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Chapter 401: 401: You are the light of his life

Although it is true that she loves money and is now broke since she has already given all of her properties away…

These are 40% of the shares in two separate corporations. This is equivalent to him giving up half of his fortunes to her.

She loves money, but she can earn it herself.

Didn’t she just earn a total of 100 million from the surgery a while ago?

Seeing how Jing Qian was insistent on refusing it, the lawyer said, “Young Mistress, this isn’t a contract. This is just a notice of shares transfer. You would only have to acknowledge it. It would be best if you could sign it too, but these shares are yours now, no matter what. They no longer belong to the Young Master. Even if you refuse them now, you would still be getting the dividends from these shares every year.”

When he noticed how Jing Qian was still being quiet, the lawyer continued to convince her, “Young Mistress, this is something that the Director really wanted you to have. I hope you’ll understand.”

Jing Qian turned towards Zhan Lichuan who was sound asleep and looked back at the lawyer with a questioning look in her eyes.

“When did he make the decision?”

The lawyer paused for a moment before saying, “Yesterday.”

Seeing how Jing Qian was still being quiet, the lawyer continued, “The Director told me to get the contract ready yesterday and has already signed it in advance for everything to be completed by today. He was worried that something might happen to him during the surgery and this would be the only thing that you could hold on to. He mentioned… that he really appreciates having you in his life, and he even said that you are the light in his life.”

Zhan Lichuan felt embarra.s.sed.

This might have been greatly exaggerated, but he should really reward Zhe Yan and the lawyer for doing this.

At the same time, Jing Qian had already gotten rid of the carefree att.i.tude. There was a light that was piercing through the sky full of dark and gloomy clouds, which was seen through her charming, peach blossom eyes.

“I’m not as good as what he thinks.”

The lawyer smiled and said, “Young Mistress, sometimes we may not know ourselves as well as the others around us. Since the Director is willing to give half of his fortune to you, it shows that you are someone worthy of him doing this. The Director is a wise man, and he has always been very accurate when it comes to making these decisions.”

Jing Qian continued to keep quiet, which was why the lawyer pushed the doc.u.ment toward Jing Qian and said, “Young Mistress, these doc.u.ments are already legal doc.u.ments, which means that they are already yours. You can just inform me at any time when you have decided on what you want to do with them. You can sell them or keep them while getting the dividends each year, just let me know once you have made a decision. Since the Director is resting, I shall leave now.”

With that said, he quickly and quietly walked out of the room.

Jing Qian looked at the thick files on the table and then stared at Zhan Lichuan, who was fast asleep on the bed.

Zhan Lichuan can feel that Jing Qian is looking at him, but he has already tried his best. The only thing that is left now is to watch how everything unfolds after this before taking the next step.

No matter what it was, it was impossible for them to get a divorce.

There is no such thing as a divorce in Zhan Lichuan’s life.

In fact, Zhan Lichuan felt even more relaxed, knowing that Jing Qian was staring at him, and he slowly fell asleep. He did not care about how huge of a surprise this was to Jing Qian.

In Jing Qian’s life, her parents were the only ones who would give up everything for her unconditionally. Those were the things that they have worked for their entire life. When they pa.s.sed away, their lawyer found her and told her that they were giving it all to her.

The elders from the Tang Sect were all extremely envious of it, so they slowly revealed their ugly side while trying to get their hands on the fortunes.

After all these years, she knew better than anyone about the importance of having these shares in her own hands.

But today, she just got a huge present from Zhan Lichuan.


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