sharp object, he knew that it was coated with Qi. Then his expression change when he felt something breaking inside his dantian.

It was his core, his core was broken…

As a core-formation cultivator, once their core would break then it is the end for them. With the limited materials on earth, how can a core easily be repaired?

And so Kiros cried in grief and disbelief, he suddenly wanted to regret his decision for accepting the seemingly easy mission. They were too confident and did not expect to face such an opponent. But it was too late for them to regret anything now.

s.h.i.+n Jiao’s apartment

It was already late at night when s.h.i.+n Jiao came back along with George Wilson, Park Jiyong, and Secretary Wong.

As the car speed through the area, s.h.i.+n Jiao immediately felt that something is wrong.

“Wait!” he said as he suddenly scanned the area for anything.

The other people in the car were a bit baffled and confused by s.h.i.+n Jiao’s action. They didn’t know what is happening except for Park Jiyong who knew how sharp s.h.i.+n Jiao’s senses are.

As s.h.i.+n Jiao scanned the area, he found the people monitoring outside the villa. All of them are already dead with blood all over their car. The person responsible for such cruelty must be a maniac. But what surprises him is how did it happen?

Then he found that the large array protecting the villa is already gone. Someone was able to deactivate his array. This only means that they are facing another group of cultivators. He didn’t know why but he immediately had a bad feeling about the situation.

Then he immediately scanned the villa and what he saw, changed his expression. From within the car, his figure immediately vanished.


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