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Chapter 334: Replacing Him

Master looked at Zhan Yuheng with a dark look on his face. His face was so dark that there was ink dripping down his face.

“Did you think that you would be able to get to that seat just because you got these board directors to work for you?”

Zhan Shuyu had also heard of what happened, which was why she rushed here from the hospital in order to attend this board meeting.

She took a look at all those who were standing up for Zhan Yuheng. She sneered and said, “Big brother, did you forget that the company actually belongs to grandfather? That the shares also belong to grandfather? As long as he refuses to give it to you, you won’t be able to become the next Chairman.”

There were already a number of them who stood up for Zhan Yuheng, and it was impossible for him to back off now.

If he did that now, the directors and the staff would think that he was an irresponsible man.

“Grandfather, if Third Young Brother wasn’t injured in that accident, I believe that no one here would agree for me to be the next chairman. But you should know that even if Miss Dong completes the surgery, the only thing that he’ll regain would be sensation from above his chest. In other words, the best possible scenario would be that he could move his finger… That’s all. How could someone like him bring Ops Corporates to a higher level?”

Zhan Shuyu didn’t bother listening, continuing to roast him, “You’re saying it as if you would definitely be able to bring the corporation to a higher ground when you become the next Chairman. Don’t forget that you almost threw the corporation into deep trouble, only to be saved by Ah Chuan.”

“Well, I was young. Is there anyone who didn’t make one or two mistakes when they were young? Is there anyone who wouldn’t make a wrong decision? Are you sure that you have never made a single mistake? Forget about the rest. Let’s talk about the two pieces of land from J City and S City. This would prove that Third Young Brother’s decision was a mistake.

“From what I’ve heard, the Du family wanted one of them, and the wealthiest family in Imperial City, the Di family, wanted the other one. Forget about partic.i.p.ating in the bid. Anyone who’s smart enough would know that we shouldn’t be involved in it, but Third Young Master decided to still go for it. Even if we got it, it would be an extremely high price. If we didn’t and ended up raising the bidding price for the other two parties, wouldn’t that p.i.s.s them off?

“The Ops Corporates may be powerful, but we’re just the richest in H city. Would we be able to fight with both the Di and Du families?”

“That’s right. Deputy Director Heng is right. The Ops Corporates may have had its glorious days in the past because of the Director, but he is no longer able to do his duties any longer. The Director has been badly injured, and he isn’t even able to take good care of himself, so how can he take care of the corporation? He doesn’t have the right mental capabilities. In order to stabilize the corporations, I believe that we should have a change of personnel as the Director.”

“It’s true. For the past few months, you have been the one who has been working personally instead of the Director. We really appreciate the hard work and effort that you have put in. Chairman, it is now the era for the younger generations. If you are willing to pa.s.s such a huge company to the Director, why can’t you agree to pa.s.sing the corporation to Deputy Director Heng?”

“Deputy Director Heng also has a Master’s in Business. He may not be a genius like the Director, but he’s still better than most of the younger generations now. He is definitely one of the best!”

Master Zhan listened to their discussion with a solemn look on his face. In the end, he turned towards his brother and asked, “Renmian, what do you think?”

Zhan Renmian chuckled and said, “In my opinion, no matter if it’s Yuheng or Shuyu, they are both extremely outstanding. It wouldn’t matter which of them took over the company. Big brother, you’re really lucky, since all three of your grandchildren are so successful, but I think in comparison, Yuheng is the more suitable choice.”

As soon as he finished his sentence, the seat next to Master Zhan, meant for the Director, suddenly lit up and Zhan Lichuan’s figure appeared.


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