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“Anyway, it’s indeed the legendary Fire Phoenix’s DNA Core!” He confirmed before proceeding, “I particularly picked this one too because I think it’s another physique that suits you very well!”

Nodding her head in response, the golden beauty began checking the written details of the DNA Core eagerly.

A few seconds later, at last, she finally opened her mouth, “Umm, master, it says 5 drops of Fire Phoenix blood… but that would mean the purity of the body is around 0.004 percent… Wh-what’s going on? What’s with this pathetic number? The others were like 16 percent or whatnot… but this one’s a bit…”

Immediately, as if he had been waiting for this all along, Virus started talking, “You know… it’s a Legendary-grade creature. In my former world, the future, nearly all Legendary-creatures such as dragons, phoenixes, etc. had long vanished entirely! We couldn’t figure out if they had gone extinct, hidden somewhere, moved away to another location, or something else entirely! To us, they were just legends that no longer existed… just like dinosaurs of right now!”

The golden beauty continued to listen very intently, putting her all so as not to miss a single point uttered by her master.

“So, essentially, we couldn’t directly get our hands on any drops of unused Fire Phoenix blood. The person with the highest purity of Fire Phoenix Bloodline which we were capable of trapping was someone who carried only five drops of Fire Phoenix bloodline in her bloodstream… and let me tell you… she was very strong, moreover, for some unraveled reasons, she was already gravely injured when she was discovered by my people! For that reason alone, only after bombarding her with several weapons, were my former world’s people finally successful in detaining her as they obtained her DNA Core.” Explained Virus as his mind was flas.h.i.+ng back and forth to a specific recorded data.

“My point is, although it’s just five drops of Fire Phoenix blood, I believe it still can compare and compete with that 16 percent bloodline purity of the King-grade beast, the Winged-Lion! So, don’t look down on it just because it has 0.004 percent purity alone.”

“En… I see.” Nodding her head, she asked, “Is there any other DNA Cores too, master?”

『 6. Fire Salamander Bloodline DNA Core: Peak Beast-grade bloodline, 41 percent purity.』

“Hmm? But it’s just a beast-grade bloodline… why would master show it to me?” Addled, she queried.

Feeling amused, he inquired, “Haha… Just a while ago, you were so excited just by hearing about a Third-grade bloodline, and now… you dare address this as… ‘just’ a Beast-grade bloodline?”

With a slight shade of blush appearing on her cheeks, she replied, “Well, that was before I knew about the Legendary-grade and the King-grade creatures… but now, this lady’s eyes have been truly opened!”

Laughing out loud, Virus went on, “Haha… anyway, I’m showing it to you because I think it’s rather decent… not mainly because of its grade but because of its 41 percent purity which is rather high and more importantly, because it’s a fire Salamander! You shouldn’t underestimate the Salamanders as they are very close descendants of the Dragons themselves! More importantly, although they are just Beast-grade creatures, they are at the very peak of the Beast-grade category! You could even say they are just a single step away from being called King-grade creatures!”

Instantly, she threw another question into the middle of their conversation, “Oh! That’s great! But something’s been really confusing me, why is it that most of these bloodlines deal with fire?”

“That has to do with the way I created you… to be honest, even at the time I was creating you, I had already predicted and thought of this moment, thus, I set your mindset in a way so you would have a better apt.i.tude with fire and a few other elements.” He said casually.

“Oh! So it was like that. What are the other things that I have an apt.i.tude with then?” Inquired the golden beauty, displaying the most beautiful smile she could while thinking, ‘Master cared about me even back then…’

To that, wearing a shallow grin, Virus replied, “You’ll figure that out later on when you cultivate, let’s get on to the next one.”

『 7. [Unknown] DNA Core: [Unknown] Bloodline-grade or [Unknown] Characteristics, [Unknown] Bloodline Purity, Description: [Unknown] Race But according to the DNA structure And The Reports, apparently, The Owner of This DNA Core Was Extremely Similar to Humans in Appearance.』

“Eh… Master? What’s this one? It’s only filled with Unknowns… why would you send me this if even you don’t know what it is exactly?”

“Naturally, I have a reason for it.” Uttering this, he went on, “In my past world, many [Unknown] DNA Cores like this existed, this is also one of them.”

Keeping a solemn face, he added, “These DNA Cores are like gambling, rarely are they extremely valuable, but more than 99 percent of the time, they are just normal or even trash DNA Cores. ” At this point, he was interrupted by her uncertainty, “Then… why-?”

Before she could finish her skeptical words; however, raising a single finger before her, Virus signaled her to listen to the very end before disrupting his speech, “Now normally, I wouldn’t have thrown this Unknown DNA Core among your options, but this one’s different… and the difference is in its origin!”

“And what’s that?” Full of doubt, the golden beauty inquired while thinking, ‘No matter where it came from… isn’t it still just a gamble in the end? I can’t possibly bet the fate of my entire life on a simple gamble, right?’

Totally relaxed, Virus responded to her question with a question of his own, “Do you remember that ruined planet we traveled to? The planet with the remains of an ancient civilization, I mean.”

“Of course! That was our first short trip outside the universe! I would never forget it! We went there because you needed to find something and after finding it, we returned… though I never figured out what you were searching for or what exactly you discovered in the end. Still, the journey’s as clear as daylight to me and it’ll always be like that!” While reminiscing on the past, she replied. {A/N: Reference back to Chapter 21.}


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