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Chapter 27 – Welcome, Senior s.h.i.+

For the longest time, s.h.i.+ Sui had always given the impression of a low-key and restrained figure, consistent with the conditionings of a G.o.d-tier actor.

Aside from appearing at movie premieres, he was in a state of seclusion for the majority of his life. Even the most powerful paparazzi couldn’t find any dirt on him.

But at this moment, the man standing in front of the camera was slowly sipping at his congee. The cyan porcelain bowl in his hand outlined his knuckle joints like jade bamboo, showing his natural and elegant gestures.

His pale lips slightly opened as he tasted the porridge. His eyebrows stretched, thin lips slightly raised. “Not bad.”

—[Ahhh he’s so handsome, so handsome!]

—[He makes a bowl of seafood congee seem like it’s Michelin-restaurant quality…]

—[Yes yes yes, s.h.i.+ Yingdi is one of those people who can make his surroundings seem lavish wherever he goes!]

—[Seeing s.h.i.+ Sui eat makes me so hungry too. QQ I can’t take it, I’m going to call some take out before lunch!]

Unlike the elegance of s.h.i.+ Sui’s light and breezy manners, Li Jianyu and the cameraman, Lao Zhang, had a taste and their eyes widened like copper bells.

‘This is congee?’

‘Is this really congee?!’

‘How could such delicious congee exist on this planet!’

The congee that had just left the pot was still piping hot. The two of them were gasping from the heat, yet they could not stop themselves from taking one more spoonful after another.

Li Jianyu even ended up ditching his spoon, clutching the bowl as he inhaled the porridge with a ‘glug glug glug’.

And yet, they heard the girl say: “All three pots contain seafood congee. I’ve counted, and it should be enough. The tableware is over there, I’ll have to trouble you guys to divide it among yourselves. Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience. ”

The staff: …!!!

There was actually food for them?!

The unexpected ecstasy stunned everyone, then they quickly sent out a few representatives to bring the pot aside for sharing.

At this moment, the netizens in the live comment section were confused.

—[Huh? What f*ckery is this?? The Vase Fairy knows how to say thank you?]

—[Do you guys remember when she hired five a.s.sistants to take care of her? …She even needed someone to wipe her nose for her…]

—[My G.o.d, it’s like the Vase Fairy is a completely different person, do you think she’s faking it? Purposefully trying to be gentle in front of s.h.i.+ Sui?]

However, the netizens would have never guessed that despite it being the same body, the soul inside had changed.

Li Jianyu gestured for s.h.i.+ Sui and Xiang Yi to enter the living room.

The two sat down on the couch.

s.h.i.+ Sui sat upright in his seat. As an actor, his posture and mannerisms have always been impeccable.

Meanwhile, Xiang Yi leaned on the sofa, putting a pillow over her waist and politely said, “Senior s.h.i.+, welcome.”

s.h.i.+ Sui nodded and responded in a gentle manner. “No need to be so formal, s.h.i.+ Sui is fine.”

Xiang Yi, who had suddenly become aware of the cameras, cleared her throat. “You* are my senior, and I am your junior, so it’s appropriate to call you senior.”

To be honest, she had wanted to call him baby Sui just like his aunty fans, but Ah Nan had stated it was more appropriate to address him as a senior.

As everyone thought, Ah Nan, fearing that she would call out “hubby” or “my dear” or something else, felt relieved as he watched from the sidelines.

Their conversation was casual and warm, yet the netizens in the live comment section exploded.

—[She’s way too relaxed, isn’t she? Does she really think this is her house?]

—[My G.o.d, she is so uncultured. Is this how you use the term welcome? Please, it’s only welcome if they visit YOUR house, okay!]

—[My G.o.d, the idol with surname X is really ambitious and has skin thicker than an elephant!]

Translator’s Note:

* Xiang Yi uses the formal ‘you’ here that is usually used for people of older age, professional seniority, or of a higher status.


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