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Chapter 57: How am I Not a Woman? (3)

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Shen Jiawei had never expected that his sister would treat him that way, not even in his wildest dreams. He stood up strenuously and looked on helplessly as Shen Jiayi walked toward the Vermilion Bird. She then respectfully got down on one knee and expressed her goodwill toward it.

“I hate human women the most!”

Shen Jiayi heard a loud roar filled with annoyance from the Vermilion Bird, and then she felt a strong wave of heat hit her in the face. The wave threw her tiny body backward like a broken kite, and she landed not far away from Shen Jiawei.

“…” Shen Yanxiao was so stunned by what had happened that she only managed to swallow the laughter that was about to creep up her lips.

The Vermilion Bird was honestly…

Too violent! Too violent!

However, why did she feel as if the arrogant little bird looked more pleasant the longer she looked at it?

Then again, did the Vermilion Bird not said that he hated women? Something definitely sounded fishy! However…

Shen Yanxiao quietly looked down to her ‘washboard’ chest. Even though they had yet to grow… but… she should be considered as a woman!

“Hey! Wouldn’t it be hard to take care of this little bird? What if he despises my gender?” Since everyone’s attention was not on her, Shen Yanxiao hastily asked Xiu.

Xiu replied casually, “You? Can we really consider you as a woman?

Shen Yanxiao was annoyed that Xiu had decided to ignore her gender as a woman so blatantly!

If Xiu had a physical body, she could even imagine his eyes as he looked at her chest with extreme disdain.

‘You’re such a jerk!’

Even though her growth was stunted, what should grow would still grow if she nourished herself for a year or two, okay?!

While Shen Yanxiao was confused as to why she was not considered a woman, Shen Jiawei rejoiced at Shen Jiayi’s misfortune.

Shen Jiawei smiled as he saw Shen Jiayi, who had attacked him to get the Vermilion Bird for herself, suffered a brutal attack.

“Who is Shen Yifeng? What of Shen Jiayi? Ultimately, the one to obtain the Vermilion Bird would be me!” Even though his body trembled as he stood up from the ground, Shen Jiawei’s heart was filled with joy. The Vermilion Bird had successively denied two high-achievers in the family, and at that moment, he thought that he was the only one who could inherit the Vermilion Bird!

Every time the Vermilion Bird had awakened, it would choose one member from the Vermilion Bird Family and bound itself and its loyalty to that person. Since the Vermilion Bird had denied both Shen Yifeng and Shen Jiayi, he was the only one left to own the Vermilion Bird!

Shen Jiawei disregarded the pain that he felt, and strode toward the Vermilion Bird that would soon belong to him.

Shen Yifeng’s expression darkened as he never expected to lose to his two mediocre cousins. However, since the Vermilion Bird had rejected him, he knew that he stood no chance.

Shen Jiayi had an even uglier expression on her face. The Vermilion Bird had attacked her, and it did not even hold back its strength. Even though he had casually waved his hand, Shen Jiayi felt as if her internal organs had shattered, and it had caused her acute pain. She could barely manage to stay conscious to look at her younger brother, who she had injured earlier, as he walked toward the Vermilion Bird. At that moment, she felt only remorse. No one told her that the mythical beast hated women, and if she had known that she had no chance to get the Vermilion Bird, she would not have attacked Shen Jiawei and fall out with him.

Instead, she would help Shen Jiawei to obtain the Vermilion Bird’s favor.

However, everything was too late then. The sibling bond between them had shattered the moment Shen Jiayi released the fireball. Once Shen Jiawei obtained the Vermilion Bird and became the future successor of the family, she would be…

Shen Jiayi did not even dare to think about that.


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