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Chapter 499: Hot Search Slaughter List (4)

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The hot search list was full of topics about a news video that the official financial Weibo account posted.

“In the past two years, the development of our national businesses in the US has been repeatedly hampered, especially the recent banning of the products of Light of Tomorrow Technology Company which has aroused widespread concern from all walks of life. The company launched an intelligent AI voice wearable product that triggered a technological revolution in the field, but it was banned in the US for no reason…”


The reporter was standing in front of a magnificent building that looked like a court of law.

“In order to defend the legitimate and rightful rights of our national businesses, the Light of Tomorrow Technology Company has hired a team of excellent lawyers with Attorney Xiang of Lin Chen Law Firm as the core member. Today is the day of the court trial and more than six hours have pa.s.sed since the trial started… Ah! I see Attorney Xiang!!”


A large number of reporters flocked to the scene. Some belonged to local media firms and some were from foreign media platforms.

Xiang Chen stood in the crowd. Even if he wasn’t standing in the center, he would attract the most attention.

Even after a long trial, he still looked as suave as ever and there wasn’t a single trace of fatigue on her face.


The tailor-made dark-colored suit outlined his broad shoulders and long legs. His tie was tied meticulously and his hair was all gathered back, looking like an elite model. He looked down and adjusted his cuffs while the people around him seemed to be talking to him. He was frowning an listening attentively.

The reporters had already crowded in front of the lawyers in a flash.

Numerous microphones and cameras were aimed at Xiang Chen.

“Attorney Xiang, what is the outcome?”

“Attorney Xiang, how is your mood now?”

“Attorney Xiang, do you have anything to say?”


Xiang Chen looked up. His chiseled face was just like G.o.d’s careful carving.

“We won the case,” he said indifferently.

The audience cheered.

Some people were so excited that they threw their hats and jackets up into their air while screaming.

The reporter from the financial channel could not control his emotions and began sobbing. He exclaimed, “We’ve obtained a big victory in the court trial! The Chinese tech industry wins!”

The video was fixed at a scene where Xiang Chen’s thin lips were slightly curled.

Even though he was describing the most exciting moment, he had a calm and quiet smile on his face.

He was like icicles on the snowy lands that were gradually getting melted by the sunlight.

He somehow touched the hearts of many.

The netizens in the comment section were already crying.

—— [We would have been beaten up if we fell behind! But we have become stronger!]

—— [The legal team has worked really hard! I heard that Attorney Xiang did a lot of work for this case. He’s really impressive!]

—— [Ooooo while looking at Attorney Xiang laughing, I’m crying like a dog in front of the screen. Despite withstanding so much pressure, he can still stay so calm and composed. Attorney Xiang, respect!!!!]

That Weibo post had undoubtedly made it to the hot search list within seconds, causing the position that Miss Cen had bough, to be pushed all the way down!!

Miss Cen was on the verge of a breakdown so he called, “Is this how you get the job done? Why has my position on the hot search list dropped to the bottom!?!”

The staff was feeling helpless too. “This is a big event… Such a sensational thing has stirred up everyone’s zeal. The real-time traffic and popularity is simply not something we can control…”

“…” Ms. Cen mellowed down and said wearily, “In that case, me up to the top five. Nothing must go wrong this time!”

After all, Qin Wanyan would be partic.i.p.ating in the stream of “Two Under One Roof” for one day so after tomorrow, there wouldn’t be such a great opportunity to promote the Spring Flower Fund anymore.

Before she finished, the staff said, “Uh… I’m afraid I can’t guarantee that because…there’s a new topic on the hot search list…”

Miss Cen: ???


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