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Chapter 185: 185: Who would be responsible for the malpractice?

Dong Yuetong was already secretly making a G.o.d’s view a.s.sessment on Zhan Lichuan’s recovery.

In view of how bad his att.i.tude was, and her being on Zhan Yuheng’s side, even if she was paid, she would only help him recover up to 50%. This would mean that even if she had the ability to help him regain mobility in his entire body, she wouldn’t allow that to happen.

By then, she would have gotten the shares and would also have gotten rid of this man.

Therefore, Dong Yuetong kept a professional smile on her face and said, “Third Young Master, I have already mentioned that even though I’m unhappy with the att.i.tude you and your wife have, I would still be treating you since I am being paid for doing this. However, before the treatment, I think that it wouldn’t be too hard for your wife to apologize to me. Would it?”

Zhan Lichuan was acting like he didn’t hear her reply. Instead, he repeated his previous question.

“Regarding the fact that you would be working together with the Lawrence Inst.i.tute, did the other party agree to this?”

Zhan Shuyu quickly stepped in and explained, “This was something that Miss Dong has brought up just now, which is what we wanted as well. Just allow me to talk to Professor Hong Lu about this. Once she agrees, they would make the most perfect medical team.”

“Who’s the main surgeon?” Zhan Lichuan asked.

“Miss Dong is suggesting that both of them would be equally in charge, while Miss Dong would be the one leading the surgery, of course.”

Having two main surgeons in charge of the surgery was a very common scenario, which was why Zhan Shuyu a.s.sumed that this wasn’t an issue.

She even thought that this would be a perfect combination.

“Who would be responsible for the malpractice?”

Zhan Lichuan’s question successfully placed an ugly look on Dong Yuetong’s face.

Not only Dong Yuetong, even Master Zhan, Zhan Yuheng and Zhan Shuyu’s faces turned grey.

“What do you mean by that? Are you trying to say that I would be putting the blame on the Lawrence Inst.i.tute if any accident occurs during the surgery?”

Dong Yuetong laughed out loud despite the rage burning inside her.

This was because this was exactly what she had in mind. She was planning to blame the malpractice on Hong Lu, so that she would be able to ruin Hong Lu’s reputation while building hers. However, since Zhan Lichuan has already said it out loud, she would have to reevaluate her plan of accusing Hong Lu.

This man… Zhan Lichuan… Was extremely…

Dong Yuetong angrily turned towards Master Zhan and Zhan Shuyu, hoping that they would convince Zhan Lichuan, who was like a dead man if he didn’t talk, or the other party would be dead once he opened his mouth.

However, both of them turned away together towards the other side.

As for Zhan Yuheng…

Dong Yuetong couldn’t help but call him an idiot.


The Zhan family was still controlled by this paralyzed man, Zhan Lichuan?!

Seeing that Dong Yuetong was turning mad, Master Zhan and Zhan Shuyu started panicking, but they knew Zhan Lichuan really well. If they were to speak up now, it would do more harm than good, which was why they didn’t dare say a single thing to him.

“Miss Dong seems to be a hot-tempered woman. I thought that I was just asking questions that every businessman would have considered before making a business deal. I do not know much about medicine, which was why I would have to be treated by Miss Dong and Professor Hong Lu from the Lawrence Inst.i.tute.

“But I recently learned that there are some conflicts that happened between Miss Dong and Professor Hong Lu. If I were to allow the two of you to be my surgeons, my life would be in your hands. Doesn’t that give me the right to ask you a few questions?”

Dong Yuetong was so triggered by Zhan Lichuan’s words that she even clenched her throat. Her entire face was flushed, which showed how mad Dong Yuetong actually was.

Jing Qian wanted to laugh when she saw the look on Dong Yuetong’s face.

“Don’t worry about that. Ever since Saka’s death, this is my debut as a surgeon. Even if it’s for my own reputation, I will make sure that everything goes smoothly.”


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