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Chapter 327: Du Yanzheng vs Di Yunxi

When Fei Wanling saw the video that her mother had, her entire body shook.

In the video, it showed her arrogant cousin sister, who was also the most beautiful woman in the Du family, tied onto a bed.

There were doctors and nurses all around her, looking at her cousin sister as if she was just a beast screaming.

“She’s too violent. Give her another dose.”

Then, the nurses went forward and inserted a huge needle into her arm. When one wasn’t enough, they went for a second and a third dose…

Her cousin was in extreme pain, angry and afraid, which was why she was screaming for help, threatening them and begging for mercy, but it was of no use.

In the end, no one knew if it was because of the medicine or because she had turned hopeless, but she didn’t say another word. There were only tears running down her face.

“He is a devil! A devil!”


The next day, Du Yanzheng was about to leave the hotel, stepping into the VIP elevator, when he saw a familiar face.

Du Yanzheng raised his eyebrows and said, “Young Master Di?”

Inside the elevator, Di Yunxi was standing upright and was wearing the same custom, black Italian suit that Du Yanzheng had.

He gave Du Yanzheng a warm smile and replied, “Good morning, Young Master Du.”

Du Yanzheng was confused. Why was this workaholic of the Imperial City all the way here in H City?

Although H City was a big city, Di Yunxi should be occupied with an important bid in S City instead.

“Would you like to come in? Di Yunxi asked in a gentle tone.

Du Yanzhen showed a thin smile and walked into the elevator.

The two of them stood next to each other and the elevator that was supposedly huge suddenly seemed small and compact with two G.o.ds standing inside it.

Di Yunxi was almost the same height as Du Yanzheng, and the two of them had extremely gorgeous features. They look like G.o.ds that appeared in comics, but they had very different temperaments.

One was warm and elegant while the other one was bold. The former was like a man from a stunning ancient painting, while the latter was like a warrior that just came back from war.

“What brings you here to H city?”

Du Yanzheng felt that there must be something peculiar in H city which had attracted this fox here.

Even for him. If it wasn’t because grandfather was admitted in the hospital, causing him to visit him and forcing him to thank Jing Qian personally, he wouldn’t have stayed.

But when he realized that Jing Qian resembled Saka, there was an explicable feeling in him that Di Yunxi was also here because of Saka.

He couldn’t help but feel that every single man on earth had eyes on his girl.

Di Yunxi remained indifferent and answered, “For work. What about you?”


“I heard that you went to a studio yesterday?”

Du Yanzheng’s eyes trembled slightly as he answered, “Yes.”

“You’re planning to develop into the entertainment industry?”

“No. I was only there to thank a girl that saved my old man’s life.”

When he heard the answer, Di Yunxi was stunned for a moment.

He did not expect his little sister to have previously saved Master Du.


Did Du Yangzheng really think that he would believe the words coming from his mouth?

He was there the entire afternoon, right outside the studio before he met his little sister.

He was well aware of what Du Yanzheng did with his little sister.

If Du Yanzheng was about to say that he wasn’t interested in Jing Qian in that manner, Di Yunxi would haved chopped his head off and allowed him to play with it like a football.

Although he was extremely p.i.s.sed when he found out that his little sister was married to the paralyzed Zhan Lichuan, he could still accept it. Therefore, before the divorce, he would make sure that no one else would be able to disturb his little sister’s life.

Since the paralyzed man wouldn’t be able to do anything, the marriage would mean nothing. Even after the divorce, his little sister would still be a clean, young woman.


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