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Chapter 138 – Explosively Incredible Performance

The sharp but not harsh sound of the electric guitar caught everyone’s attention in an instant!

Everyone was surprised by the powerful guitar, but the sound did not overwhelm the main performance. When the clear, high-pitched voice of the main vocals sounded, everyone’s gaze focused on the seven teenagers on stage!


The main vocal of Sea7 had an excellent and unique professional voice. He could be considered as one of the best male vocals in the domestic entertainment market.

Netizens in the stream lamented:

—— [I’m on my knees, this gege’s singing is very nice]

—— [Not trying to kiss a.s.s or flame them, but I genuinely have gooseb.u.mps…]

—— [The long-awaited performance of the lead vocal! UwU I’m crying, I’m crying]

After signing a few lines, the audience realized…

Without musical accompaniment, does this mean that all seven members of Sea7 had their mics on??

If the mics weren’t turned on, it would be lip synching.

Mics half-on meant that there were original soundtracks mixed into the accompaniment, so singers could save some effort when singing such as when they need to catch their breath while dancing or if they can’t hit a high note while moving. That way, the background vocals could cus.h.i.+on for the ‘vacancy’ of missed lines.

But today, Sea7 did not have any vocal accompaniment in their performance!

They didn’t even have any backup vocals or harmony!

But the seven boys were able to hold down the stage…

The formation of the group changed as the members took turns standing in the center spot, every member getting their time in front of the camera. Each members’ dance moves were clean and nimble, translating accurately through the camera all the while as they maintained impeccable control over their expressions.


The rapper then added his B-Box segment alongside the group leader’s harmony.

At the same time, the seven youths not only sang and danced to their high-intensity routine, but they were barely panting.

The fans in the stream were so excited they almost lost their minds.

——[Ah ah ahh this is our Sea7!!]

—— [Amazing, a small group is actually among the top domestic talents]

—— [What do you mean top? They are the gla.s.s ceiling, okay! On such a plain stage with all open mics, they can still perform so well! Gogogo zaizais!!!!]

—— [If the zaizais dare to fly, we will follow after!]

—— [Holy, is the accompaniment being played by Xiang Yi alone? She’s so bada.s.s, she didn’t even look at the score…]

The rapper’s verse instantly ignited the audience even more.

This song brought too much surprise for everyone!

When the last melody settled, just like they had trained countless times, the seven youths ended in their predetermined poses.

Their c.h.e.s.ts undulated violently, unable to tell if it were from exhaustion or from the excitement.

Sweat was dripping from all of their cheeks, but not a single one had bothered to wipe it off.

Even the cameraman couldn’t help but take a long close-up of all of them.

A few seconds later, the seven youths linked their hands and bowed in the direction of the camera, uniformly saying: “Thank you, everyone!”

What followed was a flood of screams, cheers, and whistles.

—— [I’m in tears. Our deep-rooted belief has come true, sea7 does have group spirit!]

—— [I’ve changed my opinions on boy groups, they are so talented]

Whether it was the netizens on the stream or the live audience, everyone only had one thought at this time:

This live performance was explosively amazing!!!


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