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Chapter 400: 400: Nonsense

Jing Qian wanted to bite off her tongue.

He was such an alluring man, but she misunderstood that he was making a flirtatious joke.

In that instant, she couldn’t help but feel that she had somehow insulted the other person.

She felt embarra.s.sed as she continued supporting Zhan Lichuan back to bed, and while doing so, she could feel his breath around her neck.

It felt itchy….

Since she was about one head shorter than him, Jing Qian felt that she was a little more sensitive to him. After all, this was the man whom she would bring back home and take care of.

As for Zhan Lichuan, he was walking on clouds with his 188cm height. He was silently blowing air towards his wife’s neck and ears and only decided to stop when he saw her ears turn red.

They soon reached the edge of the bed, and Jing Qian slowly allowed him to sit on the bed. Then, she removed his arm that was around her neck, and as she looked up, she locked eyes with Zhan Lichuan’s clear gaze that was so attractive that one could fall into it.

“Quick, lay down!”

As soon as she was done, Jing Qian wanted to bite off her tongue once again.

These were words that she would say all the time. How many other people have she said this to?

But….. why does it feel weird today?

Zhan Lichuan slowly lay down like an obedient child. Jing Qian helped him with the blanket and was watching over him and Grandfather.

Soon, Zhan Lichuan fell asleep. As Zhe Yan went into the room and noticed that his Boss was still sleeping, he wondered if he should still inform him or Jing Qian.

“He just fell asleep. What’s wrong?” Jing Qian’s voice was very soft, worried that she might wake him up.

Zhe Yan was now speechless.

He just fell asleep?

Even if he was deep asleep, his Boss would have woken up as soon as he walked into the room since Zhan Lichuan was someone who can be awakened by a fly.

But, seeing how his Boss was still peacefully sleeping, Zhe Yan pursed his lips before telling Jing Qian, “The lawyer is here. I’ll just let him in.”

With that said, he turned around and left.

Jing Qian was confused.

She wanted to stop Zhe Yan, but he had already stepped out of the room.

Zhe Yan noticed that even after he left the ICU, his Boss didn’t call for him and immediately understood his mission.

He talked to the lawyer for a moment, told him a few things before allowing the lawyer into the ICU.

When she felt the door behind her open, Jing Qian immediately stood up, trying to tell that Zhan Lichuan was now asleep and he should leave.

However, as soon as she turned around, the other party held up his thumb, hinting that he wouldn’t say anything.

While Jing Qian was still confused, the lawyer brought her to the table nearby and took out two doc.u.ments from his file holder. Then, he said in a soft voice that was only audible to the both of them, “Young Mistress, please take a look.”

Jing Qian took the doc.u.ment and started reading it. As soon as she started, she was shocked.

Just as she was about to ask what was happening, the lawyer quickly explained, “The Zhongbo Entertainment and Chuantou Hospital are two corporations that the Chairman built himself. He holds 80% of the shares in Zhongbo, the First Young Master has 10% of it, and the rest have been distributed to some of the workers in Zhongbo. As for Chuantou, it is the same as well. Young Master has 80% of the shares with Second Miss holding 10% of it. The rest belongs to some of the senior workers of Chuantou Hospital. Now, Young Master is giving you 40% of the shares in each corporation. You just have to sign this doc.u.ment as an acknowledgment.”

Jing Qian was stunned by what the lawyer just told her.

“Is there a mistake?”

Wasn’t it only 20%?

Wasn’t it given to the Lawrence Inst.i.tute?

“Young Mistress, there are no mistakes here. The Young Master told me previously that you have been treated badly when you got married to him, and he always felt that he owed it to you.”

“No, he doesn’t. My family needed money. He was giving me the money in order for me to marry him and to take care of him. I am obligated to do so. I can’t accept this.”


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