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Chapter 172 – His Highness Third Prince

Many people watching felt their hearts’ quiver, some even stopped paying attention to where they were walking and crashed into walls, thinking; How can there be such a beautiful man in this world? If I could have him, even if I had to become gay, I would still be willing.

Hexi had barely arrived before h.e.l.l King Manor’s gate, when she noticed that it was surrounded by a crowd of people.

In the lead, there was a young man and a woman. The man was wearing brocade robes, and standing straight and tall, he cut an imposing figure. While the woman had cherry red lips and bright white teeth, her appearance beautiful and delicate. As they were standing by the gate, they were arguing something with h.e.l.l King Manor’s Butler.

After the three had argued for a bit, rage was clearly visible on the young man’s face, and suddenly raising his voice, he shouted, “Butler Nan, don’t be mistaken. We are here by Royal Father’s order to come and visit h.e.l.l King, it was an imperial edict. But now that the Princess and I have personally come to visit, we’re turned away at the gate! Who do you think we are, you’re just a mere insignificant slave, yet you dare defy imperial decree!”

Hearing this, Hexi was somewhat surprised.

She hadn’t expected that this man and woman would actually be Jin Ling Kingdom’s Prince and Princess. But now, a kingdom’s Prince and Princess visiting by imperial edict had unexpectedly been refused entry. It clearly showed that Nangong Yu’s status in Jin Ling Kingdom is very high.

Hexi clicked her tongue and shook her head as she looked at the uncle blocking that man and woman’s way. This uncle known as Butler Nan looked about forty years old, and while he appeared refined and gentle, in reality, he was actually an expert Gold Core stage martial artist. Hexi once heard Qing Long say that Butler Nan, apart from Nangong Yu’s eight bodyguards, was Master’s most trusted confidant, and that all of the manor’s internal affairs were handled by him.

As Butler Nan was being questioned, his face was neither servile nor overbearing, and he laughed lightly, “Your Highness Third Prince is taking it too seriously, how can we defy an imperial decree? It’s just that recently our Prince hasn’t been in good health so it’s inadvisable for him to meet guests, please forgive me.”

The Third Prince knew that Butler Nan wasn’t giving him any face and he flushed in anger. Yet when he thought of h.e.l.l King’s influence, he repressed his resentment and glared at Butler Nan with a dark look as he spoke, “You know what our ident.i.ties are? What power we hold? We are here to visit h.e.l.l King, yet you all actually dare to refuse us?”

This Third Prince, Shangguan Rui, is the brother of the current Crown Prince and born of the same Mother, the Empress. He’s currently Jin Ling Kingdom’s Second Prince, the son of the First Wife, thus it is clear that his status is one that deserves respect.

Throughout all of Yan Jing City, whoever meets Shangguan Rui is respectful, and they try to curry favour with him. They all look upon him as the honourable Prince, but only this place, h.e.l.l King Manor…it’s the first time someone hasn’t paid him any attention, not even letting him enter with his Royal Father’s decree. Humph! Wait until Royal Brother becomes the Emperor in the future, first thing he would do is eradicate h.e.l.l King Manor.

The Third Prince’s eyes flashed with cold killing intent, but a business-like smile still stayed on Butler Nan’s face, though a trace of disdain was hidden within his eyes, “That’s correct. Master has ordered that without his permission no one is allowed to enter and disturb him. Third Prince and Princess, please forgive me.”

What he didn’t say out loud, was that let alone the Prince and Princess, even if the Crown Prince and the Emperor himself were to come, he also wouldn’t let them enter. As long as Master doesn’t want to meet with people or do things, then even the Emperor would have to step down.

At the Third Prince’s side, his hands clenched into fists, and a cracking sound could be heard.

Still, while he could restrain himself, the woman beside him was beyond angry and loudly shouted, “You’re just a slave, a dog! I demand that you inform your Master that Princess Zhen Yue has come, do you hear me? As long as Brother Yu hears my name, I’m certain that he’ll let me in!”


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