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Chapter 386: Magical Beast from the Rumours (1)

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“Why are you so curious about that archer?” One of the men in black asked in doubt. Du Lang was also at the peak of an advanced profession, but the leader was somewhat disinterested in him. So why was he curious about an archer?

The leader said, “You don’t understand. As someone from the same profession, I understood it clearly. No matter how you looked at it, those ten arrows were extremely outstanding. Even when I was an Advanced Archer, I could not have done such a beautiful attack.”

An attack of ten arrows with a precise bullseye. How powerful and crazy was that!

The leader was also an expert archer, who had already exceeded the level of an Advanced Archer. However, even if he were to be compared with that mysterious archer when he was at the peak of an Advanced Archer, he could never have achieved that perfect attack.

“Even though that archer is only an Advanced Archer now, that is restricted by his battle aura. Based on his skills in archery, even a Great Archer could not compare to him. Therefore, I can guarantee that this person’s talents and strength had far exceeded Du Lang. Du Lang’s strength stems from his overwhelming battle aura, while the archer’s strength is in his skills. Battle aura can be trained, but it is not that easy to comprehend skills. An exceptionally proficient person can easily overpower opponents who are more powerful than them. That’s the importance of skills for an archer.” The leader was not stingy with his praises for the archer, and some might even say that they saw a hint of fanaticism in his eyes.

He ignored Du Lang, but he already intended to recruit that prodigious archer to his group.

“Based on our current speed, we would probably reach the Phoenix’s nest at nightfall. Even though we have to use this opportunity to complete all of our tasks before then, keep an eye out for the archer. He might have kept himself hidden among those men. If an opportunity arises, I would like to recruit him to our group.” The leader spoke with determination.

No matter the leader’s praises, or how in awe one could be with the archer’s skills, they were all wrong about the truth!

They had been absolutely wrong!

An Advanced Archer at his peak?

If Shen Yanxiao were to hear that her casual attack had attracted such a shocked reaction from everyone, she would probably die from laughter.

Shen Yanxiao’s accomplishment in archery had merely reached its peak at the intermediate level, and there was a ma.s.sive gap before she could become an Advanced Archer. Instead, she had relied on her Warlock skills when she attacked those ten men. She did not know it would incur such an unimaginable judgment from those people.

However, Shen Yanxiao did not know any of that had happened. She continued to lurk among the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group as they headed toward the top of Mount Kuluo.

As they got closer to the peak, the surrounding temperature had also increased. In the dense forest, they could see waves of heat that rose from the ground. It looked like the fire elements had spread throughout the woods on the mountain.

A faint red light enveloped the mountain’s peak. All of the men were excited when they saw the red light.

Finally, it was time for them to meet the target of their mission. It was the rumored magical beast that had disappeared for centuries—the Phoenix!


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