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Chapter 383: 383: White Lotus B*tch!!!

“I’m fine. Let’s go.”

Zhan Lichuan’s voice was extremely soft as if they would be blown away with the gentlest breeze.

Jing Qian pulled his hoodie closer together, afraid that he might catch a cold. Then, he turned around and looked at Di Yunxi, who was now a frozen statue, saying, “Young Master Di, there are still other things that we have to attend to. We’ll be leaving now. Thank you so much for your help today.”

With that said, she rolled up the window, and the car drove away, disappearing into the distance.

Di Yunxi stared at the car that had left for a long time.

Wasn’t he just a paralyzed man?!

Wasn’t it that he just couldn’t move his body?!

Did he have to act so weak as if he just got bullied?!

Why didn’t he think of how much resources that this swine took away from the Di family when he was still healthy and fit? He even took away their younger sister. Why didn’t he appear weak and pale like he was now? Like someone who’s about to die?!

“Young Master, we just realized that there are two other groups of men behind us. It might be their backups.”

Upon hearing that, the edge of his eyes jumped.

“Who are they?”

“One of them is from the Lawrence Inst.i.tute, and the other one was further away. They never showed themselves previously, so we didn’t notice them. When the car left, they then only revealed their presence on purpose, which was why they caught our attention. As we were about to investigate, they had already left, and we couldn’t keep up with them. They should be men from the supreme protection team.”

Supreme protection team!

His men were also from the supreme protection team!

Other than those that he has defeated, the only people left are his little sister and Zhan Lichuan. It was pretty obvious who this team belonged to.

So this man was purposely acting like a weak pig right in front of his enemy and was then acting in front of him as well?

Then, as soon as they left, did he decide to provoke him when his little sister wasn’t around?

Di Yunxi has always been a smart and strategic man, and he has always been on the winning side whenever there is a challenge. There was never a time where he would lose.

Well…. he finally decided to be a kind-hearted person for once but ended up being thrown into such a disgusting situation.

Di Yunxi looked around at the alley that was now empty and thought of the facial expression on his face that even he himself was shocked to see. It was followed by the look as if he was a little flower that would be blown away by the wind. Di Yunxi couldn’t help but blurt out—

“White Lotus B*tch!”

This was the first time that his personal a.s.sistant saw his Young Master being this angry. He slowly walked up to him and asked, “As for those on the ground…..”

“Leave it!”

These were the traitors of the Zhan family. They don’t even care about him, why should he?

Forget it!


Back in the car, Zhan Lichuan was still staring at Jing Qian with eyes full of love and comfort.

It continued to the point that even Jing Qian felt uncomfortable when he decided to stop and a handsome smile appeared on his lips that were now extremely pale.

It felt like all the glaciers around had melted, and other than the white color that remained, the rest of the world had flowers blossoming from every corner.

It was so beautiful!

“What are you laughing about?”

For someone who appreciates good looks, Jing Qian felt that Zhan Lichuan’s good looks are too much, and she can no longer stare at him any longer.

At that moment, she suddenly had the thought of being responsible for this man for the rest of her life.

However, when she realized the crazy idea that was brewing in her mind, Jing Qian quickly spoke up and told him to hold back his glare.

Zhan Lichuan was initially smiling happily, and his eyes were glowing as if they were filled with stars, but as soon as Jing Qian questioned him, he was like a frightened little rabbit, immediately wiping the smile off his face.

Jing Qian was speechless.

Why does it feel like she was bullying him?

She thought of how Zhan Lichuan was an extraordinary man and always remained cold toward the others but only trusted her. Jing Qian wondered if she was being a bit too tough on the people around her.


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