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Chapter 80 – Who Can Resist This!

A wooden spatula scooped out distinct pieces of braised pork, highlighting the triple layered pork belly as it jiggled on the plate like jello.

Sprinkling on a handful of scallions, this rather time-consuming braised pork belly was finally complete.

On the other side, s.h.i.+ Sui’s fresh broiled shrimp was ready as well.

Xiang Yi gave him a big thumbs up in approval.

She had demonstrated how to thread shrimp only once, and s.h.i.+ Sui had picked it up very quickly. Each individual shrimp had been cleanly processed and cooked to a beautiful shade of red.

He had also peeled a bowl of shrimp for Xiao Naofu during the process.

Xiang Yu sighed in her mind. ‘Zaizai is both smart and diligent!’

Two meat dishes, one stir-fried seasonal veggie, and a pot of Shanghainese bean sprout soup had been prepared. They were all simple home-cooked dishes, but everything looked very appetizing.

Lunch was once again to commence in the pavilion.

Bai Ruoruo had just sat down when she smelled the fragrant scent. Quietly, she swallowed after dieting for so long.

How can Xiang Yi’s cooking smell so good?

She could… just eat this one meal and lose weight later.

Bai Ruoruo picked up her chopsticks and was about to clamp a piece of meat when suddenly, a white china plate appeared before her.

A small piece of chicken b.r.e.a.s.t, two broiled shrimps, and a small plate of broccoli and tomato had been arranged neatly on the plate. But compared to the sumptuous meal of three meats and one soup, it seemed suddenly dull and tasteless.

s.h.i.+ Sui smiled. “Weren’t you dieting? Xiang Yi prepared this specially for you.”

Bai Ruoruo now understood what it felt like to be bitter but unable to speak. She forced out a smile and said, “Thanks.”

—[Hahaha how dumb, your fault for saying you wanted to lose weight]

—[The Vase Fairy is so cruel, making the White Lotus watch but not letting her eat]

—[Braised pork compared with plain boiled chicken b.r.e.a.s.t… That is actually 10,000 pts of damage]

Some netizens became supporters as well. [Xiang Yi is so considerate, she remembers everything other people say. I really love this kind of silent and gentle character!]

Xiang Yu’s handsome face was stretched taut, his chopsticks not moving for a long time.

“Brother…” Xiang Yi changed her wording as soon as she uttered the syllable. “Smog, would you like to try some braised pork?”

She pushed the plate towards him.

This action contained the very cautious intention to please.

Xiang Yu’s gaze was cold as he stared at her for a few seconds, as if he were piercing the girl’s vain appearance.

“I don’t like it,” he said indifferently, picking up a shrimp and slowly began to peel it.

The fingers known as the ‘Hands of G.o.d’ had distinct knuckles, with nails trimmed flat. His wrists were empty too; it seems the red prayer bracelet she had gifted him had long since been lost.

Xiang Yi’s eyes dropped as she instantly lost her appet.i.te.

A barrage of jokes emerged in the live comments.

—[Welcome to the Vase Fairy’s self-humiliation show]

—[Does she really think her cooking is unparalleled in this world? Why does everyone have to like your cooking?]

—[The scheme of locking down a man by locking down his stomach is really outdated. The Vase Fairy’s abilities in seducing men is at the level of an elementary school student]

“Meow~” a milky cry from the kitten caught everyone’s attention.

Xiao Naofu had jumped into Xiang Yi’s arms at some point, rubbing against her pale little hands. There were several red burn marks on the back of her hands that looked to be quite painful.

Xiang Yu frowned. ‘She’s so stupid; how could she burn herself from cooking?!’

Xiao Naofu lightly leapt onto the dining table and headed in the direction of Xiang Yu. It stretched out its chubby paws and pushed the dish towards Xiang Yu. Tilting its head, it softly w.h.i.n.ed: “Meow wuu, meow wuu~”

Xiang Yu: “….”

F*ck, who can resist this!!!


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