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Chapter 257: Diary Of The Cat Slave (2)

Two minutes later.

At the e-sports gaming base, the group of young boys were seated cross-legged on the floor next to the dining table, each holding a container of food.

Xiao Naofu occupied the entire table, with an open can of deluxe meat, a bowl of hot goat milk, and a few small dried fish in front of it.

In the livestream:

——[As expected of Brother Simao, his cat slave attributes have been exposed!]

——[Xiao Naofu: I heard you want to set some rules for me, what rules?]

——[Hahahahaha, I’m laughing so hard that even the geese in the yard screamed loudly with me]

Some netizens also criticized.

——[Am I the only one who thinks there is something wrong with Xiang Yu? Cats are just animals, why did he spoil it and let it get on the table?]

——[Exactly, don’t the other contestants mind? He’s so selfish, he doesn’t spare a thought for their feelings at all!]

At this moment, Xiao Naofu was scalded by the goat’s milk.

It meowed in a coquettish voice, sounding extremely aggrieved.

In an instant, Captain Wander stood up and walked over quickly.

He coaxed, “Ah, did my little baby get burned? Come on, have some canned food. I’ll cool the goat milk under the air conditioner for you.”

The netizens were dumbfounded.

The healer, Ah Shui, knocked his chopsticks against the food container and hollered furiously, “Smog, that’s not the way to take care of Xiao Naofu! If you can’t, let me do it instead!”

The netizens were dumbfounded.

Mage Little Sheep leaned against the edge of the table and looked at Xiao Naofu. He said, “Xiao Naofu, Brother Simao is a jerk. Come sleep at my place tonight, alright? I’ll warm you up.”

The netizens were dumbfounded.

Xiang Yu was speechless. “Hey, stay far away from it! Don’t scare him!”

He picked up a small dried fish and fed it to Xiao Naofu. Xiao Naofu bit it and then rubbed its head against his palm while meowing coquettishly.


Xiang Yu said with uncertainty, “You… Do you want a hug?”


The young gaming G.o.d suppressed his excitement and pretended to be nonchalant as he picked the cat up.

The way he carried it was like the standard way to carry a baby.

All nestled in Xiang Yu’s arms, Xiao Naofu chewed on the dried fish while rubbing itself against him. It pulled Xiang Yu’s T-s.h.i.+rt down and revealed his defined collarbones.

Meow~ Meow~

Xiao Naofu was really obedient, and it seemed to be saying, “I love Xiang Yu the most.”

Xiang Yu raised his chin and looked around. “I’m sorry, this is my cat, don’t covet it.”

His teammates thought, ‘Look how smug you are! Is it a big deal that it’s your cat?’

‘This atrocious man who’s been chosen by the cat!’

Seeing this, the netizens were thoroughly amused.

——[Xiao Naofu is the favorite of the group!]

——[Shocking! Team Logic got enraged because…]

——[Pretentious Xiao Naofu: Director Li, you’re only in charge of sending me to the base. Leave the rest to me, there’s no man I can’t conquer!]

2:00 A.M.

After the training session ended, the players returned to their respective rooms to rest.

Each dorm room was a double room shared between two people. Xiang Yu and Wander were roommates.

The cat bed beside their beds was empty, and Xiang Yu turned to look at his bed…

The adorable Xiao Naofu was lying on the middle of the bed with its legs facing up, revealing its soft and round belly. It was snoring and sleeping soundly.

Wander decided to fan the flames. “Look, Xiao Naofu is being so disobedient. Not only did it climb up onto the bed, it’s snoring too! You’ve gone overboard!”

In the next second…

Xiang Yu glared daggers at him and lowered his voice while chiding a.s.sertively, “Lower your volume! Don’t disturb Xiao Naofu from sleeping!”



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